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Chapter 3.. The sad one. ):

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Right.. this one's sad. Goodbye to some characters..

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Frank's POV
Gerard was a really neat guy, and even though Eveigh had been kinda a bitch.. I had to admit. I still loved her as a friend, she was always such an awesome friend. I was really gratefull to Gerard for being there for me even though he didn't know me. I decided I was going to enjoy this club whether Eveigh was all over Ryan here, or not. The first club meeting was a get to know thing. And we all exchanged numbers. Halfway through the discussion, we went onto the discussion of half vampire's. Gerard whispered something to Mikey,
"You sure?" Mikey said, everyone's eyes were on Mikey now. Exspecially Erin, his girfriend. "Okay. Everyone?" He said, and smiled at us all. "Gerard would like to make an announcement. Well, would like me to say." He coughed, "How can I put this, uh, subtly? He's half vampire, a half bred, sort of thing." Gerard smiled weakly. A few people said awesome.
"I am too." Bill, the one with the big black long hair grinned.
"My, uh, grandfather was." I smiled at Gerard, and he smiled not so weakly back, and we nodded to eachother,
"Anyone else?" Mikey asked,
"I was going to say, I am." Erin grinned at Mikey, who smiled back bravely. "I went to this person to check it out, my bloods positive, that must of been why I liked my meat raw." She giggled, Stazz nudged Brendon, he grinned at her,
"Stazz is too." He nodded, smiling.
"I am." Patrick smiled, looking down, and Christie looked at him, totally amazed. They had already become totally attached.
"I'm a vampirre!" Billy-Joe smiled, putting his hands up.
"And me." Sakky nodded. And Billie-Joe smiled at her, those two had fallen for eachother too.
"Right." Mikey laughed, "Anyone else..?" We all shook our heads,
"Does everyone believe this shit?" Eveigh asked, obviously not believing. We all nodded, and Gee lifted the table with his little finger to prove, Eveigh's eyes grew. "I do." She said.
"So that's.." Mikey began, we all turned to him again, "Gerard, Stazz, Erin, Sakky, Patrick, Billie-Joe, Bill and Frank's grandfather?" we all laughed at the last one. And then all nodded. "Jeeze. That's hard to remember." We all discussed our beliefs on the whole vampire wars thing, then eventually, we all agreed to meet up the next weekend. There was news about a boy being brutally murdered in the week, I didn't really pay any attention to it though, once we met up, the whole gang arrived, except Patrick and Christie. We thought mabye they had bailed but then, Christie came in,

Christie's POV
My life, was, over. I had seen him, oh god. He was, not killed, murdered. I mean, murdered is the stronger word right? I couldn't believe it. This was it. Nothing left. I had to go to the club though, I had to last that long. I had to tell them. Me and Patrick had arranged to go to the cinema on the Wednesday, I remember how we had smiled and joked about how Wednesday was cheaper. Stupid Orange Wednesdays. Any other day. Mabye, what if. But, so we went to the cinema, I enjoyed the cinema, we had spent most of the movie jokeing around. Then he had said it.
"Christie?" My heart flew as he called me. He was looking in my eyes,
"Yes Patrick." I had smiled,
"I," He had began.. then he had said, whispered, "I really really love you." I had grinned, and hugged him tight, and he kissed my lips. The kiss.. it was, perfect. After what seemed so long, we broke it.
"I love you." I had smiled, and he grinned, we spent the whole movie, sitting on the cinema floor at the back, huggling in eachothers arms. It was so.. perfect. I wish he was here to tell me I'de be okay now. But I won't. After the film, and after all the credits. We had gotten up to leave. It was really late, but it wasn't like either of our parents would give a flying fuck if we were home late, or atall. His parents had barely shed a tear when I told them. So we walked out, hand in hand. And through the little wood that led to his house. Where we would be staying, his parents were out drinking tonight, and were sleeping over a friends. And his brother Kevin was over a friends too.
The woods, were dark. But there was something else too, it wasn't right. He held my hand tightly. We had gotten to his house, he brought me upstairs and kissed me in his room, then, he had said,
"You know I love you right?" And giggled, I giggled too,
"Yeeees?" I said.
"I'mma go downstairs for the toilet. I won't be long. Make yourself at home." He winked, then walked downstairs. I had wondored around his room, then took a seat on his bed. Waiting. He was down their for a long time. I heard a smash. I jumped out of my skin. I knew something was wrong. I walked, almost ran downstairs. The front door was off it's hinges, on the floor.
"Oh fuck." I muttered, then I heard a voice in the kichen,
"You, stupid little fucker." I heard a man growl. I turned, and sneaked towards the door, and stood against the wall, and listened,
"Please, " I heard Patrick whine, and beg, my heart throbbed, he was hurt. Without thinking I ran into the kitchen and pushed past a shortish man and fell to the floor next to Patrick. Wrapping my arms around him and kissing his cheek. His hat was on the floor, and there was blood staining his light hair. His glasses were on the other side of the room too, and one of his eyes was badly bruised.
"Patrick." I breathed, shocked.
"Run. Please?" He whispered,
"I love you." I cried, and tears ran down his own cheeks too. I hugged him tight. He hugged me back with as much strength as he had.
"Who's the little girl?" The taller man growled from behind me. I held tighter to Patrick.
"You leave her alone." He warned, hugging me tighter too.
"You broke the rules. You idiot. You could of been okay. You and your little girlfriend." The shorter man laughed loudly, making me shake with fear. They weren't normal people. they weren't human.
"Go away! Patrick didn't mean it!" I cried, The taller man laughed,
"Break them apart." He snickered, and the shorter mans arms pulled me from Patrick, I tried to hold on, but the short man was so so strong.
"Let her go. And take my life. Please please please." Patrick begged, looking into my eye's. I stared back into his, with fear, he wasn't serious?
"No. You're both dead." The taller man stated, then he slapped Patrick. I cried out in pain. Patrick was gripping at his cheek.
"I love you. Now. Run." He said to me. Then got up as fast as he could, with his half vampire powers helping him, he kissed my cheek, before kicking the short man who had a hold on me. I ran to the kitchen door, and turned back. I wanted to help him. But I knew it was useless. I saw the shorter man punch Patrick full in the face and Patrick fell to his knees. He spared one last look at me, his eyes filled with love, and fear. I looked back at him. "RUN." He ordered, then I turned and ran. I kept running. I didn't want to leave him. But I was so scared, for him, for me I ran. And I needed to tell the guys at the vampire club. They needed to get revenge on this terrible men. And by their pale skin, strength and teeth. They had to be nothing other than vampires. I heard Patrick cry in pain as I ran, and I ran faster.
So I got to the club, and I was late. I walked in. By the look on everyone's faces. I must of looked terrible. I had been pretty much crying non stop since Patrick, was gone. And I was wearing the same clothes I had then. I had only came to club to let them know what had happened, then I was going to join Patrick. This is what I wanted.
"Christie." Eveigh choked, "Christie! Are you okay?"
"No." I replied, and cried again, falling to the floor. Gerard came and helped me to a seat, where I told them everything, Eveigh supporting me the whole time. I told them and explained how I pretty much had no family, and I just wanted to be with Patrick. Surprisingly, eventually, they all understood. I had told them everything, and they had written it down. And they had promised to kill the two evil men, no not men, monsters for me. I loved them for it. All that was left was to say my final goodbyes. Then I walked to the woods, for the last time.

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