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Chapter Four!

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Sorry for the wait, and some characters might be leaving AGAIN..

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Okay guys, you know what's going on with this from the two author's notes I wrote.
Basically, I need to cut down on characters as there are too many right now. :/
I have made a desicion on who is definatly staying.
Erin, Stazz, Shelby and Kriss, you are in definatly.
Also, Eveigh has helped me with the story a LOT. So she is staying.
I now have the issue of whether to keep Danni and Sakky in,
They are two really close friends of mine in real life. (msn)
And I don't know whether to keep them in because well,
It wouldn't be fair after I told everyone else they will leave if they don't review.
So, I wrote this chapter before I got too messed up with the characters..
So you are all in it.
Again, due to how many characters are involved, it might get a little on the confusing side.
Anyway, enjoy guys. (: xo...

Eveigh's POV
I had gotten the call I had dreaded. Christie had killed herself in the woods. Aleast she was with Patrick now.. I suppose. I really really miss her. But I must live on, and she wanted us to seek revenge for her. So we will.

Gerard's POV
I cannot begin how sad I was, for both Patrick and Christie. They had both been such great people even though I barely knew them. Eveigh was extremly sad. And Frank. They had been closest to her. And I'm sure her family missed her even though, as she had told us, they neglect her. I really was happy that they were together.

But the biggest feeling I felt, was anger. I wanted to personally rip the vampire's who killed them finger by finger, then toe by toe. And then arms and legs, and then mabye, kill them. Or leave them bleed to death. I had thought the whole torture through. And we needed to do this. They had no right to just, walk along and take a good man's life. And mess with a great girl's, bringing her to her death too.

"So, any ideas who this was?" I asked, still looking down at my notes I had taken as Christie had told us everything.

"My gramps once said something about an evil clan." Frank suggested, putting a hand up, like he was in school. My anger at the murdering, monsters subsided for a moment as I noted how cute Frank looked in my head.

"Do any of you actually believe that?" Stazz asked, smiling. I guessed she was in one of her happy moods again. She flicked her black fringe from her eye.

"Well, we haven't got anything else." Shelby said quietly, she was still shy around us. Even though she was one of the oldest here now, being 18. Also being one of the tallest, and being with, one of the loudest, Pete.

"I suppose." Eveigh sighed, she even flirted less now that Christie was gone. They were really close.

"Right. So where do we start all our, like, uhh.. what's the word?" Pete began, he was pretty slow sometimes. But I'de give the award for slowest to Erin. Only because she was a bad speller, I had found out, too.

"I could go to the library and look it up if you want?" Ryan suggested, he was shy, but when he spoke up, it was always something good.

"Great!" I smiled. "Eveigh, you can go with him if you want?"

"The LIBRARY?" She said, her face wore a look of complete disgust.

"Yes. The library." Mikey laughed.

"Ugggh!" She complained.

"Ryan, you can take her now if you want?" I suggested.

"Sure. C'mon Eveigh." He smiled, getting up and tugging Eveigh by the hand. She crossed her arms and refused to move. Ryan pouted, and she grinned at him.

"Kiss?" She offered and then before he could object she jumped up and hugged him, and kissed his lips. Once the kiss ended,

"Now, can we go?" Ryan asked,

"Fiiiiine." She said, yawned, then they left together.

"Right." I said, flicking through my notes. "Does anyone have any, like, sources?" I asked, looking at the faces that remained looking at me. Billie Joe raised his hand, I nodded at him,

"I know a guy, who knows a guy, who once knew a guy who used to be in a gang." He grinned cleverly.

"Uh, okay? Do you think you can get contact with him?" I asked, a little confused still at all the 'guys'.

"Mabye." He said, "I can go to the guys cousin's house now?" He suggested.

"Please. Text me if you get anything." I smiled. And he got up to leave.

"Wait! I think I'll come with you!" Sakky shouted.


"Well c'mon." Billie Joe grinned, motioning them to follow him.

"COME WITH MEE BILL." Kriss yelled, then he got up and followed her out.

"Right so who's left?" I asked, and looked at the faces around me, "Mikes, Stazz, Erin, Brendon, Bob, Maddy, Shelby, Pete, Danni, Zacky and Frank?" I said and they all nodded.

"Any other ideas?" Frank asked, it was nice to see he was really into this story too.

"I, uh know some people." Shelby said quietly.

