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Chapter Eight, I'M BACK!

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Alright. Firstly. In the month I haven't been doing this story, I've been writing other ones.
My laptop's still broken, and only letting me search the web.
I have spent some time, and re-written all the notes I can manage to the bestest of my ability..
Also. I've taken out a, in my opinion, truck load of characters.
Only if you reviewed the last chapter(author's note), you are staying.
Sorry if you didn't, but you're out.
If you review a few more times even though you're out, you might come back in.
Also I wanna say thanks to Natalie for reviewing even though you aren't in this story.
If you want I could fit you into this? (:
Again, sorry for this one being dead for so long.
I hope you haven't all lost all faith in me.
Also sorry if I mixed things up in this..
I love you so much!!!
I am having to write straight onto this, no wordpad or anything,
So I might not finish, and you might read a half done chapter,
But after the wait, you deserve something atleast!
I'll stop blabbing and get to trying to write this..
Love you! xx

Gerard's POV
When I got in to club there was lots of bad news. A lot of the members had quit, this was too much for them. I sighed and sat between Frank and Mikey, then took a register. Well, named who was left and took a note of it.

"Mikey, Frank, Erin, Stazz, Bill, Kriss, Brendon..." There were hardly any people left here. Everyone was also still in pairs, which is a little odd. Not to mention we had lost our only powerful vampire-hybrid thing, Shelby. I sighed again. But I still want to get revenge on the vampire's who took Patrick and Christie, or at least find out what Patrick did wrong. He seemed a really sweet guy.

"What do we all know so far?" Frankie asked, and took my hand under the table, he could see people leaving was getting to me.

"How to kill a vampire." I replied, smiling a bit.

"Me and Erin discussed the possible rules Patrick might of broken." Mikey spoke up.

"Bill and myself researched the history of vampires and gangs." Kriss smiled.

"And me and Brendon got the locations of the gangs down." Stazz put in.

"Then let's take this one step at a time, what should we look at first?" I asked them, then Mikey smiled slightly, sitting up,

"Well the rules he broke must of been from one of the gangs, seen as he was brutally killed in such a, non unprofessional way. And also because they killed Christie." Mikey coughed a bit, "And we came to the conclusion he must of gotten involved with one of the more, mafia style gangs. We aren't sure about the gangs, however, but he must of been a member for him to be so involved with them. Also his half vampire state might tell us a bit about what gang it was." He sat back, that was really helpful.

"Thanks." I smiled at him, taking a few notes. This also explained how they knew his family was out. "Okay Kriss, what gangs were mafia style, with strict rules." I asked, turning to Kriss.

"I'm not sure. There are three or four gangs. They are basically, the posh vampires, who take it all seriously. The punk vampires, in it for the thrills. The wild ones, Bert and the others who we confronted about the book, they never kill unless it's in exchange for something. And the, streets, gangster type vampires, very territorial." She explained. "Although all four appear to have rules. We also looked into how save it would be to talk to them, the posh ones seem slightly civilized, the punks would be suicidal to talk to, and the gangsters will talk to you if you have street cred." She took a breath.

"Then I think we need to find out the rules of each, and see if we can figure out which would of been likely to be involved with half vampires like Patrick." I concluded. "Stazz and Brendon. We will use the locations later." I smiled to them and they nodded. "Does anyone know any insiders we can ask about the rules?" I ask the others. They all shake their heads. "Is there rules in the book?" I ask them, and they all shrug. I get the book and flick through, finding the rules. Then I look at the punishments. The posh vampires only kill if a member has betrayed them and joined another 'clan'. Also they only let pure bred vampires in. So Patrick can't of been involved. "The posh one's didn't kill him." I say out loud and the others nod. I flick to the punk vampires and read. They let anyone who wants to kill for fun in. Half, or full vampires. They don't have strict rules, again, kill people for fun. "Might of been the punks." I say out loud then turn to the gangster pages. They let people with street cred in. I can't see Patrick being the type to get mixed up with them, but I look through still. The only time they kill people is if they are spying for a different 'clan'. There is a constant war between all four, but the wild ones never get involved. "I don't think it was the gangsters but it might of been." I explain.

"Wait." Mikey said, taking the paper he had about the rules out of his pocket. "It says here, 'general vampire rules apply to all, and if a vampire is killed due to rule break whoever wants is allowed to retrieve information about the murder committed.'"

"That's really helpful." I smiled, "Well done Mikes." He smiles back, "Okay." I begin. "So it's not the posh ones. It was either the punks or the gangsters. We will have to get prepared to confront the gangsters I suppose."

"But none of us have street cred." Bill spoke up.

"Okay, but they don't know that." I shrug. "We need to find," I look at my notes on how to kill a vampire. "Willow trees, holy water and vinegar blessed by a Grygan priestess and 5p's soaked in the spices Frank will get." The others nod. I hand them each the copies of the instructions I made.

"I know a Grygan church," Brendon says, as he reads the instructions.

"Where is it?" Frank asks.

"Just down the road, near the mall." He smiles up at us all.

"Well then let's all go to the diy shop at the mall and buy lots of nails and Willow tree wood?" Frank says to us all and we nods.

Frank's POV
It took us most of the day but eventually we got 4 stakes each ready. We also got a bag of 5p's soaked in spices and we got army style belts to hold the stakes and bag on. The man at the voodoo shop helped us out a bit too, he told us that we don't have to say 'morir podrir a l'infern' every time. And also, we only have to put the 5p's in their mouths, this would help us kill them faster, he proved it with another rule book, and we all agreed it was genuine. Stazz and Brendon gave us the location of the gangster clan, then we decided to head out the same day. Before it got too dark.

Alright, that's all I have time for.
It's nice to be back. :D
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