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Are you sleeping?

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Gerard watches over Aimee as she sleeps...but is she really asleep?

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a.n- yeah, so I've been procrastinating all day, so I figured I'd do something half constructive and update again...God I'm such a retard...I NEED TO STUDY!
Plus, I figure they're short chapters, so I might as well :)
Anyway, thanks for the reviews, please keep it up! It makes me so happy! If you wanna know what happens to Jackson, weeeellll, keep reading, it's gonna come eventually, I promise you, it will be good!

When Gerard told Aimee to sleep in his bed that night, she nodded vigorously, thankful that she didn’t have to spend the night alone.

“I’ll sleep in Mikey’s room,” He said. Her face fell, her bobbing neck abruptly stilling.

“Ok” she said in a small voice, her eyes beseeching him to stay with her.

“Or, I could drag a mattress down the stairs and sleep on my floor?” Aimee’s features flooded with relief and she nodded eagerly.

Gerard hugged her goodnight, just as they always had when staying over. Although Aimee had yielded easily, when he rubbed his hands up her back, feeling each vertebrate beneath her papery skin, she flinched. Gerard pulled away, and saw guilt flash behind her eyes as she looked at him apologetically. Smiling slightly, so she wouldn’t know how much that involuntary shudder hurt him, he said goodnight and went into the bathroom to put on his pyjamas.
When he came out, he saw Aimee already fast asleep. Instead of going to the mattress, he sat on his bed and looked at her.

Her once thick and beautiful hair had grown back in downy tufts, swept over her cheeks and fluttering in time with her breath. He had never realised how frivolously long her eyelashes were as they swept the dark hollows of her eyes. Her cheekbones could cut him, her scars stretched taut over the sunken area between her cheekbone and jaw. He glanced at his picture of a skeleton above his table and realised how much it looked like his friend. Despite her deadened appearance, Gerard still saw the shadow of a happier girl beneath, the girl that had smiled at him on that fateful day at the cafeteria. You are so beautiful he thought, then realised too late that he had said it aloud. He held his breath, watching Aimee carefully; her eyes fluttered briefly and there was a slight hitch in her breathing, but she settled quickly.

Gerard’s mouth twitched as he looked upon the sleeping form before him. Quietly he leaned towards her and pressed his lips up against the corner of her mouth, it was so soft that it was barely a kiss, more a breath. He lingered there, closing his eyes and taking in the scent of her; she smelt like him, dressed in his clothes, but with a sweeter edge, a sleepy, flowery edge. Reluctantly he pulled away and got off the bed, turning to his Batman sleeping bag and burying himself completely in it, trying to ignore his pounding heart.

Aimee had never been a heavy sleeper, now more than ever. A murmured voice woke her in the middle of the night with a tiny gasp and she froze in fear until she felt rather than saw Gerard’s presence. Wondering what he was doing on the edge of the bed, she lay perfectly still, feigning sleep. She felt him lean in, and became aware of the slightest pressure on the corner of her mouth. She opened her eyes a crack and saw Gerard, eyes closed, kissing what he believed to be his sleeping best friend. Suddenly she became very aware of every nerve in her body, and focussed on the lips against hers. They were chapped and dry, but she relished in the roughness against her skin. He breathed a little on her and she caught his trademark smell; coffee mingled with cigarettes. It was the reason she chose his favourite shirt to sleep in, she loved to breathe in that scent; it was safety and familiarity. All too soon, his lips parted company with her skin and she felt his weight shift off the bed. She kept her eyes closed whilst he rustled in his sleeping bag, and only when all was still did she roll over onto her back and stare up at the black ceiling, wondering what the hell was going on.
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