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Chapter 44

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Kat's P.O.V

“So he's staying?” I heard Gee ask from the basement room.
“I guess so.” I replied before flushing the toilet. I pulled on my t-shirt and turned to look in the mirror.
I pulled open the door and Gerard smiled at me, his eyes shining. “What?” I went over to where my case was and knelt beside it. I pulled back the lid and rested it up against a chest of drawers. I scrambled through my clothes until I found my over-sized cardigan and slid it on. The only problem was my over-sized cardigan wasn't so over-sized any-more and I struggled to lock the buttons into place. I left it undone and turned to face Gee.
Gee smiled at me brightly from the bed, his head resting on the huge number of pillows. “I take it you like the t-shirt then?”

When I'd been in England I'd been a big my chem fan. Me and my friends lived and breathed my chem and their music had become like a drug to me.
I bought my first my chemical romance t-shirt on holiday in Wales. It was the classic headless horseman print and my grandmother told me she thought it was pretty. I'd laughed it off and taken to only wearing it in bed.
Mum told me about Bob the year after, a few months before our family holiday to Spain. At the age of fourteen I'd been angry at first that nobody had told me but in time I realized it wasn't my mothers fault and accepted that Bob was my half brother.
When we were in Spain I found another my chemical romance T-shirt, a black parade marcher on a red and black background. I'd bought it in respect for my brother and I'd phoned him for the first time that night in my hotel room.

The T-shirt was three sizes too big for me when I bought it and it was still a little too big and it left me with some dignity now as I stood in front of Gee wearing no shorts or boxers.
“You look perfect.” I rolled into bed next to him. I pulled the duvet over my legs but rested it just on the top of my bump. I really did look like I had swallowed a few too many Christmas dinners. My backache was gradually getting worse each day but I couldn't tell anyone or they'd fuss too much. My chest was heaving and I felt like I had two watermelons stuck to my front.
Gee didn't seem to mind though and he rolled onto his side to face me. The room was lit by only two lamps that stood on either side of the huge bed.
“You know what?”
“What?” He traced my cheek and jaw line with his finger as I awaited his answer.
“You look more and more beautiful every day.” I kissed him gently but stopped.
“What if you don't like me when I'm not pregnant? What if you don't think I'm beautiful when I'm not pregnant?” He laughed at me and I sat up in bed, angry now. “It's funny now is it? Maybe Bob was right, you do only want the baby. Maybe your plan is to seduce me and then take my baby away.” He stopped laughing and rolled so his back was too me. I stopped my rant and felt somewhat empty. Stupid hormones. “Gee, I'm sorry.” I placed my hand on his shoulder but he didn't move. “Gee, please. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. It's just when Simon, when he, well he told me nobody would ever want me. He said he didn't even want me. He said he was only making love to me because he felt sorry for me.”
“DONT SAY THAT!” Gee's voice was angry and he turned to face me, his eyes burning with anger. “Don't say that. What he did. That wasn't making love to you. He raped you. Rape. It's evil.” I knew I was about to cry. Pregnancy had made me soft. I'd always been a crier but not daily like I was now. “What if he's right?” He took my face in his hands, “You will never be ugly Kat. Never. You will always be as beautiful as the first day I met you too me. Nothing will ever change that.”
“Make love to me Gee.” My voice came thick and husky.
He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me as if his life depended on it. I rolled over and lay on top of him,not caring about the bump any-more.
My fingers wrestled against the waistband of his boxers,the only clothing he wore to bed.
It was about time. I wanted this more than anything in the world.

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