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Skylar And Ashley Meet Ray.

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Ashley and I start heading toward the bathrooms. I never realized how big this campus was. On our way we passed a few teachers, but none of them seem to really care what were doing. We finally approach the bathrooms only to find a kid on the floor in the girls bathroom. He looks up and quickly gets up and runs away.

“Well, that was weird.”

”No kiddin’”

“Okay, so how am I suppose to get this shit off my face?”

”Uh,” She looks around and points to my arm. ”Your wristband?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

”We can soak it and scrub your face?”

“Heh, thanks Nancy Drew.” I giggle.

”You know, that kid looked kinda familiar.”


”Yeah.. Wasn’t that the nerdy kid who pushed you over?”

“Oh, yeah.. That son of a bitch! Ima fucking kill him!”

”Woah, woah. Easy Sea Biscuit!” I give her a weird look. Sea Biscuit?

“Whatever. He’s not worth my time anyway.”

I continue to drench my wristband with water and hand soap. It smells like bubble gum, yum. I almost wanna eat it.. I hold the wristband up to my mouth, and Ashley gives me an odd look. We stare blankly at each other for awhile. Like we were high or something. The bell rings and Ashley scratches her head. Have we seriously been in this bathroom for an hour?

We hear a familiar voice.. Fuck, it’s Rachael! I scoff at the sound of their preppy giggles. Oh how I want to just fucking strangle that son-of-a-bitch! I get a sudden rush of adrenaline. It doesn’t take Ashley long to notice my sudden change in temper.

”I think we should get outta here..”

“No, no! Ima kill that fucking slut!”

”Sky, calm the fuck down!” Sky? I’ve never had a nickname before..

“Fine, but we gotta go now.. I swear the next time she gives me that look ima shove her face in one of the fucking toi-”

”Okay, Okay! Lets go!”

Right as we got to the exit of the bathroom Rachael got straight up in my face. She starts yelling at me in Spanish. Ugh, fucking beaners! I start to feel myself heat up. Ashley takes my arm and drags me outside, and runs behind the 200 building. We find the nerdy kid listening to his iPod. Ashley and I just stand there observing his every move, until the bell rang and he noticed us staring at him.

“What do you guys want? Are you like, following me or something?”

[“Eh, take it as a compliment.”] Ashley grins.

“Heh, okay.”

”Yeah, oh, just curious but.. Why the fuck did you feel it was necessary to fuck with me on the bus?!”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. It’s just that, I’m usually the one who gets beat up and I got a lil’ carried away.”

”Gee, thanks. Remind me to kick your ass later.” I giggle and Ashley slaps my arm.

“Heh, okay. My name’s Raymond.” Heh, Heh.. Raymond.

“I’m Skylar. This is Ashley.”

”Cool. Hey, do you guys play any instruments?”

“Well.. I play bass.”

“Yeah, and I play the violin in orchestra, but I like to play guitar most of the time.” Ashley smiles.

”Really? Well I have a friend. He’s kinda odd, but he plays drums and I think you’ll like him.”

“Are you suggesting we start a band?” That’s such a lame idea. Ashley seems pretty excited..

”I don’t really see why not?”

“Yeah! Of course we’ll join your band!” I wanted to slap her. She’s acting like a 13 year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. Out of respect, I just smile.

”Awesome! Lets hang at lunch. We should be getting to class.”

He hurries up and runs to class. Who runs to class? Why should we even go to class? Ugh, this is SO lame. I turn around.. What the fuck?! Did Ashley seriously leave me? Hmm, I guess this is what happens when you make friends with outcasts.. Well, I’m sure as hell not going to class. I’m supposed to have… biology? Heh, I’ll pass.

I start to walk back to the bathroom. Oh my God. I still hear those giggles. I peak in. Rachael and her friends are smoking in the bathroom.. How classy? Ew, smells like… pot? Heh, that explains a lot. I used to smoke pot, but that shit just makes you so damn stupid. I also stopped because my mom found out and beat me with a wire hanger.

The bell rings. Err, It’s only third hour? I hear Rachael walking out of the bathroom; I couldn’t help but to stick my leg out, hoping she’d trip on fall flat on HER face. I end up knocking over one of her friends. I’m not gunna lie, for a prep she’s kinda hot! Heh, heh. Of course Rachael has to start bitching at me again. This time Ashley isn’t here to keep me back from beating the living shit out of this chick.

I don’t even hesitate. I pull her hair back and knee her in her gut. It’s not to long until one of the teachers notice. I let go of her, and she falls to the ground. I make a run for it. I see Ashley talking to Ray by the library.

“Ashley, we need to get the fuck outta here!”

”What happened?”

“That Rachael chick..”

”You seriously did not?!”

“Yeah I did, now can we go?!”

”Why do I have to go? This is your shit.”

“That’s pretty fucked!”

I look behind me, next thing I know I’m in the dean’s office. He sits me down and starts to lecture me. All I can think about is Rachael. Oh, that bitch got what she deserved. For some reason I kinda feel bad. Why should I? She beat the shit outta me, and Ashley.. I cannot fucking believe Ashley! Gah, that bitch aint no friend. (did I really just say ain’t? oh no, im turnig into my grandmother.. A stupid fucking red-neck!)

”Are you listening?”

“Nope.” I smirk

”With that attitude your gunna end up on the streets.” Heh, to late.


”Well, sorry to tell you, but you have been suspended for three days and we’ve already called your mother,” Fuck! ”so all that’s left is an apology.” An apology? What, are we in elementary school? Well, at least I can see her cry. She walks in holding her gut. She looks up at me and smiles. Is this chick crazy? Why the hell is she smiling? The dean nudges me. I guess this is when I have to say sorry?

“Rachael, I am sorry for kicking you’re a-”

”I forgive you.” She winks.

“Uh, okay.”

Ah, this chick is fucking with my head! But I don’t feel like playing her games. I grab my backpack and head out the door. Oh, I can’t fucking wait to get home!
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