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Chapter 43

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I sat William down at the dining table and grabbed the kettle. I placed it under the tap but water spilt all over my hand, Kat took it from me and filled it. Gee pushed me down into a chair opposite William before handing him a towel. “Why didn't you call?” William looked up at me, tears in his eyes. “I don't know, I guess I didn't think you'd want to see me any-more I guess.” Kat threw Gee a look and they left quickly, Kat placing mugs of steaming coffee in-front of us before closing the door.
“Why on earth do you think that? What about us, all we said, what about being together? Didn't you believe me?” A single tear rolled down his cheek and I knew I was crying harder now. I couldn't look at him so turned away. I should never have let this happen. Never.
“We cant do this. I cant do this. Long distance-It never works.” William rolled his mug in his hands, his hair still dripping onto his shirt. It was dark blue check and his face glowed in sorrow above it. “I can William. I'm sorry.” He pushed his chair back and it scraped against the tiles. He came round and knelt in-front of me. He took my hands and I turned but did not look him in the eyes. “Ellie, I love you. I don't care about where we are. I love you.” His thumb rubbed mine and I pressed it down between my fingers. “I have to go back to England some time. I mean, my family, my friends.” My tears were catching on my pajamas and the flannel was soaking them up. “I..Maybe I can come with you. We can find a way. People do it all the time. We can try. Please?” I looked him in the eyes and they shoe with the tears he was crying. He didn't smile. I took one hand from his and rubbed it against his cheek gently. The look in his eyes was almost fearful but still there was some hope there. “Okay, we'll try.” He looked up at me shocked. “But if one thing goes wrong I'll be back on a plane to England before you have chance to sing one note.” He cried even harder now and rose onto his knees. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me like he never had before. It was if he was singing to me, its sweetness making me dizzy, even though I was sat down and couldn't fall over.

We both giggled as we pulled apart and noticed that Gee and Kat stood in the now open doorway, smiles on their faces. William laughed as he stood, taking my hand to rest against the kitchen cabinet.
“We wondered if you wanted to stay the night Will, there'll be room enough in the living room.” Kat smiled at us, a giggle playing in her eyes. “Yeah, we're sleeping downstairs tonight and the others are off home. Bob's dropping Frank and Ray off and is going to stay the night at Mikey's. You can have the sofa's and I've put out some blankets.” Gerard stood behind Kat, his arms wrapped around her. She lent against him as he spoke, her head against his chest. “Thanks guys, I'd better dry off first though.” William took the towel from the table and started to dry his hair after kissing Kat goodnight briefly. “Night Babe,” Kat hugged and kissed me, “be good.” She added into my hair in a whisper. Gee kissed my cheek before they left to go downstairs, hand in hand.
As they left I took the towel from William. His hair was stood up on end where he'd been drying it and he looked so cute, I felt as if my legs were melting.
I continued to dry his hair but stopped, my towel covered hands cupped his face. Realization flooding me.

“I love you too William.”

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