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Author's note. Skip if you want. :D

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Duuuuuuuude. )':

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Serious news for you about this story.
And it's not gonna be good, soorryy.
My laptop has completly fucked a chicken this time to be honest.
I can only search the web, because it will only start up in this strange mode.
If anyone's any good with computer's then give me any hints? I'll give you more info if you need it.
But yeah, I can't open wordpad which is where I have been writing all my story notes.
This seriously sucks.
So I won't be able to write like, things which go with the proper story I don't think.
But if you really want me to, I can try and write you some filler type chapters?
Sorry. I know this is the what, THIRD author's note,
But the laptop is kinda out of my control at the minute.
Shitty shitty luck. XD
So yeah, this is up to you, and be honest because it will help HEELLL of a lot..
And things have been going badly lately and any help will be really apreciated.
So make a choice..
A) A long wait, week or two, until I can get the laptop back to normal and then a normal update.
OR.. B) Small, not very good updates, not very regular, until I can get it working.
Either way is fine for me, but your opinion will be soooo good for me. (:
So yeah, sorry again, and thanks for your support.
All my love and care and sorrys.

I deleted the other two authors notes btw, but I felt I needed to keep this one in to explain the month break in the story. :)
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