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Being a kid

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did he experienced being a kid? he did not...

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Today is my birthday and if you noticed, i really posted my last two chapters on this day because one: today is Shock's birthday, too and two: i just like to post it today. once again, happy birthday to me!


Shock was out of the hospital in two days after gaining enough strength. Who paid the bills? Harold Johnston, the man who he had helped to cope up with the loss of his wife.

Frank figured to tell them what the ghost had said, that today is indeed the boy’s birthday.

“So?” Mikey whispered to himself. Then, felt stupid again for he just realized that he hadn’t even said his gratitude to him for saving him from the ravine.

He decided to find the boy and where had he found him? Under a shady oak tree talking with “friends”.

“Thank you, Dave. I thought you wouldn’t remember,” he paused as if to give way for a statement.

“Surely I remember the gift you gave to me five years ago. I had to return it to the poor man though ‘cause he uses it to tell time, you know. I appreciate it very much, Teddy,” he answered.

Mikey, from afar, had formed the thought that Teddy brought the boy a watch for his seventh birthday. He also formed the thought that he had spent twelve years of talking without listeners, listening without sounds and feeling what don’t exist.

He heard him laugh and said, “Yes, Mary might not be in the right form of mind ‘cause she’s born retarded but she has a lot of heart than you, Rem. Thanks for the…leaves, Mary,” he smiled.

Then, Mikey felt a hand at his back. He turned to see the rest of the band. His brother was the one holding his shoulder and they all have the look of pure mixture of sadness and fear. Fear? Fear to get near the boy for they had hesitations on what he can do. It was always eerie when he got near to them and a feeling of dread swept past them.

“It’s his day today,” repeated Frank as he looked at his hands.

“…can we do something?” asked Ray.

“I guess we can,” said Bob as walked near the boy.

Shock was interrupted when he sensed their presence.

“Uhh, are you in need of something?” asked Shock as he got up from his seat on the ground.

“Yes we do. Are you free all day?” asked Bob as he gazed over the rest of them still wondering what he’ll do.

“I… am. Why?” he asked curiously, not really knowing the fact that Dave revealed that today is his birthday.

“ ‘Cause we need to treat you because we know that today is your special day,” he smiled.

The boy sighed, and looked at Dave who was looking at him with a broad smile on his lips.

“You did this, didn’t you?” he asked the ghost. He gave a happy nod.

He turned to Bob who was waiting for his reply. He sighed again, “Do you really need to do this? I mean, I’m not a relative to you and I’m not an important person either.”

“Not important? You had saved our lives more than once, boy. Are you not important?” he asked, with an excited smile on his face.

“Am not, I tell you. I’ll just start seeing things that’ll freak you out somewhere. You are even scared to go near me, aren’t you? You and your friends?”

“Isn’t it time to be someone you never have been before?” he asked as he knelt in front of the boy to face him eye level.

“Someone I have never been before?” the boy asked.

“Being a kid,” he answered.

“I am a kid, don’t you see?”

“You are not by the way your world turns around. I know you know what I mean,” he smiled, “by far, my greatest memories are from childhood and I’m quite sure you don’t exactly feel good about it now. I want to make you feel something new and bring you back into being a child by celebrating the day you should’ve started being one.”

“You really will?” he asked as his voice was filled with something he never felt before, excitement.

Bob nodded and again gazed over the others and they all were smiling.
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