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A Heartbeat To Match Yours

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The only place Aimee feels safe is in Gerards arms.

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The next morning was awkward for both Gerard and Aimee. He was shrouded in guilt over what he saw as taking advantage of his best friend, and she couldn’t very well admit to him that she had been awake the entire time. Unable to talk, they circled each other uneasily, ignoring Mikey’s questioning gaze and replying monosyllabically to Frank’s exuberant greetings.

“Something happened last night,” Mikey, murmured to Frank, who wiggled his eyebrows suggestively
“No, you douche, not like that!”

“Like what then?” Frank asked impatiently

“I dunno…but they’ve been like cats on a hot tin roof all morning”

“Hey, we studied that play, it’s about a gay guy and a dying guy and a slutty girl and a bitchy girl and three little ‘star-trek monsters’” Frank exclaimed to an exasperated Mikey

“Yeah, well, I think we should leave them alone to work it out, let’s go to the park. I also think that you should listen closer in English, it’s ‘no-neck monsters’ not ‘star-trek monsters!’” Mikey laughed.
He dragged Frank up and pushed him out the door, yelling a hurried goodbye to his brother who was moodily staring at the blank TV.

Aimee heard the door slam and relaxed against the counter a bit. She was in the kitchen, trying to create something edible out of the junk and mould in the Way’s fridge. As Michelin Star worthy Donna may be, her sons had inherited none of her talent, and they had been living off junk food since their parents had gone away.
Though Aimee was trying to cope with ‘normal’ food now, she couldn’t stand anymore burgers, so was salvaging the last remaining vegetables suitable for human consumption and attempting a salad. She grabbed the knife to start slicing tomatoes. The first cut oozed bright red juice all over the wooden chopping board. Aimee stared at the glinting sliver of the knife and the vivid red tomato. She dropped the knife right onto her left hand and cried out as it cut her thumb, blood mixing with the seeds and juice of the fruit.
Her cry brought Gerard running, he took one look at Aimee’s shaking form and the blood now dripping down the counter bench and couldn’t help his surge of self-hatred I was too late to stop her getting hurt again. I’m always too late he thought before wrapping his arms around her. This time she didn’t flinch or pull away, but relaxed into his embrace, turning to fit her head under his chin, her ear right against his heart as her hands, slippery with blood, splayed out over his abdomen.

Aimee sighed into Gerard’s shirt, her pain, and fear forgotten as she nestled against him This is where I am safe. This is where I fit she thought as she felt her own heartbeat settle and beat in time with his.

Gerard helped clean Aimee up in the bathroom, wrapping a white bandage around her thumb with gentle, artist’s hands. He took off his blood stained top and threw it in the wash basket, rummaging through his drawers whilst Aimee was in the bathroom

“Gerard” Aimee said softly, poking her head out the bathroom door. Gerard turned slowly to look at her, suddenly very aware of the fact that he had no top on. He blushed


“I…You’re…I just…” Aimee sighed at her own speechlessness “Thank you.”

Gerard smiled. He crossed the space to the bathroom entrance and lifted her head with a gentle hand. Her eyes, which had been trained on the ground, flickered upwards to meet his, she felt as if she was lost in a forest of Green and Hazel. Gerard bowed his head and his lips brushed her forehead.

“You’re welcome”

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