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Death of an Innocent

by wartyizer 3 reviews

Harry is visited on his death bed.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Ginny,Harry,James,Lily - Published: 2009-06-13 - Updated: 2009-06-13 - 377 words - Complete


Meanwhile two people prepared to say one final good bye to a person they hardly knew but loved deeply.

He was just a boy, with so much to live for, yet he was lying on his death bed having been betrayed by almost everyone he loved. In fact only one person had continued to believe in his innocence, and it was only through her love and belief that he had survived this long, for he had long given up all hope.

Yet it had finally become too much for him, he was finally leaving the world where he had suffered so much, at last gaining peace. He did not fear death, for as someone had said to him years ago, "to the well prepared mind death is just the next great adventure", yet he did fear what he would leave behind, his one true love would be unprotected from his greatest enemy. If only he could continue to live, but his body was broken and riddled with pain.

What also pained him was that his former friends and loved ones had still not realised his innocence, but he knew that two people he had only just meet again were about to change that, yet it would all come too late to save his broken, hurt filled heart.

He then looked towards the two figures that stood silently beside his cold stone 'bed', the man had the traces of tears running down his cheeks, as he gazed upon all the pain someone dear to him had suffered. Whilst the man's female companion just looked furious, her baby was dieing and no cared, but boy was she about to change that.

"Goodbye", she whispered in the boy's ear as she bent down to pull him into one deep final hug, whilst the boy's father stood beside looking sad but happy that all his son's suffering was about to end.

The boy then turned and pulled his soul mate, who knelt beside his parents into one deep, final, love filled kiss.

Before slowly trailing his hand gentle through her red locks of hair, as he gracefully sank down onto the stone slab, and closing his eyes, at least have gained peace in a life of turmoil.

Harry Potter was dead.

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