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Chapter Six........ ':D

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A day early... XD

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I will be trying to update every Sunday if you didn't already know..
Thankyou so so soooo much for the reviews.
I love you guys soooo fucking much.
You have no idea how much they mean to me. (':
Anyway.. here goes..

Gerard's POV (still)

"What Bert?" Shelby beckoned him, it looked like he'd fallen asleep.

"Oh yes. I want two of your.." He waved his hands to motion our general direction, "Lives. Can't have you building a little army, can I?" He grinned evily.

"You WHAT?!" I spoke up, I couldn't loose another two of my friends.

"You heard me." he squinted at me. I gasped. "So who will it be?" I turned to the others.

"I'll give my life." I offered, I didn't wanna loose anyone else.

"No fucking way." Sakky stepped forwards. "Take me, please?" She offered, I went to argue, but her eyes said she wanted this.

"Okay. If you have to." I sighed.

"If you're going. So am I," Bille Joe stepped forwards.

"Are you two sure?" I asked them, and they both nodded. All of us were tearing up already.

"Made your decision?" Bert said, impatiently.

"Yeah." Shelby sniffed,

"Right, you two," He pointed at Sakky and Billy Joe. "Go through there, I'll be with you soon." He chuckled.

"Bert. Stop fucking about. Tell us now." I growled, he looked at me, amused, Sakky and BillyJoe walked hand in hand into the back room.

"All in good time." He said, looking at his fingernails, "What do you want to know..?" He said, looking up to Shelby.

"Firstly, are there any rules, which the gangs follow?" She began, I opened my notebooks and started writing notes.

"Yes." He yawned, leaning back more. And moving his feet over a little on the stone table before him.

"Do you know them? Is there a book we can have?" Shelby asked,

"I have a book. It'll cost you.." He began, but I was so pissed of with him I cut him off.

"NO FUCKING ABOUT! GIVE US THE FUCKING BOOK BERT!" I yelled, slamming my hand on the stone table, and almost snapping it, and makeing him jump a little. "You took two of our friends. You owe us a lot more than a yes." Bert raised an eyebrow, sitting up straight.

"Okay. You can have the book. Geeeze Gee quite it with the pussy fits." He muttered. He seemed like he remembered me, I took a big gulp. He took a big book from under the table, then handed it to us. "There, I never use it. It's got all the shit about gangs too. Now get out." He said, I grabbed the book, not makeing eye contact with him, and then we all turned and walked out of the forest quickly.

"Wow." Bill breathed, "Poor Sakky and Billie Joe." We all agreed, and made our way back to club where the others were waiting. We had left with Erin, Stazz, Billie Joe, Bill, Shelby and Sakky. But we were only returning with Erin, Stazz, Bill and Shelby.

Frank's POV
I was starting to worry about Gee and the guys. Gee? mental blushing I meant Gerard. ':D
They had been gone for a long time, and I didn't know how many vampire's they were actually up against. I was starting to fidget, the other's were makeing conversation as best as they could, but I couldn't really stick with any of them.

"I wondor what Erin's doing now." Mikey sighed,

"Yeah, I'm sure they'll all be fine." I sighed too, worrying my fucking ass off for them all, strangely, exspecially Gee.. Gerard... fuck it. I know I wanna call him Gee. Might aswell.

"God! You two look so fucking sad and worried!" Eveigh said, "They'll be fucking FINE! Trust me!" She laughed, I smiled weakly, and so did Mikey. How could we be happy when they were in danger?

"Shut up Eveigh, How would you feel if Ryan was out there?" Pete snapped, he was in a bad mood again. Shelby was out there leading them, and Pete was in super mood swing mode.

"Look, guys." Brendon spoke up, "I wouldn't of let Stazzia go if it wasn't safe. Chill a bit," He smiled his warmest smile, And I relaxed a bit. "And look, Kriss is fine! And Bill is out there. But we trust them. Everyone will be fine!" He grinned,

"I know. You guys need to try and relax, if anything went wrong.. which it isn't gonna happen.. then we'de know." She nodded, "Bill will be fine." She added to herself. Just then the door flew open..

"FINALLY!" I released my worries, and ran up to hug Gee before thinking. I was so happy he was okay. He looked bothered, but I threw my arms around him and held him close. "We were so worried." I said into his shoulder.

"Well. We're fine, most of us." He said, and I realised I was still hugging him, I let go, and saw he was blushing, probably not as much as me though. I hugged the others, and I noticed Sakky and Billie Joe weren't there. Gee said, "Everyone sit down. We need to talk." Shelby put the book she was carrying onto the table, then went and sat close to Pete. We all sat down and listened to Gee. "Sakky, and Billie Joe will not be returning." Gee said, his eyes filling with tears, I found my own filling also.

"How?" Pete asked, he was still in a snappy mood,

"Bert took them. In exchange for this book. They agreed to it." Gee said looking to his feet, a tear falling down his cheek. I was sitting closest to him, so I put a arm over him comfortingly.

