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Problems to Resolve

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Falsely sent to Azkaban for the murder of Cedric Diggory after the 4th task, what will happen when Harry's parents are brought back to life whilst he lies on his death bed?

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So it was that what remained of the Order trooped out of Azkaban Prison, downhearted and despairing, had they caused the death of the Light's only Saviour, they had shoved a 14 year old boy in the nearest thing to hell on earth. The worst part; it took the boy's death for people to begin questioning the boy's guilt, well that wasn't strictly true, after all a small group of the order had never believed his guilt.

This group had included the boy's adopted Uncle Remus Lupin; who was currently living somewhere in the woods of Scandinavia. Nymphadora Tonks had also gone with Remus, their shared believe in Harry bringing them closer. Bill and Charlie Weasley had cut off links with their mother and brother, Ron, shortly after Ginny left, and had since helped her as she had very little money of her own, the twins had never openly condemned Harry, so they were in better books than Molly and Ron, but neither had defended him, which left them with an incredible feeling of guilt. This guilt led to them leaving to go and research new joke ingredients in the Amazon rainforest, but everyone knew they were just getting away from everything that had happened.

So all in all despite all his friends before his internment only six people had only voiced their support for him, and they had all been driven away for their support of a friend. So not only had the Order betrayed Harry but six other people guilt of no crime but having a belief in their friend. All these people would now have to be contacted and told of what had come to pass before they found out from the various Wizard Medias around the world.

There was plenty of other things to sort out which had occurred after Harry's internment, political relationships with wizarding France and Bulgaria would have to be rebuilt, after Fleur Delacour and Victor Krum's parents - who were both had ranking members of said country's parliaments - had declared the decision of the ministry of Magic as madness.

Finally there was the press to deal with, and everyone in the order knew the press would turn on them just as they had done at various points throughout Harry's turbulent and troubled life.

Fixing what they had done was going to be abigger task than the defeat of Voldemort.
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