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Run away

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Its the next day and Lyn pays a surprise visit...

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A/N: Yo people =D Guess who's been having writers block... Looks around before waving Yup, moi. I'm so so so SO sorry that it took so long to get this chapter out, but I hope the little twist I've thrown in makes up for it :] I hope this surprises you guys, cos' not even I saw this once coming xD
I think we're almost at the end now people, so I hope you stick with me to the final chapter ^_^ And I hope you enjoy this one :]
Rayray xoxox

When I woke up I smiled to see Frank still curled into my arms, a small pout on his lips as he slept. He looked so adorable and I couldn’t help but stare at him for a moment. I still felt like I was on a high and I kissed his forehead lightly before gently untangling myself from his body and sliding off the bed. He whined and squirmed around before hugging the bed covers and settling down again. I bit back a chuckle and crept through the room to my adjoining bathroom.
There was no denying it. I needed to shower.
I hopped into the shower with the intent of being as quick as humanly possible, but as soon as I stepped under the warm water I knew I'd be in here a while. The rain like droplets helped to loosen my muscles and send me into a state of relaxation, and I leant against the wall, lazily rubbing soap into my skin and thinking of Frankie with a goofy smile on my face.
He was so... adorable. Perfect almost. I know perfection doesn’t exist, but I would say Frank was pretty damn close. He was slowly becoming my entire world, if he wasn’t already. I felt the sudden urge to tell every one, so strong it was difficult to ignore it. I wanted the world to know. I wanted them to know he was mine. That I loved him, and he was mine. I wanted everyone to look at me and think 'he's so lucky; he's with the most amazing guy in the world'. Because I sure did feel lucky, blessed even, I didn’t know what I had done to deserve him but I wasn’t going to think on it. I loved him, and he loved me back, and for the first time I really couldn’t see what was wrong with that. For the first time, I felt we were ready to tell everyone. It was sooner than I had planned, but maybe they would accept us... my family should at least. Hell, now I thought about it, my family should have accepted us from the very beginning. Isn’t that what family does?
"Gee?" Franks voice broke me out of my thoughts and I shut off the water, wrapping a towel around my waist.
"I'm coming Frankie." I called back, shaking my head and squeezing my hair in my hands to get rid of the worst of the water. I went to check my reflection in the mirror only to find it was fogged up. I shrugged, it didn’t matter anyway.
I stepped out of the bathroom to find Frankie sat on my bed, yawning and rubbing the back of his head. I smiled at him and he smiled back, reaching out a hand to brush his fingers along my cheek as I leant down to kiss him tenderly on the lips.
"Morning..." I whispered against his lips, kissing them again and then moving back to check my hair in the mirror. Frank laughed and smiled at me through the glass.
"Morning Gee... Ugh, I need a shower." He grimaced and looked down at his naked body and I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling a little. I looked at him and smirked. He had that 'just had sex' look and I thought he looked fine as he was.
"I think you look great Frankie." I teased and he threw a pillow at me, getting to his feet and stretching.
"You would." He giggled, yawning again and rubbing his eyes. "Mind if I take a shower?" He asked and I rolled my eyes.
"Of course I don’t. The bathrooms just there." I pointed at the door and Frank laughed, practically skipping over to me to kiss me quickly on the lips and then my cheek.
"Well done for stating the obvious Gee." He teased and I poked my tongue out at him. He giggled and walked away, going into the bathroom and closing the door.
I smiled to myself and grabbed a brush, quickly brushing through my wet hair. Frank seemed really happy, and I was glad. Knowing that he didn’t regret what we did made me feel some relief, not even realizing I had been worried about it in the first place.
"Hey Frankie, D’ya want a coffee?" I asked, standing beside the bathroom door.
"Sure, I'll only be a minute." He called back and I smiled, padding my way out of the room and down the stairs, not bothering to get dressed as I did so. It was a warm morning considering the time of year, and so I stayed in my towel as I made my way into the kitchen and flicked on the kettle, yawning as I leant against the counter.
I was still a little tired, what with the late night and our...antics. But I was feeling cheerful as I waited for the kettle to boil, and I started thinking through ways to break the news to my family. I wanted to do it soon, maybe in the next week or so. I'd have to put it gently, and we would only tell immediate family (whether they be technically related or not) first. Mom and Mikey of course were top of that list, and Ray already knew. But his parents would have to know soon, since they were becoming close friends of my moms. I wasn’t in a haste to tell them though, after all - It hadn’t been long since I had been Ray’s teacher, so I needed to ensure their trust in me before they knew anything. But Mom and Mikey definitely deserved to know. Mikey of course, was already half aware of it, so I was sure it wouldn’t be too much of a big deal.
