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Blood of An Innocent

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James and Lily return to explain the betrayers mistakes.

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"No buts Ron." Ginny snarled at her older brother, "I hope you all realise that if just a few of you had believed in his innocence Harry would still be here today..."

"No one can save another whilst they remain within the walls of this prison" Dumbledore calmly interrupted.

"Thats where you're wrong headmaster" Lily responded backing up her son's soul mate, "You see love and friendship are two things the dementors can never take away, they feed on both happy and sad memories until you are just a shell, but love is so pure, and friendship so true that they can never take them away, even when all hope is lost".

"It was these two things that allowed you to survive this hell hole Black" James said coldly to his former friend, "You see although he didn't know it Harry had always loved you since he was a baby and continued to do so without his knowing throughout your internment, and although one betrayed you and the other's believe falter you still had the friendship of Peter and Remus. It was these things that kept you alive not your animagus abilities that kept you alive" He calmly continued, "How does it feel Black knowing that you condemned one of the people that kept you alive whilst you were in here to the same hellhole, yet he had very little love and no friendships"he finished looking pointedly towards Hermione, Ron and the rest of the Weasleys.

"P-please James, I j-just didn't know"Sirius pleaded desperately with his former friend.

"Yes, you didn't, but he was you Godson, the boy who helped you escape the kiss, and coldly betrayed him, for your own good" Lily sneered angrily at Sirius.

"And you two" Ginny began rounding on her brother and former friend, "It was only my love that kept him alive this long, for if I had abandoned him like you two did he would of died the first time he tried to end it".

"N-no, Harry would never. Please. Say he didn't" Hermione begged.

"Yes within forty eight hours of entering this hell hole, Harry had already tried twice to end it all, and do you know what through the link I share. Shared with him if felt every tiny bit of pain he felt and it was horrible. It almost broke my heart"

"But Harry would never; he had so much to liv..." Ron tried to plead

"No Ronald he had nothing, you two had betrayed him. Our mother and family had abandoned him. The only family he ever knew. His Godfather cold heartedly traded him for his own freedom. And Dumbledore, his mentor, had cast him aside" Ginny Screamed, "If anyone of you had just still thought of him as a friend he would have survived, for love or friendship alone could sustain him. But only love and friendship together could save him"

At this final damming statement all the women in the room broke down, Hermione, Mrs.Weasley and McGonagall worst of all. And the men of the order just looked shocked especially Ron stunned at what he had done to his friend and how he could have saved him, Mr.Weasley who finally began to realise what he had done to the boy who thought of him as afather, and Dumbledore who realised have quickly he had turned on the boy who he had begun to think of as a Grandson.

"You all killed him" Ginny, Lily and James said together before gently holding onto Harry's body and flashing away just as they had done into the order meeting.

"What have we done?" Was all Dumbledore could say, before he led the order out of Harry's cell and back to the surface.
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