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The stars, tthe ravine and the sleepwalker

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he's saving someone and he'll be suffering from it...

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I almost did what I always wanted to do. To have someone like me. But, I didn’t because… because I don’t want to. What’s wrong with me?

I laid down the bench, looking at the stars. I can’t seem to know their number. They’re so many. I can’t seem to know how many they are. Why can’t I?

“Dave…” I know he’s beside me, “did I do what is right?” I asked.

“You did, my lad. You don’t want anyone to suffer like you. What you did was heroic,” he answered calmly.

I stared back to the stars. They’re more than my fingers but could I count them? No, countless. Countless as the things that made me fall down in these deep problems. I wish Dave is alive, I wish Rem and Mary, too. But… impossible.

Shock did not return to the bus to sleep. He stayed outside on the cold bench and decided to sleep there. They hate him because he’s different. Because they think he’s lying. It’s okay for him because he’s used to the cold and hard benches he used to sleep on when he was still in New York.

He finally fell asleep.

I lit my cigarette outside and stared at the stars. The moon was gleaming happily as the crickets sang with its joy. I’m not that poetic but the scene made me do it.

Then, a white figure stirred on the bench. I wondered who will be out here in a cold night. An icy breeze swept past me, making me shiver. I decided to walk up to there and was surprised to see the psychic boy sleeping.

“What the hell?” I whispered.

I decided to carry him to the bus before the evening gets worse. For a minute, I stared at him and suddenly, I felt at peace. I remember what Harold said, “I want you to take care of this kid. I hope you do because I can see something bound for you if you really did. I can sense it. He’s an angel…”

I reached out to take his glasses off.

I woke up but I wasn’t on the bench anymore. Someone brought me in. I sensed the lateness of the night. I stood up to see the members of the band sleeping. No, not all of them. One was missing, Gerard’s brother. What’s his name again? Mikey. He’s missing.
I don’t actually care but I got the urge of going outside to go back to my thoughts again.

A breeze swept past me but I didn’t actually feel the cold. Then, at the ravine, a man was standing. He was walking directly to the cliff. I—felt the urge to approach him—quickly!

“No! Sleepwalker! He’s going to jump off any second!” I shouted to myself. I gathered all my strength to pull him away but I slipped. Fortunately, I pulled him away instantly and he woke up. He is the vocalist’s brother, I was pretty sure. He was about to call help but I stopped him.

“No! Don’t call anyone! Just pull me up!” I shouted to him. He did and when he’s done, he asked me, “Why?”


Shock looked him in the eye, “Just don’t,” then he smiled.

Mikey noticed blood on the boy’s chest as he was bleeding openly.

“You’re bleeding,” he said, pointing to his chest.

“I know,” he replied, “but, don’t tell anyone about the night. Please, promise me.”

Mikey was blanked.

“Promise me,” he repeated and the confused man nodded.
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