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Too early but too late

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As the minutes passed him, Mikey decided to stand up and sit with the others outside. He spotted Frank, Bob and the boy playing a game. The boy was absolutely new to the game but he seemed to be beating Bob by the look of his face. Then, a shout of victory escaped his mouth.

Mikey had realized how the boy had been stupid, letting himself be manipulated by weird things, spending his life wasted by serving them. Then, he felt dumb, noticing how young he is to be deciding on his own. Youth was being drained from him by being associated to serious matters. Putting himself on the kid’s situation, he saw a life without parents, a brother and real friends put his head into one thought: devastating. How come he had managed to live for eleven years?

Then, Shock stood up with visible pain in his face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Frank as he stopped from playing.

“Nothing, I’ll just go to the bathroom,” he excused himself as he hurried past Mikey.

Mikey saw him putting his hand inside his shirt and laying it on the spot where the wound had been.

He decided to follow the child to the bathroom and saw him pale and blood on his hands. He was looking at the mirror, his shirt was off, his right hand was bloody and his left hand was holding the brink of the sink tightly that his knuckles had turned white.

He took a wad of tissue and wiped off the blood from his chest when he spotted Mikey standing by the door. His face was full of unspoken worries.

“D-don’t w-worry, I’m a-alright,” he stammered as pain took over his thoughts again.
This time, he felt the world spun around as if it was spinning at top speed. He fell over and though Mikey was fast enough to catch him, he still felt like he was falling into deep darkness.

Shock woke up in a white room and a thought quickly filled his brain.
“Hospital,” he said as it was the first word that came into his mind.

“Are you fine now?” asked Dave.

“Am I? I don’t really know,” he answered as an amount of dizziness surrounded him again though it disappeared completely in just seconds.

Frank was the one to first storm in the door. He was obviously fuming with anger and Shock guessed it was because Mikey had told them his situation.

“Why?! I mean, you’re a jerk! You spent your life serving what? Dead people and ending it with nothing!” he exclaimed as he held Shock on his shoulders tightly.

Shock shoved his hands away as it got tighter every second.

“I understand you. I just realized that ghosts have better understanding than most of the people alive. I get it… you don’t understand and you don’t need to,” he smiled.

“But, you’re too young to surrender your life,” said Gerard softly like he was speaking to a very young kid.

“I know it’s too early but my situation made it too late. I’ve been into a lot with only transparent people to help me. I bet you in my life would die at the age of six, but… I’m eleven,” he said, discarding the thought that tomorrow is his birthday.

“Let one of them see me,” whispered Dave as he gave the boy a smiling face.

“No!” the band thought he was talking to himself, “They don’t like your kinds! I mean, it’s better if you’re still alive but they’ll just not accept it.”

Dave gave him a look which meant “please” in a strange way. He finally gave in and concentrated his thoughts on one of them with the nearest perception. Frank Iero…

He was looking at me immensely. Then, suddenly, like powder in air, a man appeared and I was sure it was a ghost.

I could not move as he walked closer to me.

“I swear you can see me,” he whispered, “please try to understand my boy. He’s been into a lot lately and protecting you is just one of the burdens he tried to accept and is still trying to accomplish,” he smiled, “by the way, tomorrow is his birthday.” He disappeared.
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