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Patrick's first day of school

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I yawn and strech, awaking to my annoying alarm on my phone. I shut it off and crawl out of bed. In the morning I, as do many people, have to go to the bathroom. Kevin likes to take his time in the bathroom. That is why I am awake at 5:30 in the morning. I don't have to wake up until an hour later. But, Otherwise I'd wait an hour to get into the bathroom. I relieve my full bladder. Then I get into the shower.

I'm ready for school just as Kevin wakes up. I'm wearing Dark deniem jeans and a Beatles T-shirt. I have my jacket zipped up to the pockets. I'm wearing my Dark brown hat tilted to the side. I frown at my reflection.

"Well... This is as good as it's gonna get..." I sigh.

I wait in the kitchen for mom to take us to school.

What's the school's name? OH well...

When Kevin is finally ready, we get into the car. Even though I called Shotgun, Kevin pulls me out of the front seat. Bastard! I sit in the back and try not to have a panic attack. I'm very nervous to be going to a new school. New people to call me fat and snatch my glasses off of my face. New people to crush on and be ignored by. New people to laugh at you. New people to trip you down the stairs. New people to never accept you. New people to not make friends with. New people to envy. New place to have the lowest social status. And I can only imagine what will happen if they find out I'm gay.

I sigh and put my earphones into my ear and listen to my ipod.

I walk into the office with Kevin. We're given out schedules and we're each going to have a "guide" to show us around and help us find classes. Kevin's Guide is a skinny blonde with way to much makeup. Her boobs are ridiculously big for her size. So, I know, Kevin's first goal at this school is to bang her. And he will. I guess my Guide got lost. I really hope it isn't a jock or a preppy girl who will look at me as if I'm vomit. A boy wearing black pants and a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie walks over to me.

He flips his hair out of his face "You Patrick?"

I nod.

He smiles "Good. I had no clue who I was looking for." He grins "I'm Pete. Where's your schedule?"

I unfold it and hand it to him.

He looks over it and frowns "Well thats weird."


"We have...every class together. I've heard they do that when there's a new Student but I didn't think it was real."

"Um. SOrry?"

"IT's cool."

I smile "Thanks..."

"Now, we have first hour which is basically like a Study hall. Kinda just a goof off place."

I nod.

"A few of my friends are in that room so you'll meet them..."


"So. Moving must not be that fun..."

"Not really... My parents divorced."

"I'm sorry... "

"I'm not. My dad was.... well I don't really miss him..."

"Any brothers or sisters?"

"Unfortunately. One brother. And he's such a jerk."

"I'm sorry..."

I shrug.

The bell rings and I follow Pete to First Hour. He sits beside a guy with long sort of curly hair and glasses. The guy on that guy's other side has short curly hair and his eyes are bloodshot. Either he's on something or he hasn't slept in a while. I sit on Pete's other side, feeling slightly akward.

"Guys this is Patrick... Patrick this is Andy"the one with long hair and glasses"and this is Joe..."The drugged up-looking one.

"Hi Patrick." Andy smiles at me.


"Hey..." Joe mumbles.

Pete smiles and whispers something in Andy's ear. I feel myslef turn red. I just know he said something mean about me. I look down, frowning.

Pete frowns and grabs a piece of paper and scribbles on it. Then he slides it infront of me.

What's wrong =(



Sigh. You'll laugh...

Nuh uh

You said something about me to him didn't you?



Nothing bad.

Then what?

Just that even if you son't want to... we have to force you to sit with us at lunch... and be our friend.



I just mean... well why?

You're cool. And I want to be your friend.

I'm the opposite of cool. And why? No one has ever wanted to be my friend.

Well they suck then. So... Be my friend?


I can't believe I have a friend.
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