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Chapter Five!

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Frank's POV
Gerard was really sweet and considerate, he really cared about getting revenge on the mean people who had taken poor Patrick's life. I was doing some silent thought for the case too, remembering one of the things which Christie had said the evil men had said, I couldn't really remember the exact words she had repeated to us. But I remembered it was something to do with Patrick breaking rules. It was only Gerard and myself left in the room.

"Any more ideas?" He asked,

"There is one thing we are missing here." I stated, Gerard cocked his head, "What rules did he break?" I asked,

"Oh, I forgot about that." Gerard chuckled, looking through his notes.

"You have too much to remember there Gee." I smiled, then blushed at the nickname I had just made for him, his cheeks pinked a bit too.

"But, what else can I do? I mean. There are too many people in this club. I can barely remember all their names." He said, still frantically looking through his notes.

"Look Gee, one minute, do you mind if I call you Gee..?" I asked.

"Sure." He smiled,

"If you want. I'll take over some of these notes for you?" I asked, putting a hand out and takeing a few pieces of paper.

"You'de do that for me?" He asked,

"Definatly." I grinned.

"You're a fucking life saver!" He grinned, our eyes meeting. I felt a warm sensation inside me,

"Naaaah." I giggled. Then I looked through the notes, I had taken about four sheets.
-They had broken into the house violently, why?
-How did they know Patrick's parents were out, if they didn't know Christie was in?
-What rules had Patrick broken?
-Why tonight, why not before now.
-How did they know Patrick was home, then?

'So Many Questionss.' I thought. Reading over the questions spaced out over the pages. No wondor he was so confused. "Gee?" I said,

"Yeah." He smiled.

"There are lots of questions." I pointed out.

"I know." He smiled even more,

"What if we work on, one at a time?" I suggested,

"Good idea. But which one first?" He asked,

"How about, if we try and find out," Said, scanning the pages, "About all the vampires living amongst us? Then once we know, the laws and stuff. Try and figure out what rules Patrick broke, then from that, try and figure out, who it was.." I suggested..

"Great idea! Thanks Frankie!" He grinned. I blushed when I noticed he had called me Frankie.

"Frankie?" I asked,

"You don't mind right?" He said blushing too.

"Not atall." I grinned.

"Good. What shall we do now?" He asked.

"Just talk?" I grinned. "Tomorrow, we can start sorting this out properly." I suggested. And he nodded. So we talked for the rest of the meeting, then people starting comeing back in. Once we were all in, Gee took over again.

Gerard's POV
"Tomorrow. All us half vampires are going to go with Shelby to try and find out more about vampires amongst us." I grinned, "So, that means, Erin, Bille Joe, Bill, Sakky and Stazz are comeing with Shelby and I.

"Uh, Gerard, I have some bad news." Maddy said, Bob turning to look at her confused,

"Yes Maddy," I beckoned her to continue.

"I'm moveing away. My family are takeing me to move to the other side of America." She said, smiling her sad, depressed smile.

"Oh." I sighed, Bob looked devastated. We all told her how much we would miss her.

"Maddy, you can't just leave." Bob said to her,

"I kinda have to, sorry." She said,

"Then I'm comeing with you." He said matter-of-factly.

"How?" She asked,

"My parent's have the money, I'll just tell them where I wanna move too." He begged, she smiled her sad smile again,

"Well you better arrange it soon, I'm moveing at the end of the week." She shrugged.

"Gerard, we're leaving now to sort this out. I don't think we'll be in for this atall this week. Ring me if you need a hand." Bob said to me, then him and Maddy left. Mikey looked sad that Bob was leaveing. But we had bigger worries right now.

"Anyone else leaveing?" I asked, they all shook their heads. "Okay, Good." I smiled. "So tomorrow. Only half vampires need to come in, okay?" Everyone nodded. "Well, time to go home." I smiled, and we all left.

Shelby's POV
I managed to convince Pete I would be okay, and he should stay at home when I went with the guys to find vampires. I was glad he had taken me haveing wings well. I have wing tattoo's too, but the real wings only appear when I want them too. I went into club and everyone was there already.

