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I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby

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"I'm not your knight in shining armor. So I just leave you with this kiss."

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Thank Yous
somethingorother: Haha. You were right about Alex, but it’ll take a while for Jack and Andrea to start up.

F-A-S-D: If you’re laughing, I’m doing my job.

ohhai: Trouble is definitely a good thing.

tryingtohard_x: Yep, Jack’s a little off, but a little insanity makes life interesting.

Story belowww.

When I woke up in the morning, a familiar pair of arms was around my waist.

“Alex,” I groaned, as he pulled me closer to his chest.

“What?” he mumbled.

“You’re supposed to be sleeping on the floor.”

“Well, MJ left like an hour ago because she had to beat her parents home, so I figured that the extra space on the bed shouldn’t go to waste. And you owed me for the ride home anyways.”

“So we’re even?” I asked, resting my head against his shoulder.

“Yeah,” he responded, softly running his fingers across the exposed skin on my waist.

“What’s the deal with you two?” you ask?
To put it lightly, Alex and I had an interesting relationship.

We’ve dated on and off for about a year, and things have never gotten too serious between us. That’s probably because we never take each other seriously. We were always
A) making out, or
B) making fun of each other.

No conversations about the long run. No romantic dates at fancy restaurants. Just days spent in Zack’s garage, watching his band play, and nights spent in his basement playing on his Xbox.

It was a simple cycle, really: Get laid, get bored, break up, make up. Repeat.

In between the break ups and make ups, we’d date other people, but in the end we always ended up in each other arms.

Which is where we are now.

Alex pressed his lips against my collarbone, then laced his fingers with mine.

“Andrea, I think we should get back together,” he said.

“Why do you say that?”

“I miss cuddling with you in the morning,” he replied, mumbling into my neck.

“That’s all you miss about me?”

“No,” he said, tracing random shapes onto my arm with his finger. “There are other things…”

“Such as?”

“The way your hair smells, the way you scrunch up your nose when you’re annoyed, the way you can make me laugh without trying… Not to mention the way you can make me moan in bed.”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

“Here I was, thinking that you were going soft on me.”

“Psh. Me? Soft?” He pushed the hair out of my face and smirked. “Baby, how could I go soft when you’re always making me hard?”

I had to give it to Alex. The boy was a fucking expert at innuendo.

Laughing, I rolled onto my back and looked up at my ceiling. The glow in the dark stars I’d stuck up there in 8th grade still hadn’t fallen down.

“So what do you say?” he asked, scooting closer to me.

With a sigh, I turned to him. “I’ll think about it.”

He laughed and turned onto his back as well. “You really need to get more decisive.”

I chuckled.

“I think that’s the reason we broke up last time.”

“Probably,” he said, absentmindedly running his fingers along my arm.

“Are you guys naked in there?” Jack asked, knocking at the door.

“I wish!” Alex quickly responded. I hit his shoulder, and he held up his arms in defense. “Hey I was just telling the truth!”

“We’re fully clothed, Jack,” I said, rolling my eyes. “You can come in.”

He opened the door and awkwardly stood there.

“Alex, I’ve kinda gotta get home.”


He lazily swung his legs over the side of the bed and stretched his arms over his head.

“I’ll walk you guys out,” I said, following suit.

After making our way down the stairs, the guys put their shoes on and headed straight for the door.

“Thanks for letting us crash here,” Jack said.

“No problem,” I replied. “Next time, just remember not to piss Frank off.”

“Shit, I just realized that Zack never gave me the $20!”

I shook my head while Alex laughed.

“Idiot,” he said pushing Jack’s shoulder.

When the amusement subsided, Alex leaned against the doorway and looked at me.

“So will you think about what we were talking about earlier?”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“We’ll be at Zack’s for band practice later tonight, so if you have an answer by then, you should stop by.”


Jack started walking to toward the car and Alex followed. Then as I turned to head back inside, Alex turned around, and rushed toward me. Before I could process before what had happened, his lips were on mine.

Before you go “Aww,” it wasn’t one of those sweet, cutesy kisses that you see in chick flicks. Think a little less “Say Anything,” a little more “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” In true Gaskarth fashion, it was all about lips and tongue (not that I was complaining, though). He quickly pulled away, however, leaving me in a daze.

With that, the two loaded into Alex’s car. As he pulled out of the driveway, I could see him smirking in the driver’s seat.

Unsure of how to feel, I closed door and went back up to my room. Half way up the stairs, my phone started going off.

You can catch me on the speed train, beeper in a three-way, shinin with a gleam chain, and your honey givin me brain--

3Oh!3 meant I had a new text message, so I picked up the phone and went to my inbox.

So have you made up your mind yet? ---alexxx

As I stared at the screen, lyrics continued playing in my head.

I'm not your boyfriend, baby. I can't grant your every wish. I'm not your knight in shining armor. So, I just leave you with this kiss…

To stay with Alex or not to stay with Alex.
That is the question.

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