"It's not your fault Gee. Don't cry." I cooed.

"Thanks." He sniffed, still looking down.

"We need to carry on looking for the fuck-face's which killed Patrick." I said, tapping his back.

"First, I need to say something." Zacky said, standing up to make his announcement. We all looked at him, and Danni looked up at him too. Her makeup still run from her crying for Patrick and Christie, Bob and Maddy.. and now, Sakky and Billie Joe. Zacky took her hand, "I'm moveing away, not too far. I can come down for the fight, but I won't be able to come to meetings." Danni gasped, more tears falling down her cheeks. He wiped her tears. "No don't cry. You have family near me up there, you can come visit whenever." He hugged her. She smiled.

"Right, so more people leaving. This club was a bad idea." Gee said to himself. I leaned in, no-one was watching after all,

"No it wasn't. This was the best idea anyone had, ever." I whispered in his ear. He shook his head. "Yes." I hissed. Then Gee looked up at me.

"Guys. It's late. It's like, time for me to go." Pete said, his mood had gone from snappy, to mellow. He got up and said bye, then left with Shelby, all the other's except Mikey, me and Gee left. I wasn't in a rush. Mikey kissed Erin goodbye, and then she left.

"Hey Frank. Not that I don't like you.. But why are you still sitting there?" Mikey asked, pushing his glasses back a bit.

"I dunno. Not in a rush." I shrugged,

"And, why is your arm around Gerard?" He added, I realised my arm was still around him. I pulled it to my side, and folded my arms.

"He was crying," I sighed,

"I'm okay now. Thanks Frank." Gerard smiled weakly.

"Where do you live Frank? Gerard and me'll walk you if you like?" He offered, "It's dark. And none of us can be on our own."

"Shit. I can't go back.." I remembered, "I left my key in my fucking room!" I mentally slapped myself, "Now I can't get in."

"Hey no worries." Gee said, "You can stay with us tonight." Mikey nodded in agreement,

"Really?" I blushed.

"Sure." They both said, I grinned.

"Thankyou!!" I said, jumping to my feet. Gerard picked up the book, and put it into a backpack, then we began walking back to Gerard's house.

Mikey's POV
Frank was comeing to stay over Gerard and I's. We had just got in and Donna came running in,

"Did you boys hear?" She was saying, looking worried and like she had been crying.

"No.." I said, urging her to continue.

"Two kids went missing in the forest, and a local boy found the remains. Isn't it tragic! First your two friends Patrick and Crystal commit joint suicide, now this!" She said, and hugged me, then Gerard, then went to hug Frank. Then she remembered she only had two kids. "Hello dear?" She said to Frank,

"Hey ma'am." He smiled politly, "I'm Gerard and Mikey's friend. And I locked myself out of my own house." She laughed at him, then hugged him anyway,

"I'm sure Gerard, being a gentleman offered to let you stay here?" She grinned and Frank nodded, grinning back. "Good of him." She kissed Gerard's forehead.

"We're gonna go show Frank around mum." Gerard smiled at her, then he walked, leading Frank to his room.

"Hey Gee!" I called, I'm gonna go to bed!" I called, walking up to my room.

Frank's POV
Gee walked me down the stairs to the basement, I wondored where we were going. Then he switched on the light, and I saw that this was his bedroom.

"Awesome." I grinned, looking around at the dark, messy, poster-on-the-wall room.

"Thanks." He blushed, pushing a few of the socks under his bed. "Where do you wanna sleep?" He asked, his eyes melting into mine.

"Next to - -" I stopped myself, his gaze was so amazing I almost spilled.. "Uh, anywhere." I grinned, saveing myself.

"Next to anywhere?" He said suspiciously. I nodded, blushing still. "How'bout next to me?" He winked, WHAT!? I thought. But I giggled,

"Sure." I grinned,

"Seriously though, bed or floor?" He asked, "I mean, uh, where do you wanna sleep now. Not, where are we gonna sleep with eachother." He chuckled nervously.

"I'll go on the floor if you want." I offered.

"No. You're on the bed." He said.

"Make me." I poked my tongue out at him.

"Okay." He chuckled. And walked over to me, picking me up and carrying me to the bed.

"PUT ME DOOOOWN!" I begged,

"Okay." He dropped me onto his bed. I went to sit up, but he held me down. "What will make you stay here?" He asked me.

"A kiss?" I said, before thinking. Then I blushed bright red.

"Easy one." He laughed, then he pecked my cheek. Goddamnit I thought, might aswell go with this...

"That wasn't a kiss." I pouted, then pulled his head down, and pressed my lips to his. After I let go of his face, he pulled back a bit, smiling.

"That was?" He smiled happily.

"Sleep here." I begged, moving over to make room for him on the bed.

"Fine." He rolled his eyes. He went and changed into his pj bottoms and baggy tee, then climbed into bed, I had stripped into my boxers. I hugged him under the blankets once I was sure he was asleep..

Love youu!
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