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Chapter Twooo!

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Everyone's here. (: Oh, and rated for some strong language.

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Right guys, you are pretty much all in this one.
With how many characters there are,
It was pretty hard to make it not that confusing.
But I really really tried! (:
If you have any problems with your characters..
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Oh and the chapter after this is written,
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And the chapter after this is a little bit sad.
So, Enjoy...

Gerard's POV (still)
So, I had met these four new people. And they would all help me run the whole thing, so at the end of the week, I walked down to the local conference-type room which my brother, Mikey had rented out a while back, and since, my mother has bought for him. Naturally, being the only person who know's I'm half vampire, he has come with me to the club. Plus, I couldn't do anything without him. I love him to pieces, and no, not in the incest way.(Sicko!)
Anyway, we got there an hour before the club would be starting. So we sat down on the table and chatted. Half an hour early, there was a knock on the door.
"Come in!" I yelled, not really bothered enough to get up. The door opened pretty slowly, and a girl poked her head around the door, she looked extremly happy, but also pretty shy. She had long black hair with a fringe, and her lip was pierced.
"Is this the vampire thing..?" She asked, cheerily.
"Yeah, you're early. Come in." Mikey smiled, and motioned a seat on the table.
"Okay. I'm Stazz." She grinned widly. And came in and sat down. She was wearing red skinny fit jeans and a band tee.
"Oh good." I smiled and shook her head. "I'm Gerard. This is my little brother Mikey." She shook his hand.
"Nice to meet you, I always love makeing new friends." She grinned. "How early am I?"
"I'm not quite sure." I admitted, "haven't you got a watch?" She nodded,
"Yeah," Then she looked at her watch and read the time, I noticed a few brutal looking bruises on her arm. "Half an hour early." She laughed,
"Uh, Stazz? How did you do that?" I asked, motioning her arms.
"It's not really any of your business." She stated, looking away sternly.
"Sorry." I said,
"It's okay." She smiled, I guessed she had a dendancy to switch moods easily. About ten minutes later, after we had discussed music and drawing, there was another knock at the door.
"Come in!" I shouted again. The door opened and a familar face popped around the frame,
"Mikey! Gerard! I didn't know it was you guys planning this!" Said the layed back, friend of my brother, Bob Bryar.
"Bob! Come in!" Mikey smiled, Bob came in and sat next to Mikey. As usual Bob was wearing a beany hat and baggy clothing.
"Sorry I'm so early man. I had nothing else to do." He shrugged, and yawned.
"No problem." Mikey smiled, "This is Stazz. She was earlier than you." Mikey laughed, Bob gave Stazz a high five.
"I shall beat her next time." Bob stated and we all laughed. A few minutes before when the club was due to start there was another knock on the door,
"Come in!" I called, and Billie Joe came in. He sat next to me.
"Heey Gerard!" He smiled,
"This is Billie Joe, I met him when I was putting up the posters," I introduced everyone, and as I did, Patrick and Kriss made an entrance too. Soon after, there was another knock on the door. Then a girl walked in slowly.
"Hi. I'm Christie." She smiled, then walked back out, holding the door open with a foot as she pulled someone in.
"But Frankie babe! I don't wanna go in! Christie LEAVE ME HEREEE!" A very loud girl screamed.
"No. You're comeing." I heard a boy say, his voice was the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. Wait, shut up Gerard.
"Get in there now Eveigh!" I heard the boy command, laughing.
"Fine then. You'll pay for this." She growled, then Christie walked in smiling, and sat down. Followed by the girl I assumed to be Eveigh, and her boyfriend, Frankie? He was gorgeous. I told myself to shut up, and put the thought away. He was with this Eveigh, for crying out load. We introduced everyone. And then there was another knock at the door, I wasn't expecting the club to have this many people. I called for the person to come in, she opened the door, a sad smile on her face. She was dressed in really dark clothes, and she had fake eyeliner tattoos on her arms. Her hair was a bright red colour, and she had wristbands and bracelets on each arm. I also saw that she had snakebites on her lips.
"Maddy! I thought you bailed!" Bob said, and she sat next to him. They hugged.
"So this is your gf, Maddy?" Mikey asked, Bob grinned and nodded, and held onto Maddy's hand.
"Cool man." I smiled.
"When's Erin comeing then?" Bob asked Mikey, I knew her, it was Mikey's long term girlfriend.
"She's comeing with a few of her friends." Mikey smiled,
