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Chapter 11.. ;D

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Hmms, The second one with Brendon? I am proper shitty at summaries.

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Thanks Jade.
Love you.
Oh and thanks to annonymous readers?
Sorry I've neglected this a bit.
It's my last exam on Wednesday,
Then I have two maths ones.
But I'm not revising..
As I don't know the dates. XD
So yeah,
I have started another story.
But I don't want to leave this one.
So, I shall continue trying to write this until further notice.
The other one's a frerard too. XD
Love you Jade, and annonymouses.
Enjoy.. ;D

Frank's POV
I was so, so happy to have Brendy back after all these years. And him and Gee seemed to get on so well. Brendy, Gee and I walked slightly ahead on our way to Brendy's house and Gee listened to us as we caught up with eachothers lives. It felt like so long since Brendy and I had talked.
Pete and Patrick were walking a few steps behind us, I didn't listen to their conversation as I was deep in my own. I payed little attention to which direction we were walking and kept my eyes deep in Brendy's big, brown eyes. I had missed him these past years. Suddenly I noticed his eyes lit up even more and he stopped walking.
"This is it!" he grinned, and keeping his hands in his hoody pockets he turned his body to face the rows of houses beside us. I turned too. I studied the houses,
"But wait.." I began, and put a hand on my mouth, moving each finger to tap my mouth in turn, quickly, "No I live here!" I giggled, pointing at my house. Brendy chuckled,
"Silly! AND I LIVE THERE!" He said, grinning wildly, pointing at the house that was beside mine.
"No fucking about?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. Brendy shook his head. I pulled him into a hug, "This rocks." I said to him. Then I pushed from the hug, I looked to Gee and we smiled at eachother for a few seconds. Then I turned to Pete and Patrick, who were standing the other side of Brendy. Patrick had his hands in his jeans pockets and was smiling weakly, and Pete just grinned at me.
"Right. As much as I enjoy standing here..!" Pete said, still grinning sheepishly, or monkeyly even, "Let's get our asses inside Bree's house?" He added, leaning pass Patrick to tap Brendy's ass, for emphasis. Brendy rolled his eyes at me and Gee, then led us into the house. The front room was filled with boxes, and a sofa was up against one of the walls. He led us through to the dining room, which was just infront of the door to the kitchen.
Brendy took a seat at the end of the table and I sat next to him. Gee came and sat next to me then Pete sat opposite me. Patrick hesitated, but then Pete pulled out the chair next to him.
"Sit your hot ass here hun!" Pete said, and smiled jokingly. Patrick pushed his hat back a little but blushed, then gave Pete a crooked smile in return. Then Patrick sat down and pulled his chair forwards a little, then crossed his arms on the table. I looked to Gee beside me, sure enough his eyes were on me. Our eyes met and my heart skipped two beats. Then I reached under the table for his hand. He pulled his chair closer to mine. Then he intertwined his hand with mine, I pulled my chair closer to his, so they touched and rested our hands on my lap. We stared into eachothers eyes. Then a loud cough from Brendy reminded me of where we were.
"Guys! What the fuck dude?" Pete laughed, and Brendy raised his eyebrows at us and I blushed.
"Franklin? Closet leaving time?" Brendy chuckled, nudging me.
"I-I.. have.. I don't know what you mean." I stuttered, becoming completly flustered...
"Dude! It's fucking obvious!" Pete grinned, "You're like, all over eachother!" he laughed. I shot him a confused glance.
"I think he's referring to the fact you're seats are touching, and you're holding hands." Patrick smiled friendily.
"Franklin." Brendy smiled, folding his hands on the table and leaning towards me "You can tell us, right?" he smiled, moving his eyes over Pete and Patrick who nodded at me and Gee promisingly. "So, are you two together?" Brendy finished, tilting his head to the side and looking into my eyes searchingly.
"Uh, yeah." Gee murmered, I squeezed his hand careingly.
"Cool." Brendy grinned at us, Pete gave me a high five over the table.
"But don't tell anyone yet?" I said. They all agreed, and even Patrick spoke up again to say he wouldn't tell anyone.
"Thanks." Gee said and smiled his heart stopping grin.
"Hey! No problem babe!" Pete grinned.
"Is anyone hungry?" Patrick asked, clamping his hands together.
"I'm starving!" Pete yawned, pulling Patrick close to his side. Patrick went bright red, but kept smiling,
"We're a little hungry." Me and Gee agreed.
