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Chapter Eleven..! :D

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Gerard's POV

We stand waiting at the spot Travis was meant to be waiting, in pairs as always. Then just as I am about to suggest leaving he walks over to us, alone as promised.

"Hello." He grins at us as he gets close enough, but keeps his distance. He's in baggy jeans, a baggy hoody, big shoes and lots of chains. He's tall and he has lazy tired looking eyes, and big hair.

"Evening." I nod.

"What can I be assisting you with?" He asks casually.

"We just have a few questions for you." Pete says, he's become pretty confident all of a sudden. He tends to be like that.

"About..?" Travis raises his eyebrows.

"Patrick Stump." Pete says and he stands up a little straighter.

"I don't think there is anything I can share with you about him." Travis says, the friendly smile leaving his face.

"You know him then?" I ask.

"He's a friend of mine, we lost touch not long ago." He says. "That's all I'm sharing." He goes to walk away.

"He's dead." Pete calls after him. Then Travis stops walking, and turns around to face us again.

"How?" He asks, suddenly way less hostile.

"He was, assassinated." I decide that word describes it best.

"By who?" Travis asks sadly, taking a few steps towards us, I swear I see tears in his eyes.

"We don't know, we thought maybe you could help us with that." Pete says calmly.

"Whatever you need to know." He nods sincerely.

"All you know, please." I reply and he nods again.

"I'm sure Cassadee told you me and her fell out. Well, we fell out more in private from Patrick. We tried to make him think we were still close but he was a smart guy. I joined this gang as a sort of revenge against Cassadee. I knew she couldn't join here too, and I knew she hated them. Then Patrick tried being friends with both me and Cassadee, but my new friends didn't like it, we told him to go and spy on Cassadee's group for us. But he refused to, he was too nice. So to save his back I made friends with Cassadee, then spied on her group myself."

We all listen to him tell us the story in silence.

"One of my friends found out that Patrick wasn't the one spying, and that he had refused to take sides." Travis continues. "Whilst this is going on there are bigger arguments in the gang, but I don't really know what any of them were about. So the gang is on the verge of splitting in two, and my friend is making threats at Patrick. Then we were called to ignore our private battles and fight for the gang. During this I lost touch with Patrick somehow. Then when I tried to reconnect with him my friends wouldn't allow me to." He looks down sadly.

"Is that all?" I ask, breaking a silence and Travis nods.

"I think," He says honestly. Just then another vampire, dressed similar to him comes out from a shadow.

"Travay man whatcha think yo doing talking to these?" He says walking over to him. "Yo know yo gonna get yourself in trouble man!"

"I'm not doing any harm bro, chill!" Travis puts his hands up defensively.

"You know I don't like no talk about that Patrick guy! He's better of dead! That way he can't start no more trouble round here!" The guy says. "And you better not start yapping around and defending that girl he got himself messed up with! You knew she was onna the straight edge type from the start man!" He rambles at Travis, waving his arms about. I listen carefully, are they saying Christie joined Cassadee's group? maybe that was what Jersey was going to say? But wouldn't she of come to us?

"Watch your mouth bro!" Travis widened his eyes at him, "Patrick never went starting no trouble! Patrick was a good guy and no matter what, you know it."

"No man, you wanting to stay in touch with him was trouble from the start. And your friends had to do what they had to do man." He said shaking his head.

"So what your saying is you were the ones to end him?" Travis says, getting angry at him.

"I didn't say that." His friend says over-defensively.

"Patrick did no wrong to you, tell me the truth bro, please." Travis pleads him.

"I am telling yo the truth!" He shouts, then Travis takes a deep breath.

"Guys, I'm sorry but I'm gonna ask you to leave." Travis says towards us.

"Thanks for the help." I say politly.

"See you soon bro." he smiles at us and we all hurriedly walk away.

"So Travis' friend killed him?" Frank asks me as we walk in our pair.

"I think so." I reply. "But in a group. And what 'rule' had Patrick broken?"

"Maybe they told him to stay away from Travis or something, and he tried to get in contact with him again?" Frank suggested.

"Sounds about right to me." I praised him.

"So we have found our killers." Frank beamed.

"It appears so!" I smile back. "Problem number two, is Christie alive?"

"Tomorrow we could go back and ask Cassadee and the others more about it." Frank suggested, "They must have a reason for keeping her from us."

"I have an idea about that one." Stazz spoke up.

"Go for it." I smiled at her and the whole group listened.

"The guy you love's just been murdered, then you get turned into a vampire, you find out who killed him, then you have new strength as a young vampire and you know you can use it. Imagine how angry and revenge driven you'd be.." She trailed off.

"That's a very very good point." Erin said from her side, "Maybe Cassadee and the guys are keeping her locked away or something so she won't go and start off a big gang war between them and Travis' lot?"

"That's really likely." Mikey agreed.

"We're getting better and better at this detective thing." Brendon grinned widely.

"Yeah." I laughed lightly. "Well let's all head home and tomorrow we will know the truth." I finish and the others all agree to call it a night.

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