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Chapter 45---EEK!

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Gerard's P.O.V

“Make love to me Gee.” Kat breathed into my ear.
Nothing she'd ever said to me before had made my body come alive like that.
My limbs froze as I pressed my lips to hers. The skin under my fingertips was burning as if she was suffocated by the flames of hell.
My fingers traced the soft skin behind her knees and they felt as if they were turning to ice as I seized her arse in my palm. My mouth traveled down her neck. My movements becoming quicker and Kat's arms moving around mine. They never clashed and we moved as if in sync.
She wrestled my boxers from my waist and she tugged them below my knees. I grabbed her face in my hand and slid my tongue into her mouth. They danced together as my hands moved as if to pull away at the t-shirt she wore. I took both my palms and gently caressed the surface of her plump bump.
Her breasts gently rested above it and my fingers tugged at the nipples that stood as if to attention. She gasped and my mouth released hers. Her mouth traveled the length of my neck and my fingers struggled for entrance into her. I took her mouth again to mine and pressed my tongue to the back of her throat. She cupped my face in her hands in surprise and her nails gently clawed at my face as I slid a finger into her. She groaned in pleasure, her mouth pulling away from mine.
We breathed heavily our smoldering bodies tangled. Kat whispered in my ear, “I love you.”Her voice was heavy and I felt a tear in my eye as my fingers caressed her face. “I'll never let you go.” I whispered into her hair and bit down gently on her ear. She let out a small yelp and her hands wrapped around my length.
It hurt how much I wanted to plunge inside her but after her last experience with Simon I was unsure of how to act now.
I groaned loudly as she pulled at my cock and I exploded over the sheets and her hands. My head fell back against the pillow in relief
I turned her over so that I now lay on her and pressed my mouth to hers once again. Kat's tongue entered my own this time and her teeth pulled at my bottom lip. I sighed and pulled again at the t-shirt. I sat up on-top of her and pulled it over her head.
I lent back and glanced longingly at the beauty that lay under me. Her chest heaved and her curls clung to her wet skin. Her sweat glistened in the light of the lamps and her skin glowed as if drops of sunlight were dancing on it. Her stomach lay beneath my palms, the baby kicking away more than I could ever remember and with every kick I felt I lay butterfly kisses on the silky skin of Kat's chest.
Kat smiled brilliantly and I pressed my mouth to the low of her breast. I took her erect nipple in my mouth and pulled at it with my teeth. She clawed at the skin of my back with her nails and I felt her head pull back on the pillow beneath it.
My finger moved inside her dark tunnel, its surface wet and she let out a low scream as I hit her. As I pulled my finger from her she grabbed my face in her hands and kissed my nose, breathless. Her fingers danced through my freshly cut hair and she lay kisses on the nib of my ear, “Fuck me Gee,” Her voice was husky and I pulled my head back to look her in the eyes.
Passion hid behind her green pupils, desire flaring around the edges. Her fingers pulled up at cheek and wrapped themselves in my choppy hair.
My hands traced her body, her face, her breast, her stomach. My hands moved gently down her thighs before pulling her left leg over me, my hand cradling her knee.
I pulled her lips with my own, kissing her gently now.
My cock found her entrance and I pulled at her leg. Her legs wrapped around my arse as my length slid inside her, her mouth pressing down harder on my own. My tongue wove its way around her mouth. My penis slid gently into where my fingers had lain only minutes before. It moved with ease and I thrust heavily into her. She screamed my name as I pulled back slightly before letting back in. Her thighs became wetter with my every move and my hand cupped her breast, my thumb massaging her nipples.