"Cool." Frank said, "Who?"

"Uh, it's, nevermind I forgot. I'll remember later." She smiled.

"Okay hun." I said. Pete glared at me for calling her hun. "I was only being nice." I chuckled,

"Okay whatever." Pete said,

"Dude. My mate knows a hybrid thing." Bob yawned, he was leaning back with his beany almost covering his eyes.

"Hybrid thing? Isn't a hybrid a type of car dude?" Pete said, raising an eyebrow at him.

"No man, it's like a vampire. Who lives as a human. But like, drinks vampire blood or some shit. And like, has wings." He said, not flinching atall, like this was normal.

"Oh." Pete went quiet.

"I know a lot about those." Shelby nodded.

"Cool. Bob, you and Maddy can go find him? Mabye take someone else too." I smiled.

"I'll come, is this Joe your on about?" Mikey asked, and got to his feet and followed Bob and Maddy to the door. "Comeing Erin babe?" He asked, smiling at her. She nodded and got up, walking out after him. Then they were gone.

"So, NOW who's left?" I laughed, so so many people. "Brendon, Stazz, Shelby, Pete, Danni, Zacky and Frank?" I asked again. Again they nodded.

"Dude we can't just sit here." Danni said after a short silence. "Christie and Patrick are gone." She reminded us. I felt a pang of sadness, and again the anger. Her face showed sadness as she said it too, she was getting to know them both so well, "We need to kill the fuckers who did this. And soon. Does anyone here, have ANYTHING that will help?" We all shook our heads, except Shelby.

"I, I have something." Shelby said, "I know some people." She repeated.

"Who babe?" Pete said, hugging her close.

"I'm a hybrid thingy." She sighed. "I didn't think there were many others like me, or even we had a name. But I do know a bit about the inside story with vampires."

"You have WINGS?" Pete said, sounding shocked. She nodded. "Awesome!" He laughed.

"So Shelby, who do you know? And how do we get information from them?" Frank asked her.

"Okay, I can bring some of you to them. But I'm only takeing half vampires. For your safetly." She said, I was the only half vampire left here.

"I'll come with you." I suggested. She nodded.

"I think we're going to need more than just the two of us though, for protection though." She sighed.

"Then let's go tomorrow mabye?" I asked, dissapointed we couldn't do something to try and find the motherfuckers right away. Frank saw that I was annoyed.

"As soon as we can." Frank agreed.

"I miss them." Danni sighed. Zacky hugged her as she cried,

"It's okay Danni, we'll rip the fuckers that did this to shreds. I promise you." he whispered.

"Frank, can you get hold of any of your grandfathers old friends?" Brendon spoke up.

"Ugh, I think so, I'm not completly sure though." He shrugged, blushing a little at all the attention.

"No problem." I smiled at him, he smiled back, it was like our eyes were ment to meet. Wait! What the fuck Gerard! This should be the last thing on my mind!

"Thanks." he grinned.

"Right." Brendon said, leaning forwards, the smile he wore so well just peeking on his lips. But his eyes were still tear stained, he knew Patrick pretty well. And his eyes held the look of hatred, of revenge. That all our eyes had a hint of. "I need to do something, anything. Please." He sighed, there was so much sighing.

"Me to." Pete nodded.

"Right. What if we go on the internet and look some vampire shit up?" Zacky suggested. Danni pushed her glasses back a little, and sniffed, she had just about finished crying now,

"I'll help." She nodded. Her black hair fell on her face slightly.

"Let's go to my house, anyone else comeing?" He asked,

"I'll join. And Shelby. She knows some stuff that'll help." Pete smiled.

"I'm not staying here." Brendon said. "Let me join you."

"Right, so the four of you are going?" I asked.

"What if you come to my house Brendon? There are four people at Zacky's already." Stazz suggested,

"Okay." He agreed, then the six of them left. I looked up to see who was left. And my heart stopped when I saw only Frank was left, looking at his feet.

"So, what now?" I said after some silence.

"Well. I don't know. I'm useless here." He shrugged.

"Not useless." I shook my head. This would be awkward.

Also, do you prefer the writing set up like this, with a line after every person talks? Or the way it used to be, with paragraphs?
Either way is easy for me.
Be honest, which is better? :D
Means a LOT. I spend a lot of time on this. XD
Oh, and how are Saturday night/Sundays for updates? (:
Love you!
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