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Two misunderstood teens face high school (This chapter doesn't have MCR yet. ;P)

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So, it was my first day of high school. I just moved to Phoenix from a little town called Vegas. Life wasn’t very easy for me there. My dad is a meth addict, and my step-mom is a dumb bitch. She likes to make my dad think I’m such a bad kid. Just cause I wear all black and listen to Marilyn Manson, that automatically makes me a demon child. Oh well, she can suck my big toe. Anyway, I decided to move back in with my mom. She’s not doing to good. She has really bad drinking issues and she’s pregnant. The father is a 24 year old pot head who spent half of his life in prison. He’s like the whitest guy you will ever meet, but he talks like a fucking nigger.

Anyway, I’m at the bus stop, and this chick keeps glaring back at me. She fucking scares me. She’s short-ish with straight black hair. She kinda has that “Drama Queen” look, ya know, like she belongs in Mean Girls. I try to ignore her, but she ends up moving closer to me. Close enough to hear her talk about me to all the horny teenage boys. I think its really funny how chicks cant seem to realize that when they talk to guys all they hear is “blow, blow, fuck, fuck, sex, sex.” I hear her talk about how she’s so excited for her last year of high school. Kinda funny cause I could have mistaken her for a twelve year old.

Finally, the bus comes. The bus driver assigns us our sets. Heh, the bitch gets to sit next to the nerdy boy in the front of the bus. I start to giggle, then she turns back and gives me a death glare. I freeze, allowing every one behind me to bump me. I hear a few grunts and scoffs. Great, I already pissed off every one on the bus. I finally take my seat number from the bus driver. A-18 Aisle. Cool, I get to sit in the back. I guess that’s where all the “cool” kids are suppose to sit. I start making my way toward the back of the bus. I pass a few rough-housing jocks who make me trip and fall flat on my face. Every one starts to laugh, even the fucking bus driver. I attempt to get up but I just get thrown right back down. By the nerd. Fuck my life. I get up, pop up my hood and quickly move to the back of the bus.

I get to my seat. Sitting by the window is a really tall blonde girl, with her hood also up. I’m kinda scared to tell her to move her backpack but, I doubt standing in the aisle is a great idea. I lightly tap on her shoulder.

“Uh, hey. Can you move your back pack.?”

”Oh, sure,”


”Are you gay?"

“Um.. Why?”

”Cause your skinnies are below your ass.” She giggles.

“Heh, yeah I am. Don’t worry I wont hit on you.”

”Heh Heh. Cool, cool. I’m Ashley.”

“Skylar.” I smile.

We were both pretty quiet the rest of the way. I noticed she was reading Twilight by that Stephanie Meyer chick. Like every one reads those books. I read the first one. It was pretty gay, but I’m not gunna say anything about it. Might as well respect the only person who doesn’t call me names or beats the living shit out of me. Right before we turn into the school she looks up and tucks her book in her black and white checkered back pack. She takes a deep breath and turns toward me.

”So, you’re a freshman, right?”

“Yeah, are you?”

”Nah, im a sophmore. Who do you have first hour?”

“English, with Ms. Gernup.”

”Ha! She's a bitch. Last year i missed a few days and she gave me detention for it.”

“Ha ha, lame.” The bus stops in front of a bunch of really tall kids with sharpies. This is not going to be good.

I let Ashley go before me. Not because I’m trying to be polite or anything, but because I’m scared shitless. She exit’s the bus with her hood up and her head down. Nothing happened to her. I hold my breath and step outside, and Immediately I get thrown around. I get knocked to the ground and get covered in sharpie. I look up and see that bitch on top of me writing on my face. I couldn’t even fucking move. I was pinned by a couple of jocks, and they were cutting off my circulation in my hands. Ashley turns back and attempts to push one of the jocks off me, but she fails. The jocks start yelling.

“Hurry the fuck up, Rachael! I don’t want to get caught by the dean again!”

“Okay, okay! I’m done, I’m done.”

She lets up and gives Ashley her oh-so-famous death glare.

“What are you looking at, fat bitch?!” Ashley gets pissed and walk away. I cant believe this chick. I try to get to my feet and run after her.

“Wait, Ashley!”

”Oh please. Why waste your time trying to make friends? I mean look at you! Your never going to amount to anything.”

I start to tear up. Probably because I know It’s true. I hear the bell ring. I wonder what to do, I don’t think I can handle this. I start to run back toward bus bay, and I see Ashley on the curb, balling her eyes out. I sit next to her.

“That wasn’t cool. You know, what Rachael said.”

”It’s fucking true. I am just a fat bitch.”

“No, Dude! Don’t fucking say that about yourself.”

”Why do you even care? You don’t even know me.”

“I know you enough to know your not a bitch. If you were you probably would have joined in the beatings.”

”So, I’m not a bitch, but I’m still a fat ass.”

“You know what! I can’t fucking do this.” I get up and start walking toward the school gates.

”Wait, wait! Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. Some where away from here!”

”Your not seriously going to walk around with all those F’s on your face?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” I put my hood back up.

”You wanna at least wash your face up, right?” I sigh.

“Ugh, fuck me in the asshole on Tuesday morning with sandpaper!”


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