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Allopatric Speciation

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Gerard is acting strange....

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Monday English lesson found Gerard plotting. The assignment was to base a piece of writing around an emotion. Gerard chose revenge.

Revenge should be a four-letter word. We are told not to pursue it, as it will consume us. But how can you not? When someone you care about has been hurt badly, are you expected just to lie down and take it?
In elementary school, we are told not to accept bullying, not to be a doormat. So, what changes? Once we enter a bigger world, we are expected to suffer in silence, no help, nothing.
All that results is bullying flourishes and it does so in secret, because victims are told not to ask for help. This is for the victims out there.
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.

Gerard wasn’t in the rest of his classes that day, Mikey had no idea where he had gone, but Frank said he saw Gerard’s Subaru roaring past him on his way to school (late of course). Mikey was worried, Gerard had not been acting normal lately; he locked himself in his room for longer periods of time and was muttering under his breath. In fact, now that Mikey thought about it, he realised that Gerard had been acting strange(er) since the doctor’s call.


Mr Redden had called up a few days ago, whilst Mikey was toasting Pop Tarts and assumed Mikey was Gerard

“Master Way? It’s Dr Redden from the hospital. You said to call with any developments, well, we receive the lab results from Aimee’s tests; the lacerations had flecks of rust in them, and she had traces of semen on her upper thighs, but there was no penetration, it seems as though Aimee was assaulted, but not raped” Mikey dropped the phone.

“Master Way?” Redden’s tinny voice crackled over the phone

“Mikey?” Gerard called up the stairs “who is it on the phone?”

Mikey didn’t answer. He slumped against the kitchen cupboard, staring blankly at the earpiece. Gerard thundered up the stairs with a sigh of exasperation, took one look at Mikey’s face and seized the phone, running back down to the basement. Mikey was only awakened from his shock when the smoke alarm went off from the blackened Pop Tarts in the toaster.


Now, Gerard barely spoke, barely ate, barely existed. Mikey was going to skive off Biology last period and look for his older brother, but he realised that he was afraid of where he might find Gerard, and what his brother would be doing. So, like a coward, he sat in Bio and listened to the teacher go on about Natural selection and Allopatric Speciation Is that what happened to you and me Gerard? Mikey thought you put up a barrier, that resulted in us moving down separate paths, you moving further and further away from me. Eventually I won’t be able to recognise you anymore. I’m afraid it’s happened already.

Mikey was right to be worried. At the exact moment that Mikey’s teacher was droning on about the geographical barriers that led to Allopatric Speciation, Gerard was tossing a duct-taped Jackson into the boot of his car.

He drove like a maniac to Mills Street, swerving around the corners and smirking with satisfaction when he heard the thudding of body against car. A cigarette dangled limply from his white lips and his hazel eyes were wide and bloodshot. He pulled into the parking lot of the storage units and got out. A growling noise made him look up. Two vicious looking Rotweillers guarded the entrance to the units. Smiling, he reached into the back seat and pulled out a bloody steak, dangling it in front of them. Their noses twitched and their beady black eyes fixed on the meat. Slowly he threw it to them where it disappeared in a mass of excited yips and gnashing teeth. He dragged his victim and a full container of petrol from the boot of the car into an empty storage unit, eying Jackson much as the dogs eyed the meat.

a.n- and the stakes go up….personally, I can’t WAIT for the next chapter… which will of course appear promptly with reviews...mwahahaha
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