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Meeting with you is such a pleasure

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it's a sit-down meeting for the sake of filling up the blanks in their minds...

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We had a sit-down meeting with the boy. Gerard made us do it for the mere fact that we were still lacking with information to do what the boy was telling us: to trust him.

Gee was the first to ask a question, “Who are you really?”

The boy grinned and said, “Gabriel ‘Shock’ Adams. Eleven years old. Orphan, psychic, mind-reader, ghost whisperer, whatever you call someone who can talk to ghosts. What else do you wanna know?”

I was next. I asked him a question bothering my mind two days ago or the time he revealed himself to us, “What are you up to?”

He looked at Mikey as if he wanted him to answer that particular question, which he surprisingly did.

“He’s here to fulfill a ghost’s will. He is to help us with troubles and… stuffs,” he said.

Frank flailed his arms up and exclaimed, “What?!”

Shock quickly butted in, “Dave’s favor, my dead friend.”

“I don’t really believe in ghosts, man,” Frank shook his head and scoffed.

Shock glared at him strangely and smiled, “It’s time you do, Iero, because they’re attracted to you. You need to be very careful ‘cause a lot of them are malevolent and… scary.”

Frank again shrugged but suddenly, his eyes widened. He withdrew his back into the couch and he was distinctively frightened. What’s wrong with him?

There was a girl beside the boy! I knew he saw it, too, because he was looking at her. Gee thought he was looking at him but the boy was actually glaring at the ghost!

I shivered in fright as the ghostly girl tilted her head to the right and smiled.

“What do you think of her, Iero? She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” asked Shock, his weird grin returning to his mouth.

“S-stop it! Stop the ghost!” I yelled. To my relief, she was gone in an instant.

I relaxed on my seat.

“Tell me what you said a while ago about not believing in ghosts again, will you?” he grinned.

I can’t speak, I don’t know, from fright or annoyance.


Shock looked down, adjusting his glasses and spoke, “I know certain things that you don’t know. That’s why you have to trust me…”

“What things?” asked Gerard.

“There are a lot of things that share this world with us. I understand you. You grew up ignoring them because you’re normally connected with this world. However, I grew up knowing that they choose only few and certain people to see them. I grew up knowing that they roam the same streets you walk on, ride the same vehicles you ride on and even eat the same things you eat,” he said, “but…” he stopped himself. He knew he was going to say the thing they can do to slip into his world. But, he stopped. He always wanted someone who entirely understands him and the life he’s in, someone like him. But, he suffers. Suffers so badly that he don’t want anyone to suffer like him.

“I’m sorry…” he uttered, “I’m really sorry,” he stood up and walked outside.
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