"Just go help yourself to the stuff in the freezer!" Brendy grinned, motioning the door to the kitchen.
"Thanks Brendon." Patrick smiled, then pushed Pete off him and got up. As he walked towards the door Pete called,
"Wait up sugar!" then Pete got up, "I'll help!" he followed Patrick into the kitchen, and closed the kitchen door behind them. A few moments later, Patrick opened the door rolling his eyes..
"Burgers okay?" He asked, and we all nodded.
"Oh! Veggies for Franklin." Brendy smiled.
"I think I'll eat veggy too." Gee smiled.
"Cool, shall we all eat veggy?" Patrick suggested. And again, we all nodded. Then Patrick walked back out the kitchen, leaveing the door wide open. Not long after, Pete came and closed it again. I giggled, and I wondored what Pete had planned for poor Patrick.
"Franklin, hun?" Brendy began, "How's the family?"
"Bad as ever." I sighed, and I told him about the whole thing, my mother smashing glass on my dad's head, and my mother running away. As I told him his eyes filled with concern. And Gee helped me.
"No worries." Brendy smiled. "And I am sure you mam will be home soon." I smiled. Gee pulled me into a hug and then Brendy got up and joined in. It was difficult to hug them both, but I twisted around abit so it was easier.
"I love you Gee. I love you Brendy." I whispered.
"I love you too." They both whispered back at the same time. Then Brendy let go and went back to his seat and Gee kissed my lips, quickly, but loveingly. Then he softly pushed from the hug and took my hand again.
We listened to Pete tell Patrick a story about throwing up on airplanes. Then in what weemed like no time atall, they brought in the plates of veggy burgers, and handed them out.
Gerard's POV
The veggy burgers weren't that bad really. We all ate in silence. Frankie finished first, his hand still holding mind firmly. Once I finished mine I turned to meet his eyes.
"I love you." He mouthed.
"I love you more." I mouthed back, then laughed, then his lips collided with mine, it was so unexpected I almost fainted, and fell back a little, but then I pushed my head forwards and put all my love, or what i got get of it, into the kiss.
"Jeeze! Get a room!" Brendon joked. And we broke the kiss.
"Or atleast let me join in!" Pete begged, laughing. Patrick rolled his eyes at us again, smiling. Then Patrick got to his feet, and began collecting the plates. As he took Pete's, Pete grinned at him,
"Thanks cutey." And then Pete winked at him,
"You're getting presents now!" Frankie joked, Patrick suddenly looked at Pete warningly.
"Pete. I'de rather not." he said sternly, but with a hint of amusment. Then Patrick walked out the kitchen with the plates.
"Just put them in the sink!" Brendon called, then I heard him get a text message. He took his phone from his pocket, then a huge sheepish grin spread across his face and he read the text.
"What is it?" Frankie asked, as Patrick took his seat next to Pete,
"It was Ry!" Brendon smiled the biggest smile I had seen from him yet, "He's allowed over!!"
"Want us to leave you two guys alone?" Frankie grinned playfully,
"NONONONO!" Brendon replied, "You must stay!"
"When're Boyd and Grace back?" Frankie asked,
"Tommorow night." Brendon smiled.. "And the rest of the family're staying over in New York. But obviously, Boyd and Grace.. my parents," he explained to us who didn't know who Boyd and Grace were.."will be visiting me in this house every once in a while!"
"Seriously?" Frankie beamed, Brendon nodded in a matter of fact way. "Oh my GOD! So it's like you have your own place?" he exclaimed, his voice went a little high pitched and broke a little at the end, which I found extremly cute, I might add. "Brendy! This is PERFECT!" he giggled, pouncing to hug Brendon. I smiled, even though my hand was now empty, it was really really nice to see Frankie this happy. Then Frankie sat back next to me, grabbing my hand straight away. Makeing me smile, he made me feel so complete. As cliché as it sounds. Pete was looking deep into my eyes, and his head was tilted so that his dark fringe fell away from his eyes for once. I looked back at him, locking our eyes. And then I laughed nervously, he was a little bit creepy at times..
"What?" I asked him, still smiling,
"I bet you and Frankie couldn't keep your hands off eachother for, five minutes." he grinned challengingly.
"How much?" Frankie giggled. I smiled.
"Five dollars?" Brendon suggested, me and Pete shook on it. I couldn't believe I was doing this.
"Starting..." Patrick laughed, looking at his watch, me and Frankie kissed, and held it, "Now." Patrick said, and we let go of eachother and stopped kissing, putting our our chairs apart a little. This would be, interesting..

I really hope this was worth the wait.
Took me freaking ages ahaha.
Love you.. x
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