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Chapter Nine!

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The first fight.

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Alright guys, again, thanks for the reviews. :D
And, sorry for the wait.
i really am trying to get this one going at a steady pace,
After this chapter I might be going back to the normal Sunday updates that didn't go very well. XD
But this time I will try SO much harder for you. (:
As much as I love this story,
I wanna get it done soon.
So here's another chapter.
Sorry if it's kinda rough,
I didn't get any sleep last night, and right now it's.. 2:50am.
So yeah, but here it is..

Frank's POV
We headed out but when we got to the end of the street Gerard got a call, then he was giving someone directions to where we were. He hung up then told us it was Shelby and Pete. We decided Stazz and Erin should split their weapons with them as they were the strongest, they got to us and we hugged then carried on towards the alley. Even though it was light out, it was creepy. I was so nervous. We got to the alley, and Gerard, Stazz and Shelby lead us. Keeping to our pairs I stood close behind Gee, Brendon close behind Stazz and Pete behind Shelby. Kriss and Bill walked close behind us too. I looked past Gee and saw there were 4 dark skinned vampires standing in a small circle in the shade.

"Who's this?" One of them said defensively, walking a bit closer to us. My heart thudded in my ears. I thought there would be more, but it was still scary. Gerard whispered to Shelby, she was the strongest, so it was best she talked.

"Where are the others?" Shelby spoke up, trying to be brave, Pete put a hand on her shoulder to help her stop shaking so much.

"On a little trip. Who are we answering to?" One of the others hissed.

"We're just here for answers." Shelby said shyly. "Nothing more, nothing less." She added after Pete whispered to her. Him and Gerard were now helping her with what to say.

"What are the questions?" One hissed.

"Do you know Patrick Stump?" Shelby asked them,

"What business is it of yours?" One said angrily.

"Are you aware of the law that we have the right to know, if he has been killed by a member of your gang?" Shelby repeated after Gerard. "We are friends of his, actually." She added herself.

"Oh." The closest one narrowed his eyes. "Nobody's here to defend the law. We don't have to answer," He said matter-of-factly after a break.

"I think you should tell us." Gerard hissed, not bothering to whisper to Shelby.

"And why, faggot?" The vampire laughed, then Gerard's body tensed, I put a hand out and took his hand lightly, where no-one could see then leaned forward,

"We could kill these fuckers, you do realize that?" I whispered, I hate, I absolutely despise homphobes. Gerard nodded then lightly let go of my hand.

"One more chance, what do you know about Patrick's death?" Gerard said bravely.

"Not. Telling. You. Fag." The vampire hissed, then Gerard pounced forwards, and dived on the vampire, I stopped myself from running forwards to help him and watched, in horror. In pairs, the others dived on a vampire each. There were only 4 vampires and there are 5 pairs,before I had time to check who hadn't jumped into a fight I saw Gerard getting pinned down. Before I could think I jumped in and tried to pull the vampire off him, then the vampire turned to face me and then, easily, pinned me down. I shut my eyes, then I felt a deep pain in my neck, I let out a shriek, then the weight of the vampire was lifted off me. In deep pain I gritted my teeth, then I felt something press against my neck,

"Hang on Frank." A voice said in my ear, I recognized it as Brendon, I let the sounds of the fighting grow distant and concentrated on his soft words in my ear, "keep going, stay awake, not long." Suddenly even his voice got distant, and all there was, was pain.

Gerard's POV
I didn't see what had happened, but the vampire had hurt Frank. Then Stazz had sent Brendon to his side and told me to help her tackle the vampire. Then just before he dies I pin him down, with the help of Stazz, a few of the others gather too, I don't look to see is there, I just glare into the vampire's pain stricken eyes.

"What do you know about Patrick?" I hiss in his face, he shakes his head, then I punch him, full force in the face, breaking a bone in my hand and knocking a few of his teeth out of his mouth. "Tell us." I hiss.

"He was friends, with Travis, and with," He spits out a tooth then continues, "Cassadee. Before they got converted."

"Who are Travis and Cassadee?" I ask, he shakes his head, with the hand with a broken bone I punch him again, knocking his nose out of place, my hand and is face are both drenched in his blood, and also probably blood from the bone that is slightly coming out of my hand, I cringe at it then turn to him again.

"Travis is in our gang, Cassadee moved elsewhere." He says weakly. His eyes shutting a few times.

"Anything else?" Stazz asks him, and he shakes his head, I punch him once more, my fist throbbing, and he still shakes his head. I stand up from him,

"Stazz?" I say quietly and she nods to me. "Finish him." I say and she nods again, then I turn to see Frank's still laying on the floor, bleeding, Mikey and Brendon are trying to stop the blood gushing from his neck and the side of his face. I run over and kneel beside him, I lightly pull the hoody Brendon is holding against his neck and see that he's been bitten.

"I don't, I don't know what to do." Mikey stuttered, and Brendon bit his bottom lip and put an arm around the sobbing Mikey.

"It's okay Mikes." I say softly, then push the hoody back to his neck and lean in to his ear. "Can you hear me Frankie?" There's no reply, only more grunts of pain.

"You have to let it spread." Erin says sadly as she walks to Mikey's side. I nod sadly and we all sit there around Frankie for about an hour. I keep his hand in mine and stroke his hair, hoping he can feel me comforting him, the others simply sit and stare into space. After the long wait the painful grunts died down, I leaned in again,

"Can you hear me?" I whispered.

"Yeah." He breathed, taking a deep breath. "What just happened?" He opened his eyes, they were blood shot and sleepy. I helped him up and we all stood, I kept an arm around him, and I told him. He nodded and didn't say a word.

"Let's get home." I said softly. "Will he need to, uh, feed?" I asked Shelby and she nodded. "Take him?" She nodded again, then led him the opposite way to us. It was still light out, I tried to take in what just happened but couldn't. Once we all got in, we used excuses for our cuts and bruises to our parents, then called eachother. Everyone was safe, back at home. Then we all arranged to meet up at club the next day, we needed to find out about Travis and Cassadee. I didn't sleep at all that night, I stayed up. And worried about Frank.

Hope that was alright. :)
It's now 3:38am.
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Awe well.
Hope this was worth it. (:
Love you guys, :D
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