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Some of Our Betrayers recieve some letters, from various disgruntled true friends of Harry.

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The next morning Sirius Black awoke to find a small tawny furiously pecking at this window. Slowly he dragged himself to window. Opened it, and took the parchment from the owl's leg. At which point the owl shot off again towards the north.

Who could the letter be from? Surly not Remus already. Sirius had only written to him the previous night. But then Sirius saw the writing on the envelope. It was defiantly Remus's. What would he say. Sirius had mocked Remus for believing in Harry. Remus had pleaded but Sirius refused to even consider that Harry was innocent, so Remus had left. Shortly followed by his cousin Nymphadora Tonks.

Slowly and reluctantly Sirius removed the letter from its envelope and began to read it;

Dear Mr S.Black

You're too late. You can't fix our friendship just as Lily and James will never see Harry again. I had already learned of Harry's death from James before your letter. We together agreed that along with one P.Pettigrew that you should no longer have any right to claim to be a marauder, after all you did betray our cub.Lily also wishes me to inform you that you officially are no longer of Godfather of the late Harry James Potter.

I hope your guilt burns your insides.

Yours in anger


Sirius immediately broken down upon finishing the letter. He had lost everything. His friends. His right to be amarauder. But worst all he could no longer even acknowledge Harry as his godson. He had lost the closest thing to a son he had, and it tore at his soul.

At the same time one Ronald Weasley also received a letter. But from a completely different sender.

Dear Ronald Weasley

We are writing to inform you that we had already been informed of Harry's death by our younger sister. We are shocked that it took his death to make you realise his innocence. All we would request is that you tell our parents, that like our sister we have rejected the Weasley name and the betrayal it represents. Instead taking the name of the adopted brother we have lost.


Masters B. Potter, C.Potter and F&G.Potter

Ron's reaction was identical to Sirius'. He had lost all of his siblings. Even Percy had stopped talking to Ron and his parents, but not because of Harry but because he didn't believe in the dark lord's return.

Even Hermione received a letter. Hers though was the hardest to deal with, she had sent a letter to Ginny pleading that she be allowed to come to Harry's funeral, to say good bye to the one she had once thought of as a brother.

Dear Miss H.Granger

I can't believe you want forgiveness from me, i doubt i could ever give it. You helped destroy my one true love. I loved him ever since his first day on platform 9 and ¾ , and I never stopped. Even when he was first accused. When he was found guilty. I always loved him. And i will never love another because when i saw him in that horrible cell. My heart broke. All me and Lily do was cry yesterday. And James. Well James just went off flying all. Mourning by doing one of the many things he and Harry never got to do together.

Yes you and Ron can come to his funeral, even that god dam ex-godfather. But only so you will suffer as I suffer, as I bury my soul mate.

Yours in grief

Mrs G.Potter

After finishing the letter Hermione wept for all that she had caused Harry to miss.

Sorry to the anyone who read this before, when the end of the chapter was missing. I still don't know why it happened. Gremlins in the wires!
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