The kettle clicked, signaling the water was ready and I quickly made our coffees, humming a tune softly to myself as I waited for Frank to come downstairs.
A knock at the door caused me to jump and I stood up straight, looking around in a slight panic. It could be anyone, Mom, Mikey, Ray... Maybe none of them. And I didn’t want to risk opening the door on a complete stranger whilst wearing a towel.
I looked around me to see a pile of clothes I had been meaning to iron (seriously, I'll never get used to not living with my mom) and I grabbed a pair of old sweatpants from the pile, pulling them on as I rushed to the door. I used them to paint in, so they were covered in a few splodges, and pretty creased, but I was sure who ever it was wouldn’t mind.
There was another knock just as I reached the door and ran a hand through my still damp hair before pulling the door open, blinking in surprise as I saw who was stood there.
"Hey Gee... erm... did I come at a bad time?" Lyn asked, giggling as she looked me up and down in my old sweats, with wet hair and no shirt.
"No, I was just done taking a shower. Erm... this is a surprise..." I tried to sound happy but my stomach was churning with nerves.
"Yeah, I was in the area - I did an art show last night, I did try to invite you and Frank but you didn’t answer the phone." Lyn sounded extremely disappointed and she walked into the house before I could turn her away, I shut the door and feigned ignorance.
"Oh, sorry, I didn’t hear the phone. How did it go?" I asked politely, leading her to the kitchen as I prayed Frank didn’t come downstairs, but I couldn’t hear the shower and I began to panic.
"It was great, I think I'm starting to get noticed and - did you have a party here last night?" Lyn asked, looking around with a slight frown. There were still balloons and streamers everywhere, and I bit my lip, taking her into the kitchen before she saw all of Franks presents strewn around the floor.
"Erm... y - yeah, just a little birthday thing. I was going to invite you but you don’t really know the person." Not a complete lie, it wasn’t like she really knew Frank... not the real one.
"But, I guess it would've just clashed with your art thing anyway." I said with a shrug, putting the kettle back onto boil. "Coffee?" The last thing I wanted was for her to stay here and have a coffee, not with Frank here straight after his birthday. But Lyn nodded and smiled, seemingly happy with my answer.
"Yeah sure. So, how was the party? Whose was it?" She asked brightly and I glanced through the door to make sure Frank was still upstairs.
"Oh, just a... cousins." I said slowly, looking back at Lyn and smiling, busying myself with making her coffee as soon as the kettle boiled.
"Oh... is Frank around?" Asked Lyn, looking about her as if she expected him to appear suddenly. I opened my mouth to answer but was never given the chance.
"I can’t believe I'm finally eighteen, and last night was -" Frank stopped, frozen in the doorway, his eyes wide as he looked at Lyn in shock. I felt my stomach give a sickening lurch before seeming to freeze completely; it was as if my body had suddenly filled with ice.
"Erm... hey Lyn." He tried to sound casual but his voice trembled and I could see the fear in his eyes. Had he given us away, or had Lyn not noticed? The look on her face told me she had.
"H - Hi." She stuttered. Frank was stood in his boxers, his hair wet and sticking to his face a little. They stared at each other for a moment and I stayed, frozen, where I was.
"D - Did you just say... I thought... you're eighteen?" Lyn's tone started disbelieving, but swiftly changed to accusing and I realized we couldn’t fool her anymore. "But... you told me you were twenty!" Lyn suddenly sounded angry and Frank shook his head, giving me a desperate look.
"W - What? I'm not eighteen, you must have misheard -" He began but Lyn cut him off with an angry wave of her hand.
"Don’t you dare tell me I misheard! I know what you said, and - Where are you tattoos!?" Lyn's eyes grew even wider and Frank gingerly pressed his fingers to his neck where the scorpion should have been.
"You lied about them too?" She hissed and then she was facing me, turning so quick I hadn’t seen it. I swallowed deeply and opened my mouth to explain, but no words would come.
"What is this Gerard!? Why did you two lie to me? What the hell is going on!" She cried and I trembled a little, holding out my hand for Frank who ran into my arms, allowing me to cuddle him into my chest. Lyn watched us with fierce eyes and I kept one arm round Frank as I tried to explain.
"L - Lyn, please - we didn’t want to lie to you. I swear we didn’t, but we had to... We had no choice..." Lyn scoffed and folded her arms across her breasts, glaring at us both.
"Oh really." She snapped, and Frank nodded sheepishly.
"Lyn, would you ever have accepted us so willingly if you knew Frank was so young?" I asked quietly and she frowned, silent for a moment as she thought through what I had said, thought through all the lies we had told her. I practically heard the penny drop.
"You were his teacher... are his teacher... were his teacher?" Lyn looked at me with a questioning look and I looked down at the floor. I knew I had nothing to be ashamed about, I had done everything to the rules... as much as I could anyway. And I hoped she would understand that.
