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Good news, I think! ^.^

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A little update.. no frerard lolz.

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Heeey again!
Thanks to the, 26 viewers. glare
LOlz, review! PLEASE!
I really wanna know who it is viewing my stuff and not reviewing.
Thanks to Jade!! xo
I love you hifeey!
So happy you've got your msn working! o.O
But thanks to viewers too I guess, for viewing?
Right, I have soom good news! ^.^
I might be able to update a bit more often.
I have a new laptop!!
I had to drop out of going to France with the school..
But my parents used the money to get me this laptop! :D
There is one downside.
The chapters will probably be short.
As, here's the bad news..
One of my cats did a pee on my frerard book. -.-
I left it on the living room floor,
and well, I guess the cat was just homophobic, XD
Anyway, I will be writing the next chapters from scratch,
And as I still have exams, and family issues, the chapters might be a bit on the short side lolz.
So, well, please please please, if you read this, atleast review saying "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" So I know you're there. XD
Thanks for viewing, and Jade, thanks for reviewing, (:
Christie, xo
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