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All too Late

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Sirius and Co. realise their mistake, but its all too late

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Back at Grimmauld Place, Sirius was suddenly brought back to the present, as were many of the order who had been day-dreaming after Dumbledore's long and rather dull speech. For suddenly within the room there was a blinding light.

The light lasted for about two minutes before it began to fade, and then Sirius was in for a big surprise. For there being the grand oak doors that gave entrance to the room, were two of his best friends, who he has thought to have died 18 years ago. There stood Lily and James Potter.

"Who are you?" Sirius screamed jumping to his feet.

"We are exactly who we appear to be Black", James calmly stated.

"But how..." Sirius stuttered, "... and since when have I been Black."

"Since the moment you betrayed my son", Lily said bitterly.

"But first we should explain how we come to be here, having been dead and all", James added in businessman like way. "Some of you may know of a special powerful spell that Dumbledore has placed on all Hogwarts pupils since the times of Grindelward, I am talking of course of the Blood of an Innocent".

"What's that?" A lanky red head asked.

"It allows the parents and love ones of aHogwarts pupil to be transported to them when they are close to death", A bushy brunette answered. "But the said child has to be completely innocent and without sin".

"Well done, it is this spell that has allowed us to return to earth, to visit our son".

"B-but that would mean H-harry is dying", the brunette said before appearing to clam up.

"Yes, finally that murdering bastard deserves it" Sirius and the lanky red head said at the same time.

"Ahhh, but Black think about the second part of what the clever witch said in her explanation of the spell", James angrily shouted, "For the spell to work the child has to be completely innocent and have never sinned".

"B-but that would mean...", Sirius whispering fearing what he had done to his Godson.

"Yes you condemned your innocent Godson to live in hell, in exchange for your freedom", Lily stated her expression blank,"Does that freedom not seem cheap now, knowing what you have done. You have ultimately killed my son, for he is dieing".

This made the order burst out in shouts all basically saying the same thing, 'We need to go help him', all apart from Sirius, who had his head in his hands with tears running down his face, Hermione, who had completely broken down and was sobbing, Ron, who was stare ahead silently disbelieving of what he had done to his former friend, and the Hogwarts Headmaster Dumbledore, who sat muttering 'What have I done?'.

A loud bang made everyone in the room go quite, as turned to see James Potter with his wand pointed in the air, "It is too late he is already dead now I am going to sit at the side of the son Inever knew and mourn after he died, in a damp, dark prison almost alone". With that there was a loud crack and James and Lily disappeared presumably to Azkaban.

Sirius then lifted his head and spoke directly to Dumbledore, "I have to go apologise for what for I have done to Harry".

"Yes, I think we all should" Dumbledore said numbly, "Hold on to the table and I shall make it into a porkey", they all did, and with a slight pop they disappeared to arrive at Azkaban minutes later.

"Which cell is he in?" Hermione mumbled.

"Z-99" Dumbledore stated.

"B-but that's..." Sirius began.

"Yes, the deepest cell in Azkaban, we thought it befitting of his betrayal, oh how wrong we were". Dumbledore finished, and with that the order immediately rushed down Azkaban's many stair cases, before reaching level z which had not been used for hundreds of years until Harry's internment. These cells were the darkest, dampest and most depressing of all the cells.

As the group quickly made their way to Harry's cell it finally dawned on them what a hell hole they had condemned the innocent fourteen year old to.

As they reached his cell they peered through the tiny barred window to see three figures gathered around a fourth who lay helpless on the floor, the man on the floor who had once been Harry, was now a thin bedraggled shadow of his former self. Two of the figures were Lily and James, but who was the third?

But then the mysterious figured turned to face them and they saw none other than Ginny Weasley clutched on to Harry's wafer thin hand.

"Why are you here?" she said as Sirius came into the cell.

"I am here to apologise for what I did"Sirius answered.

"It is too late" they all Ginny say before she broke into tears.

"But Harry..." Ron began.

"No buts Ron, you all condemned him to this hell hole that has been his home for five years".

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