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Chapter Seven - How to kill a vampire. XD

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Onna Sunday. XD

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Here goes...

Mikey's POV
There was another meeting today, we had the book and we would all work on that. I went to call Gee. I knocked the basement door.

"C'mon Gee! We're late!" I called. I heard a thud, someone must've fell out of bed. I laughed.

"Mikeeeeeey!" He whined, "One mminuuute!" He moaned, I opened the door and saw Frank sitting on the bed under the covers, laughing at Gee who had fallen off the bed. I noticed they had both been on the bed, but I didn't really think about it too much.

"Gerard, I am going to go wait upstairs. Hurry up." I said, then walked back up, closing the basement door behind me. I sat on the sofa and waited, after a while I got bored and went to see what was takeing them so long. I opened the door and walked in, and saw them kissing. Not just, joking about kiss on the cheek kissing..

It was full on, passionate kissing, and Gee was laying ontop of Frank. I stood open mouthed for a minute. Eventually they stopped, and Gee saw me in the door. Gee blushed, and Frank looked up, and blushed too. Gee got off Frank, then there was a looong awkward silence.

"Uhh..." Frank said, hugging his knees. I noticed he was in his boxers only, and I suddenly felt waay more uncomfortable.

"I'll go.. uh.. wait upstairs." I said, turning to leave. "Hurry up." I said, laughing. After not long they came up, dressed.

"Look Mikes. Don't tell anyone.. okay?" Gee said, makeing stern eye contact with me.

"Sure." I promised.

"Thanks man." He said, tapping my back. Then we left for club. Gee carried the book for us.

Frank's POV
We got to club on time, and pretty much everone was there, they had let themselfs into the room with the spare keys we had given them.

"Hey guys." Eveigh greeted, she was sitting at the head of the table, her seat pressed up against Ryan's as usual.

"Hey." Gee smiled, I didn't get a chance to reply. Then we sat down, I sat between Gee and Mikey. Gerard got out his little notebook and called out everyone's names, "Erin, Eveigh, Bill, Kriss, Ryan, Brendon, Stazz, Mikey, Frank, me, Pete and Shelby?" We all said we were present, then Gee opened the big book on the table to the first page.

"What order are we gonna do this?" Brendon asked, him and Stazz had gotten really close the past couple of days. I was happy to see them happy.

"Uh, from the beggining?" Kris sugested.

"What if we set up everyone a different chapter from the book to work on?" Erin suggested, Mikey praised her.

"Sure." Gerard agreed.

"And we can all work in pairs?" I asked, and Gerard nodded.

"When you're looking at these pages I want you to all take notes on it too, helpfull stuff?" Gerard said to us all and we all agreed to do that.

"What's the first chapter about?" Eveigh asked, trying to lean over the table a bit to see.

"The basic skills of a vampire." Gerard read the heading. "This one's just about what a vampire is and stuff. Anyone want to work on this one?" He asked, looking up and around everyone in the table, keeping his eyes on mine for a bit longer.

"I don't mind this one." Stazz said,

"Okay you and Brendon work on this one?" Gee asked, they nodded. "How are you gonna get these pages?" He asked, I laughed, we hadn't thought of this.

"Rip them out." I smiled. Gee grinned then nodded. He pulled out the pages which were the first chapter. He handed them to Brendon.

"I think we'll go research this at my house." Brendon smiled, him and Stazzia said bye and left.

"Next chapter.." Gerard said, "Different breeds of vampire, like half vampire and hybrid." He smiled,

"I'll do that one for sure." Shelby smiled weakly, "I've always wanted to know about what I actually am."

"Okay." Gerard handed Pete the pages, "Where are you two gonna go research?" He asked, I smiled at how organised he seemed now.

"My place?" Shelby offered, Pete agreed then they left too.

"Right," Gerard began, reading the next page. "This one is about the old ways of the vampire. But there isn't anything to do with anything that's happened to us. So let's skip it?"

"Okaay." Mikey smiled. "What's next?" He asked.

"Hmmm..." Gerard sighed, "How to kill a vampire." He smiled. "I think we all need to know this one." He giggled, "I'll take a look at this one after you've all got something to study, then next club I'll teach you all." He smiled. I grinned and I met his eyes,

"Good ideas." He ripped out the pages, and I put my hand out and took them from him.

"Right. Next is a chapter about the basic's about the life of a vampire. Like, sort of touching on the gangs and the group that lives in the woods." He said, reading from the page.

"I'll take that one." Mikey suggested, Gerard nodded, and smiled handing his brother the pages. "Me and Erin will go back to mine to research this." He offered. Then they said bye and left.

"This one is about the rules. There is a list of rules here. Whoever looks at this one, needs to photocopy all the rules, and then consider which ones Patrick might of broken." Gee smiled, looking at the faces around the table and waiting for someone to offer.

"I'll do it, there's a photocopier at the library." Ryan offered, Eveigh moaned, but didn't argue with him about it this time. Gee handed them the paper and they left.

"This one's about punishments for breaking rules." He looked up to see the only people left were me, Kriss and Bill.

"We'll do that one." Kriss smiled, "And we'll see why the punishment was so brutal for Patrick, and see the sort of people vampire's are." Kriss grinned, looking proud of her quick thinking, "Oh. And about if there are any sort of, vampire police that might be the people who got Patrick or whatever."

"Good idea. Don't forget to take notes and not just talk about it." Gerard chuckled, then he handed Bill the paper. Bill and Kriss left, leaving me and Gee.

"You are very organised." I pointed out smiling at him. He blushed,


"How do you think Mikey took catching us, ya'know?" I asked, looking down and blushing.

"Fine, he won't mind." Gerard smiled at me and I met his eyes, relieved.

"Now let's find out how to kill a vampire." I giggled, beggining to read the first sheet. We went through the pages takeing notes in intruction form.

How To Kill A Vampire/Hybrid
-Both are basically the same to kill, but for hybrid might be a bit more tricky.
-There are a few different ways, book covers main ones.
-Gee+me decided this one was easiest out of them.
-You need to prepare for the first one, always successfull;
a) Make your basic stake out of willow tree wood, needs to be hand made basic cross stake.
b) Soak in holy water and vinegar, blessed by a high priestess from the Grygan religion
c) Hunter must practice stabbing ruitine, get training on right spots to stab or read ahead.
-Stab just above collar bone, then centre of neck.
-As the vampire starts sprawling in pain you must chant the words, "morir. podrir a l'infern."
(This is Catalan for 'die. rot in hell.')
[[authors note. I used translator for this. and I thought Catalan (wherever it's from) looked best. Sorry if it's wrong..]]
- The vampire will go into a deep sleep, to finish the vampire off you must put a five pence piece deep into their throught. This five pence must of been soaked in anceint spices.. (note to frank, can get these in local creepy voodoo corner shop.)

That was basically it. Gee read through my notes,

"So you're getting the spices?" He asked me and I nodded. "Good." He grinned.

Hope that was good enough. (:
This week is basically just activities in school..
SO I might not write that well,
I am so easily distracted. XD
But yeah,
I love you guys so fucking much!
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