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Grief and Headlines

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Falsely sent to Azkaban for the murder of Cedric Diggory after the 4th task, what will happen when Harry's parents are brought back to life whilst he lies on his death bed?

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Saying Goodbye

It was a dull overcast day in London that Friday. Few people stepped out of their houses preferring to stay inside and watch TV - if they were muggle - or perhaps try and catch a show on the Wizard Wireless - if they were wizards.

Storm clouds began to form on the horizon and the distant rumble of thunder and flashes of lightning could be seen off to the East, as a powerful storm rolled up the River Thames off the North Sea.

This only added to the depressing and oppressive nature of the day, the trees had lost their leaves much quicker and earlier this year, it was only October and already they were all bear, apart from the odd old oak where a few small leaves battled the wind desperate not to fall. The birds of summer had long since left making the streets and parks quite places, only the odd robin could be seen but even these usually jolly little birds no longer sang.

Muggles said it seemed like nature was mourning the passing of summer, some wizards had even begun to believe that nature was grieving.

In this believe both Muggles and a few Wizards would have been correct although it was not the passing of summer that nature mourned but something much more pure. Something so untainted during its short live that nature had adopted them, taking in the pure but broke being as their own, to protect, nourish, and watch grow.

Nature was in fact mourning the passing of one their own. One Harry Potter. The one that nature had adopted and helped protect from evil, ever since his first terrifying venture into the Forbidden forest.

But Hermione Granger, Sirius Black, Ron aWeasley and the rest of his family - what was left of it - failed to notice this as they stepped out of Grimmauld Place, that Friday morning. They were too busy grieving the friend they had lost to notice the grief of others, even if it may not have been all that obvious.

It had been four days since they had received their coarse yet emotional invitation to the funeral of the one they had once thought of as a friend, god-son, and even adopted son. It had hurt so much to read how much one of their former friends and family had suffered by having to bury her one true love, her soul mate.

It had been a busy four days for all concerned, the wizard papers had been full of headlines, as various wizards mainly politicians within the ministry tried to gain some good publicity from the death of their former saviour.

Every day the headlines had differed. Initially it had been things like;

Traitor dies at last in Azkaban

Boy-who-killed finally dies.

Scum leaves at last.

But when news got out that Harry had been innocent, the headlines had changed immediately;

Saviour dies of Broken Heart in Azkaban.

Boy-who-lived dies.

Hero dies Hero's death in Azkaban.

The last headline had been ridiculas, Harry had died a broken man in the worst place on earth trapped in the tiniest cell in the afore mentioned hell hole.

But Hermione, Sirius, and the Weasleys had seen none of these headlines, this was the first time they had stepped out of Grimmauld place since they had returned from Azkaban. They had just cried and mourned their lose. Hermione had stopped reading, Sirius had taken to spend all day with Buckbeak, until appeared that the Hippogriff had realised Harry had died and Sirius' part in it; Sirius' arm still hadn't even with all of Molly's healing spells.

So now for the first time in four days the group stepped out of the house, to go and say goodbye to the former friend that they had all agreed they never deserved.

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