"Who?" I asked, smiling. I was so happy this club had worked out, and everyone had gone into their own conversations..
"Shelby, Ryan, Pete, Brendon, and I think that's it." Mikey nodded. Just then there was a knock on the door, A short girl walked in, she was happy and she had black hair, blue eyes which were behind black and white glasses. She was wearing skinnie black jeans and a band hoody. She was wearing a lot of eyeliner,
"Hey. I'm Danni." She smiled, then she walked in, she was holding hands with a short guy. He looked a lot like Frankie who was already sitting in the room.
"I'm Zacky." He grinned widely.
"Come, sit down." I smiled. Then a boy walked in after them, and sat by Kriss.
"Hi I'm Bill Kaulitz." He smiled. He had long black hair, which looked like it had a lot of hairspray in it as the top stood up a lot. He sat really close to Kriss so I guessed they were going out too. We all started talking, then there was another knock at the door. A big group of people walked in. First was a girl with green eyes and black waist length hair with blonde underlay, with a tee and her arms covered in REAL tattoos. She introduced herself as Sakky. Then took a seat next to Billie Joe, who seemed to take great interest in her.
"Hi I'm Erin." Mikey's girlfriend smiled. And walked in, she sat next to Mikey, she almost fell twice on the way to her seat. We knew how clumsy she was, the multi-coloured hightlights in her hair glimmered in the light. She was really shy, and Mikey had told me that he thought she might be half vampire too. And we would have to try and find out.. Pete walked in and sat down, followed by a tall girl who had long black hair and red streaks. She had a lip, and nose ring in. She sat down,
"This is Shelby," Pete said, holding her close to his side. "And I'm Pete." He grinned. Two boys walked in after them, both a little on the short side, and both had brown eyes and hair, but on seemed much more, soft and childlike. The thinner one was wearing a big grin and his huge eyes were lit up,
"My name's Brendon." He smiled,
"I'm Ryan." The other one smiled, then he looked at Eveigh, who looked extremly worried about something, and was starting to move away from Frankie. Who was looking confused at Eveigh. "Uh.. Eveigh?" Ryan said, squinting his eyes and looking at her, she was looking away. I hoped this wouldn't get too dramatic.
"Ryan." She nodded. Then she stormed out. Frankie and Ryan both followed her.
"Uh, Shit." I muttered, this wasn't a good start. "Mikey, take care of the introductions a minute." I said to my brother, patting him on the back, before leaving after them.
"Eveigh.. how?" Frankie was saying, his eyes filled with tears, and his eyeliner starting to run,
"Eveigh, Eveigh, but you said.." Ryan stuttered. His own eyes filling with tears. Eveigh was standing between them, looking scared, but somehow, also loving the drama.
"What's going on?" I asked. They ignored me,
"Ryan, I love you." Eveigh said to him.
"But.. but.." Frankie stuttered.
"Look. Let's be friends?" Eveigh said matter of factly. Then kissed Ryan, infront of Frankie. He walked off down the corridor. I said to Eveigh and Ryan,
"Once, your uh done? Go inside please." Then followed Frankie who was walking quickly down the corridors.
"Frankie! Wait!" I called to him. He fell to the ground, crying. I sat beside him, "Look, there's plenty more girls out there." I said, and he hugged me, it felt so right, yet so wrong.
"Look Gerard! It is Gerard right?" He asked, his tears still falling from his eyes. I nodded. "I thought I loved her, but she just, she did that! Again! Agh! I used to be best friends with her! But now, I mean, she's such an attention whore!" He said angrily.
"Stay friends with her, I know she hurt you, but I suppose that's just her personality?" I said, not sure what to say. Frankie sniffed, he was starting to stop crying already.
"Okay. One more chance. That's all she fucking gets," He smiled weakly at me, and pushed from the hug. "Thankyou Gerard." He smiled.
"Come on. Let's go!" I smiled back, and we walked back to the club. So that was the first thing that ever happened with Frankie and me. We walked back to the club and went in. I already saw the pairing starting to happen, this was a bit like a love matching club. But at the same time, all these new people were confusing.
Mikey was with Erin. Bob was with Maddy. Shelby was with Pete. Kriss was with Bill. Eveigh was still with Ryan and Danni was with Zacky.
Then there were the obvious crushes forming.. Billie Joe and Sakky were haveing a private conversation as were.. Christie and Patrick, Stazz and Brendon. And that left me and Frankie, and I had to admit it, even after this short time. I felt something for him.

Right, I hoped that was good enough. ^.^
I really tried hard.
The story will get on a bit in the next one,
starting the theme a little bit more. (:
And it's written,
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Loooooooove you all!
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