Every muscle in my body seized as I climaxed, my limbs frozen. I felt myself let go and thrust into her again, her fingers scratching at the base of my spine. Her groans grew in volume as I repeated the same thing before she screamed my name loudly as she climaxed. I pulled out of her slowly. I opened my eyes and watched as she slowly opened her own. I kissed her jaw, her neck, her nipples. I pulled gently away from her legs as my penis slid from her, and rested down on the pillow beside her. I took her hand and entwined her fingers with my own. She pulled up and lent on her side. Her curls were glued to her sweaty flesh and I pushed them from her shoulders, I giggled as she lay a kiss on my bottom lip. My hand cradled her and she rested her head on my chest. We didn't speak but there wasn't any need. What we'd just done together spoke a thousand words. My head was buzzing and my lips throbbed from where they'd pressed hard against Kat's. “Gee?” I looked back to Kat and saw her smiling like I'd never seen her before. “Yes beautiful?” I pulled her onto me and she giggled.
“I really do mean it when I say I love you, I'm not just saying it for the hell of it.” I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the side of her mouth. Her lips tasted sweet and I felt as if I was having a brain freeze. “I know, you know I mean it too right? I really do love you. Like I've never loved anything before.” She kissed me gently and her hand rubbed against me again and again I felt the searing pain in my crotch. How could one girl make me so soft, or hard actually. Every touch made my head soar and every glance made me feel like a blind man seeing sunlight for the first time.
Kat shivered on top of me and goosebumps prickled my arms. “Cold,love?” When we'd been making love the duvet had slipped down and hardly covered her bare arse. I pulled it up around her shoulders and slid her down to lie between my thighs. “Better?” I laughed into her collarbone.
“Much better,” she replied, her hands tangling in my hair. She'd made me go in and get it cut at the mall and it was back to a normal looking length. I made sure to get it choppy and the ends stood out, just like I liked it. “Baby wants to get out me thinks,” she patted her belly gently beneath her and I pushed my hand between the sheets and her stomach. Baby was kicking more than it had earlier, at least 2 kicks a second, “God alive, do you feel okay?” I asked brushing the hair back from her face. “Better than ever. He probably just got excited.”
“You thinks its a boy do you?” I continued to rub her stomach, the skin smooth beneath my fingertips. “I think so, I've just got this feeling.”
“Well I have this feeling its going to be a girl.” I said pulling on a loose curl. It sprang back to its shape as I let it go. She laughed, “Well, if its a boy I win,if its a girl you win.”
“And what's the prize then?”
“hmm, more of this I guess, the winner chooses.” A smile broke out across her face and her eyes lit up. “The winner chooses what?”
“Where?” She looked away nervously and I laughed.
“Okay, winner chooses where.” I kissed her again. There was something about her tonight. I just couldn't stop kissing her. Her lips had turned an appley colored red where I'd been kissing them so much and they seemed to look plumper in the artificial light. I shifted my hand from beneath her and rubbed the cheek of her arse. One of her hands moved from my hair and was holding my face again. Kat's hand moved down my stone hard length again and pain soared through my veins. I shifted so I was inside her again and this time I watched as she closed her eyes and moved over me. I thrust into her and she giggled. I couldn't help but laugh before kissing her bruised lips again. I thrust again and she yelped a little.
There were footsteps on the stairs and Kat froze on top of me, her eyes fluttering open. Her eyelashes cast dark shadows over her cheekbones making her face look longer.
Ellie stood on the stair, her hand clasped to her mouth. She quickly covered her eyes, “SORRY!” Kat laughed a little and shifted to lay next to me. “Gerard Bob needs to see you, he's upstairs. Sorry.” She scurried off up the stairs trailing her dressing gown behind her. I glanced up at the clock on the wall, 10 past 2. What the hell did he want now. I slipped out of the duvet, Kat grabbing my wrist, “You cant leave me Gee,”
“Its got to be important right? Go on sleep love,” I kissed her pulling my jeans on and grabbing a t-shirt from the floor. I pulled it over my head as I reached the top stair. Bob stood before me in the front hall. His eyes bloodshot. Behind him on the porch stood a blond teenage boy, a blackening bruise across his eye. He could only be one person. Simon.

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