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The Vampire Fanatics!

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Gee starts up a vampire fanclub. Mabye frerard later.. MCR,FOB,PATD,A7X,TH,GD. Read it. XD

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Gerard's POV
The club was going so great, I mean it's different from most clubs you'de go to after a normal day of college. But it sure is a lot of, fun? It's different. It started about a year back when I decided I wanted to start up a vampire, fanclub, sort of. But also a club where people who believe that vampires still roam the earth can just, meet up. I myself, am a half vampire I guess. I mean, I need to drink animal's blood to survive and I have a few little pluses, like strength and whatever. But other than that, I'm your average kid.
So basically, I put up a few posters at a few of the local libraries. Not in school or public, because well.. I'm not the most 'loved' kid in the school. I'm an outcast, I suppose. So I put them up in the library so only the people who actually go in the library would see them. I met some cool new people when putting the poster's up..
"Hey." I turned from cellotaping the poster on a blank looking wall at a library I hadn't been to before, and I saw a short boy smiling, and reading the poster. Hand on hip.
"Uh, hey?" I said,
"So this club. When does it start?" He asked, puting a finger to his mouth thoughtfully.
"This Saturday, it does say." I laughed, He made an oh shape with his mouth, then shook my hand,
"Bille Joe." He grinned,
"Gerard." I replied, smiling back.
"Well, I'll see you Saturday? Oh and, can I help set this thing up?" He asked, with a pouty face,
"Sure! I need to get a few people together to help me run it." I smiled.
"Bye." He laughed, then walked away to a corner, and began reading a rock mag. He was in black skinnies, a studded belt, and a black shirt with a red tie. And his hair was jet black, shorter than mine, but just as messy. He seemed a nice kid. Then I left and walked to the next library. On my way I walked straight into an again, short boy. This time he was running and texting at the same time, and he ran straight into me. He knocked me off my feet and landed ontop of me. His hair was extremly straight, and dark. It fell over one of his eye's and his visable eye was plastered in eyeliner. A big grin spread across his face. He looked a bit like a monkey, if I am honest. He was in red skinnies, and a hoody. And big shoes.
"Hey man." He grinned,
"Hi?" I asked, "Would you mind, getting off?" I laughed nervously.
"Oh. Sure." He got up, and carried on texting as I crawled on the floor, picking up the posters I had dropped. He finished texting as I picked up the last few posters. Then he looked up from his phone, and put it into his tight jeans pocket. "Wanna hand picking that up?" He asked.
"I've got them all already." I laughed, he walked to me and took one of the posters from the pile I had balanced in an arm. A few fell to the floor and I began picking them up as he read the poster.
"This place sounds awesome!" He smiled. I nodded, "Are you running it?" He asked. I nodded again, "I'll be there."
"I need another person to help run it with me, if your interested?" I suggested.
"Love to. I got to go, I am so late for something.." He smiled, then he hugged me, and ran off, still holding the poster.
"Yeah. Bye." I said quietly to myself, and laughed. A passing woman looked at me wierdly, as I was talking and laughing to myself. I smiled and nodded to her, she shook her head and walked off. I continued walking to the library. Just as I got to the door to get in, I walked straight into a short girl. Again, I dropped my posters. This was like De Ja Vu I swear. I'de met three short people, and I'de ran into two of them.
"JEEPERS I AM SO SO SORRY!" She almost yelled, and started to help me pick up the posters, she was wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt and skinny jeans. I noticed that although she was pale, she had dark, Asian type eyes. Her dark brown hair fell to her shoulders, and she had a blonde fringe. "I always do this. I always do! I mean I usually see it comeing but yeah, and this one time.." She began rambling about something, I didn't really listen. I nodded and eventually she stopped talking for a bit to read one of the posters she had picked up. "I'm Kriss by the way. And wow this looks good.." She went on about how she was interested in vampires or something. Again, it was hard to keep up. "So can I come to it?" She asked finally.
"Sure. Actually, I need a few more people to help run it. Interested?" I smiled, I waited for her to start rambling again,
"I will! Definatly." She laughed, I noticed she had a tongue bar. "Right." She said, handing me the posters, "I'm off. See'ya Saturday." She skipped off and up the road. I laughed, she seemed, hyper?
So I walked into the library and went to the desk, and got permission to put the posters up. I headed and stuck up the first one.
"Want any help?" A boy, again, short, asked from behind me.
"Oh, please." I smiled, I turned and met his olive eye's, which were behind thick black rimmed glasses.
"I'm Patrick." He said, and shook my hand,
"Gerard." I nodded, then passed him a poster, he read it as he stuck it up. "Nice hat." I said friendily, and he smiled,
"Thanks. Hey, I'de love to come along to this club." He said, as he dropped his arms to his side after finishing sticking the poster up.
"Awesome. There's one more position left, if you wanna help run it?" I offered..
"Hmm, definatly." He beamed.
"I have to go and find another library now." I smiled, and shook his hand again, before leaveing. The day had been interesting, and I had made a little team of people, short, people to help run the club. I was surprised how many people in my generation were, vertically challenged. Not that I didn't like it, infact, I'de always loved the shorter people.
I couldn't wait until Saturday, which was two days away, to meet all the other people who were gonna turn up. This club was going to be more fun than I thought. But until the weekend, I'de have to soldier on in high school.

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