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Ron's thoughts

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Ron begins to think about what he has done. And the results of his actions.

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As they began to walk up the deep, gloomy stairs which led out of the hell hole which was the lower levels of Azkaban, for the first time in his life all Ron did was think, for first time ever he truly considered the consequences of his actions, and boy were there some massive consequences.

He had grown up as just one member of amassive family, a family where he seemed to have to compete for everything. Time with his two oldest siblings - in this case mainly with Ginny - his parents time and sometimes even affections, for they were sometimes just too busy with their seven children to openly show each child a portion of individual love.

For years now he had always thought this completion had prepared him for the trials of live. Fighting Voldemort and his Deatheaters, dealing with the betrayal he felt over Harry's actions. Everything in his life seemed to involve him competing even if it was against only his own sanity.

But when he had met Harry at first his life no longer required him to compete, his was no longer just one of the seven as many often viewed the Weasley children. Harry had viewed him entirely as his own person; Harry had been Ron first friend who wasn't also a member of his family.

Yet over time Ron realised he had become blind to some of Harry's key characteristics, how could he have thought Harry entered the Tri Wizard tournament for the fame? He should have remember how upon their first meeting Harry had been so unwilling to show Ron his scar or talk about his life, he had just wanted to be thought of as Harry, not the Harry James Potter, Boy-who-lived, the only person to ever survive the killing curse.

Why had he been jealous of Harry, he now finally realised that Ron had everything Harry had ever wanted, people who loved him, somewhere to truly call home, a mum and dad, siblings. Everything Harry had ever wanted Ron had in abundance.

Harry had nothing, no family, home, siblings. The two main things he had, he hated. Fame and money, the two things Ron had so desperately desired, and this had made Ron jealous. So jealous Ron had become blind to all the shit Harry had to go through to get these two things.

Ron realised what his betrayal had done to Harry. It had broken his former friend. Ron had taken away the things the Harry so desperately wanted. Harry had lost the burrow, the only place he had to call home. Ron's mum and the rest of the Weasleys had walked out on him, the only family he had ever known. Worst of all Ron and Hermione had abandoned him, the first two friends he ever had left him, and in the process had destroyed all of Harry's possessions, his photos of his parents, his broom, everything, only James' cloak had survived because Dumbledore had said it was too valuable and important to burn.

Ron had destroyed his best friend and now he could do nothing to earn Harry's forgiveness, he had let Harry go to his grave thinking he had almost nothing, worst of all no friends. Ron tried to imagine how he would have felt five years ago if Harry and Hermione had walked out on him, and it broke his heart.

That was what Ron had done to Harry.

Left him complete and utterly heartbroken.
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