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Chapter Ten! (:

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Meeting another group.

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Alright, I am adding another chapter now.
Be happy. XP

Gerard's POV

Mikey came and woke me from my day dream with the phone,

"For you." He said bluntly then left. I took it from him.

"Hey." I say tiredly.

"Hello Geegee." Frank said quietly and a smile spread across my face.

"FRANKIE!" I shriek, kinda like a girl but I don't care.

"I'm a vampire." He says in a joking tone, "But yeah," He adds, more serious. "Shelby confirmed. I'm completely.. vampire now." He sounds a little sad.

"I love you." I whisper.

"Still?" He sniffs his nose.

"Still and forever!" I grin and then I can hear the smile in his voice.

"I love you too! Lots and lots! See you later." Then he hangs up, I get outta bed and throw on some clothes. Then Mikey, Erin and I head to vampire club headquarters. Maan, that sounds nerdy. When we get in most of the others are here, but I notice Kriss and Bill missing, I shrug it off and go to sit beside Frank, then I notice how pale he is. Still beautiful. I kiss his cheek lightly then turn to the others.

"Where are--" I start but Frank cuts me off.

"She texted Stazz a few minutes ago, not coming in for a while." He explains and I nod.

"Anyone know what we're doing today?" I ask everyone then Shelby sits up a bit,

"I know Cassadee." She says plainly, "And she lives with a group of very friendly vampires, not too far away."

I nod and smile, "Great, let's head out." I stand up and so do the others, "Where?" I ask.

"A train ride away, only a couple of miles." She shrugs, we all follow her and Pete out, then when we get to the train station I lend some money out to those who don't have enough.

Frank's POV
As we get to a small house, kinda far from the rest of the city we are in I start to get a bit worried. But then when Shelby knocks the door and a short, happy looking girl answers I calm down. She doesn't look like the type to want to hurt anyone. Her hair fascinates me slightly, short and dark-ish brown with blonde streaks under her bangs and fringe.

"Shelby!" She grins, hugging her, then letting us all in,

"Hey Cassadee!" Shelby greets. And we are all led into a small sitting area, and we take our seats around the table. Then Cassadee sits down, and four boys, about our age join her. We are introduced to them, Alex, Jersey, Mike and Elliot. Then Cassadee starts to tell us about who they are..

"We basically don't hunt humans, every other group does. But us vampires don't." She smiles sweetly.

"Oh," Stazz speaks up, "I've never heard of you guys."

"We like to keep on the low down, or else we might get involved with all the little gang arguments." Mike adds.

"I can tell one of you, here, are fully changed." Jersey smiles, trying to sound mysterious, but just causing the rest of us to laugh quietly. His eyes rest on me and I blush a little, but nod.

"Are you here, to join, or?" Cassadee asks politly.

"No." He laughs, "I am gonna be, vegetarian?" He asks and they nod, "But I wanna stay at home."

"Fair enough." Elliot smiles.

"Then, why are you here?" Alex asks us.

"Do you know Patrick Stump?" Brendon asks, getting a bit bored.

"Yes." Cassadee says, "How is he, I haven't heard from him in a while?" She asks.

"He, uh, passed away." Gerard says sadly. And Cassadee and the guys look sad, and confused.

"That's, tragic!" She says, shocked.

"What do you know about his involvement with Travis?" Shelby asks.

"He was close friends with me and Travis, before the night we were changed," She explains, a tear forming in her eye. "Then Travis joined his gang, and I came and joined here. I knew Mike already."

"Do you know anything which might of caused Travis' gang to be upset with him?" Mikey asks.

"I know Travis did something, that upsetted Patrick. But Patrick wouldn't tell me." She said sadly, "That was about, two or three weeks ago." She says, staring at the table. "I think he made some kind of promise with Travis, but I am unsure. Neither would tell me anything."

"Are you still in contact with Travis?" Pete asks, talking for the first time in a while.

"Yes." She nods.

"We can get you to meet up with him alone tonight if you like?" Alex offers.

"Thanks." Pete smiles. Alex texts something then puts his phone away.

"Why are you wanting to know this..?" Cassadee asks, suddenly curious.

"Our close friends, Patrick and Christie died. And we want to find out why." Gerard explains.

"They killed Christie?" Cassadee asked, looking shocked, "Patrick texted me about her, I don't see why.. she wasn't even half bred.."

"No, she wasn't killed." Gerard said, looking at the table sadly, "She went out into the forest, to end her life, after Patrick had been killed." He choked out.

"That's just.. terrible." Cassadee said, her eyes full of pain and sympathy. We all nod in agreement. "Christie didn't deserve anything, for whatever rule Patrick might of broke," She said quietly after some silence.

"It's a good thing that.." Jersey began,

"We get to go hunting now. Food time!" Mike cut him off. "Come on Jersey, me and you first." He grabbed Jerseys arm and dragged him out quickly.

"What was he about to say?" I said, a little louder than the others had been talking.

"Nothing." Cassadee said,

"You better be leaving, you have to meet Travis in an hour or so," Alex changed the subject, telling us the details. Me and Gerard exchange a confused glance but we all decide to drop it for now. Then we head out of the house to find Travis and talk this over, not before going back to headquarters and grabbing weapons, in case.

That's all I have time for for now. :)
Hope it's alright!
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