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The place we call Earth

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it's time to go now, Shock. Say good bye to them...

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Shock didn’t feel good the next day, sensing the misfortune of the people he is trying to protect.

“Shock,” whispered Dave that morning, “this is my last favor. Pull them away from a man named Rick Satriano. A disguised hit man who kills for pleasure and having heard the band being famous, he’ll try to get them. Will you?”

“I will, Dave, I will,” he nodded.

“This is his last favor,” he thought.

There’s no hesitation, no complain for the boy.

All he’s got to do was to pull them away from someone introducing himself as Rick Satriano and nothing more. There’s nothing more that will happen, right?

That afternoon, the band went out for coffee.

“You drink coffee, don’t you?” asked Gerard as they entered the coffee shop.

Shock nodded without a word.

After all has been settled, they launched for a few good talks about the place and a few good laughs from some jokes which Shock didn’t bother to participate into.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen, do you like the place?” asked a voice from behind.

They all turned to see a bright-faced man with a jolly smile.

“Oh, yes we do,” answered Gerard.

“Actually, I own the place and I’ve been dying to know my customer’s feeling and I am very proud to have a very popular band in here,” he smiled.

“Oh, nice place really. Come, have a seat,” invited Ray.

“I am Rick, Rick Satriano and you are all My Chemical Romance, I know,” he smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Rick,” they all said.

Shock’s eyes widened as he spoke his name but didn’t utter a sound. His heartbeat became faster as his mind became dull filling in on things like what he’ll do if he knows that Shock knows his true identity. Will he pull out a gun and kill the band? Will he throw a grenade?

The band and Rick had a very beautiful conversation about almost everything that they invited him in the bus to continue.

“You really should not invite him. He’s danger,” he said to Gerard as he ignored the warning.

Maybe, he shouldn’t have ignored the boy.

Instead, he answered, “Don’t come around telling people what to do, young boy.”

“I don’t come around telling people what to do,” he mimicked his tone, “I come around saving them,” he whispered to himself.

In the bus, they had a hearty talk about some gentlemen aspects of some sort that either Shock didn’t understood or he wasn’t interested into.

When the conversation reached the point that the Way brothers are inviting the hit man to their residence, he stood up.

“No! He’ll try to kill you!” he exclaimed as he pointed his finger to the surprised man.

“What are you saying?” asked Frank.

“He’s a hit man! A disguised hit man who kills for pleasure!”

“We don’t believe you, kid. He looks nothing like a hit man,” said Ray.

“Maybe we should, Ray,” said Mikey, weakly. Bob nodded in respond to Mikey’s comment.

Rick stood up with a grim smile on his face.

“I… did not know that I will be uncovered very early. Good thing I brought my gun,” he chuckled.

“You’re joking, aren’t you?” said Gerard, not smiling.

“I am not!” he scowled as he pulled a gun from his back and grabbed Shock as hostage.

“No one will move, no one will make a sound or I’ll shoot his witty, little head,” he taunted as he shoved the gun on the boy’s forehead.

Shock was unbelievably calm base on the situation and he even yawned before Rick shove gun on his head again.

Shock shot his eyes to the band, winked and acted. Acted pain from his recent wound on his chest. It seemed so real that Rick had let go of him and had let him writhe in pain on the floor. He towered over the boy and when he was as close as an inch, Shock touched his forehead with his two fingers gently and said, “Take care of him, Teddy.”

Suddenly, Rick started screaming. He was yelling for something to stop.

“You! Stop them! Stop them!” he yelled at no one in particular.

Shock walked up to them.

“What did you do?” asked Ray.

“I had let my friends take care of him. Boy, do they like bad people. Now, go away and we’ll take care of this,” he said.

“What if you got shot?” asked Frank.

Just in time, Rick held the gun up, aimed at Shock and shot him on the arm.

The boy let out a yell of real pain.

When Rem, the ghost, started turning malevolent, Shock shouted.

“No! Don’t kill him. Just take out his consciousness,” and Rick fell asleep.

The police came and picked up the unconscious man to put in jail. Nurses took Shock in an ambulance for first aid and declared him safe with the result of small wound from the not aimed directly bullet.

After three hours, they all found themselves in the main room of the bus doing nothing.

“So… it’s time to say good bye,” declared Shock.

“What do you mean?” asked Frank.

He smiled and in an instant, they knew what he meant.

“But, why? Isn’t there any way to reverse it?” asked Gerard.

“There isn’t any way. But this is what I want you to remember. When a terrible thing happens, just call my name. I would not be there but I’ll be anything that can help. A stone to throw to the enemy, sunshine to keep you warm, or a friend to keep your company. Anything. But when I can’t help you, gather your friends and huddle together. That, I’m sure, will be a way of making things easier to solve,” he said as he touched each of their faces like giving them blessing.

“Bye,” he whispered the simplest word to avoid getting complains.

He walked out the door, turned to them again and waved.

He continued walking on a place we call Earth because in a short time, he’ll be walking on a place where no one alive had yet walked on.
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