"So everyone's here?" Gerard asked, looking through a new sheet of notes. He had too many sheets. "Erin, Stazz, Billie Joe, Bill, Shelby and Sakky?" We were all here. "Okay Shelby, you're incharge."

"Okay." I said shyly. "The first place we are going, it too the woods where I feed." I blushed, "There are a few wild vampire's there. We can talk to them and see if they know anything. If anyone here doesn't wanna come. Then just say." They all shook their heads, "Then let's go." I shrugged, getting to my feet. Then we headed to the woods..

Billie-Joe's POV
Shelby was leading us all to the woods. I was a little scared as to why so many of us needed to go, I mean, it was only a vampire. Wasn't it. Not quite. When we got deep enough into the woods, I could smell vampires.. and lot's of them.
Gerard stopped in his tracks.. "Shelby." He whispered, "How many are there..?"

"Just, a lot." She said, biting her lip.

"Like, how many are a lot?" I asked her,

"About twenty, to fifty.." She mumbled.

"And you brought us here? This isn't safe for us Shelby." Sakky pointed out.

"I told you it wasn't safe." She muttered.

"You never told us it was that unsafe." Gerard said, takeing a step towards her.

"Look, they're pretty friendly, let's just, go and try..?" Shelby suggested.

"Okay. But one problem, everyone.." Gerard began, turning to face us all. "Don't fight back. Just run." We all nodded. Then Gerard stood next to Shelby, and they began makeing their way through into the clearing. I stepped in after them, and there were LOTS of vampire's.. all standing, looking at us. They pretty much had us surrounded, and I wanted to run.

"Shit." Erin muttered, looking at all the vampire's before us. Stazz hesitated to run, but in the end she stayed. I was stood between Bill and Shelby, and the others were in a tight packed line either side of me.

"We just want to talk. We are half vampires. You can smell it. Our blood is USELESS to you." I spoke up, trying to be brave.

"It's true. And you all know me." Shelby said, "And I won't take any of you out, if you let us talk to Bert." Bert? I thought, I knew a Bert once, for a very short time. He was really strange..

"Bert is busy." One of the older, male vampires spoke up. And stood forward from the others, a challenging grin on his face.

"Charlie." Shelby shook her head at him, "This is important."

"Okay Shelbz dear." An elderly woman said, standing infront of 'Charlie' and pushing him back a bit.

"Thankyou Debry." Shelby grinned, revealling her sharp vamp-teeth. The woman known as Debry, walked through the crowd, and made us a path through them. We all walked in a group, it was scary, all the vampires were watching us as we walked between them. Very scary.

"Bert." Debry called into the little stone hut we had reached. The walls were smothered in blood, it seemed.

"What Debry?" A mans voice came from the inside. I almost froze in shock. It was the Bert I had once known, the creepy one from my school. Once he had come to school.. he asked me to go with him to the woods. I had refused, and children from school started dissappearing. Oh no.

"There are some visitors for you. They insist it's important." Debry said softly. Then the door swung open. I lead the others in, along side Shelby. I saw Bert, sitting there, his feet on the desk. And his arms behind his head, and I knew straight away. This was the Bert.

"This better be good. Shelby!" He said sitting up, not seeing me yet. I tried sinking into the others a bit. Hiding was a good skill of mine.

"Bert. No messing about. We need to know all about, rules, and gangs." She said bravely.

"Yeeeah, in a minute honey. Introduce your little group of homos first." He grinned. I couldn't take my eyes of the murderous teeth, I remembered them all too well.

"Okay." Shelby said, then turned to face us. "Just tell him your names."


"Uh, Erin."



" I am Bill."

"Gerard." I said at last. Praying he wouldn't know who I was.

"Ahh Gerard. I seem to think I know you." He sat up and folded his hands over the stone table.

"I don't think you do." Shelby said, standing infront of me, "Answers." She urged him,

"Okay. Seen as you are sooooo good to us." he yawned. "What do ya need to know?"

"What's the catch?" Shelby said, she must know him as well as I do.

"Well.." He began, leaning back again. This was gonna be bad.

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