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What I'll do to make things right

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he lets out the things inside him and he reveals his last days...

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Shock woke up and stretched. He reached into his shirt to scratch his chest lightly, the thing he does every morning. Then, he regretted and realized that he had a bad wound. Too late, he looked at his hands and saw blood.

Ray entered the room and asked, “Hey, you okay?”

“I-I’m alright,” he slurred, feeling groggy and weak. He wiped his hands to his jeans to hide the obvious blood.

Ray nodded and walked away when he heard his name being called from the main room.

Shock sighed, remembering what he did last night just to stop the wound from bleeding. He needed to stuff a lot of tissue on it and for the fiftieth time, it stopped.

Suddenly, it made him lose a lot of blood and he still felt weak to stand up.

Mikey entered the room from where Ray had left.

“You alright?” he asked.
“How many of you would ask me the same question all over again? I am absolutely fine,” he said, feeling the blood lost taking its toll when his hands started trembling.

Mikey saw his shaking hands and held it tightly to calm it.

“I’m sorry about last night, but, why did you stop me from getting help?” he asked, feeling the boy’s hand starting to get cold.

“I don’t want to cost you anything. I am just here to take you away from danger and asking for help from you would take me on a different story. I don’t want that. I’m a notebook full of different stories and I’m about to get used up. When a notebook gets used up, what would you do?” he asked.

“Throw it?” he answered.

“That’s right, and I’m gonna be thrown away,” he nodded.

“But… there’s another way to use a notebook, I mean, you can keep it if it has good stories in it. Don’t tell that to yourself, kid,” Mikey defended.

“You’re right, but I’ve got no good stories, young man. You have. Your friends and you, Mikey. I’m just here to add a little safety to it, not to add another chapter. You know what I mean. You’re smart enough to know that,” he explained.

Actually, Mikey didn’t understand. He didn’t understand why he had to be a little smarter than any of those boys of his age. He didn’t understand why he chose to be their protector when he had nothing to get. Most of all, he didn’t understand the reason behind the smile he gives them even if he has the most devouring life of all. Why?

“I don’t understand why you do this when you get nothing,” he said, speaking his thoughts.

“Why? I have a lot of reasons to tell you. First, though I get nothing, I don’t lose anything, right? Second, I’ve got no life to deal with. No responsibilities, no obligations to follow. Third, I’m amused by how Dave really made me do this. He doesn’t stop until he ensures your safety. You must thank him. Lastly…” he lowered his head and adjusted his glasses, “I will not live any longer after the last threat Dave would like me to prevent. I will…” he didn’t finish. He put his hands to Mikey’s cheek like he was the child and he was the father saying, “I can sense that some of you think I’m a big bias, that I’m a liar and I’m only doing this for some hidden agenda,” his hands dropped to the mattress they’re sitting on, “Actually, I can’t feel the things you usually feel. I don’t feel anger and excitement to be exact. But, when a time comes that I realize the things that are weighing down at me is more than what I can take, I feel weak. I need a shoulder to cry on. Dave can’t be because I can’t touch him so what I’ll do is lean on a tree and tell that tree what I’m feeling. For some reason, I’ll feel a little better. But, not entirely. I don’t even know why I’m born this way. Maybe because destiny will bring me to your presence so that I can be someone in someone’s life. Now, it’s my choice to leave and I’m happy about it,” he smiled, “you just don’t know what I’ll do to make things right.”

He stood up and walked into the main room with Bob and Frank playing a video game. Mikey had let the words take a part of him away into the boy’s world. Sad, lonely, dangerous.
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