"He's graduated." I said quickly and Lyn nodded stiffly.
"But... it couldn’t have been that long ago... you were still his teacher when you lied to me." She whispered and I nodded, not meeting her gaze. "That’s misconduct. That’s illegal." She snarled and I nodded again, it was like when Ray found out all over again. Lyn stared at us for a moment, clearly not knowing what to do. She was clenching and unclenching her fists, and I could feel Frank shaking.
"That’s..." She stopped, thinking to herself before continuing. "That’s sick." She decided. "You’re fucking sick. He's practically a child and you've... you've been... that’s illegal." She repeated and I looked at her with sad eyes. Her words had hurt much more than I had expected them to, part of me had expected her to accept us like Ray had, but now I could see she wasn’t going to. And we were now in a bad position.
"No - Lyn, we never - we haven’t done that." I insisted and she glared at me, pointing an accusing finger at Frank.
"Then what was he going to say when he walked in here?" She demanded, putting on a voice as she quoted Frank. "And last night was... Last night was what? Amazing? Mind blowing? Was he a really good fuck Frank?" She spat and Frank’s cheeks blazed red, he buried his face into my shoulder and I felt him tremble. Her words brought my own anger up and I glared at her. I could take anything she said to me, but to say that to Frank was too far.
"Fuck you Lyn." I spat and her fists clenched at her sides, so hard her tendons stuck out. "Don’t you dare fucking talk to him like that, for all you know he could have been talking about the party - which was his." I snapped and her eyes softened a little, but not enough.
"And I'll tell you now, not that you deserve to know it - we waited until he was eighteen and out of school before doing anything. This isn’t some sick perverted fetish of mine, trust me - it took me a long time to agree to being with him in the first place. But we love each other, and we're not going to let age keep us apart. I'm not even that much older than him." I snarled and Lyn gave a hollow laugh.
"Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that you were his teacher. This is sick, I don’t care what you say - it’s sick. And I'm going to the police about it." She snapped, turning on her heel and stomping out of the kitchen as my jaw dropped. I had never thought that she... but she couldn’t. She wouldn’t do that to us... would she?
Frank gave me a look of horror and I released him from my arms, running after her and grabbing her shoulder as she reached the door.
"Lyn! Wait! You say this is sick, but didn’t you 'love' Mr. Rowley at our high school? Didn’t you constantly flirt with him? Didn’t you dance with him at prom?" My voice hit a hysterical pitch as I prayed I was remembering correctly. My time at high school had not been the greatest, and drink made some of my memories patchy, but I was certain Lyn had had a thing for the history teacher at the school. Her face went pale and I realized I was right. I continued before she could say anything.
"I'm right aren’t I - you would have done anything to get with him then. You stand here and say we're sick - but you wanted exactly what we have, this isn’t just jealousy, is it Lyn?" I snarled, I knew I was hitting below the belt but I was desperate. She couldn’t tell the police, I wasn’t sure that we could get away with it if she did. I wasn’t sure on the laws of this misconduct exactly.
"Motherfucker!" Lyn’s voice was loud and filled with pain as she slapped me hard around the face. I was more shocked than hurt and I clutched my cheek, staring at her with my jaw dropped. Frank appeared in the hallway and stopped when he saw what had happened.
"I hate you." She whispered, her voice shaking as her eyes locked on Frank. "Both of you." She snarled before charging out of the door, slamming it behind her. I stood, trembling from a cocktail of panic, shock and rage. The urge to hit her back had been strong, and my hands shook with intensity of it, but I had to control myself - not for her sake but for Franks. If I had hit her, he might have been reminded of his father’s abusive nature and I didn’t want him to look at me that way.
For a moment we both stood, shell shocked, staring at the door. And then Frank was against me, his arms wrapped tight around my waist from behind and his face pressed between my shoulder blades. Kissing the exposed skin.
"G - Gee, are you okay?" He asked and the fear in his voice was strong. I turned in his arms and pulled him into a tight embrace, letting him rest his head on my chest.
"I'm fine..." I said quietly, though the fear inside me was making me feel sick.
"Gee, she's going to the police... what are we going to do?" He asked, his voice wavering.
"I... I don’t know." I admitted, feeling my heart thump erratically behind my ribs. Maybe if I sent him to my moms, then when the police got here I could deny everything... but what if they went to moms and asked Frank. He could deny it too, but then we would never be able to tell ma about us, she would never forgive me if I lied to the police like that.
"She... She might not go to the police..." I said hopefully, but I wasn’t fooling anybody. Frank gave me a skeptical look and I sighed. We couldn’t just sit here, praying that she changed her mind. We had to do something, but I didn’t know what.
"We could run away..." Frank whispered, and my stomach lurched.
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