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And All The Friends That I Have Gone Through, And How Much I Deserve The Pain, It's A Shame

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Ryn's POV.

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Ryn’s Point Of View.

I followed Brendon into homeroom, just a few steps behind him. A huge teacher’s desk occupied the front of the room, where most of the kids in the room were lined up. Since Brendon walked over and added himself to the line, I decided that would probably be a good idea for me too. So I silently walked over and stood behind him, not wishing to call attention to myself as the new girl. As I stood there, practically doing nothing, my thoughts wandered to Brendon and when I had bumped into him. His lips were full and perfect, his eyes a beautiful chocolate brown that matched the tone of his messy hair. He was pale, but not overly so. His smile was amazing, and it made my heart flutter helplessly. I had just met him, but I loved the way his slightly messy and uncaring look was so effortless.

I think I’m in love.

So when I heard Brendon softly calling my name, I had no problem snapping out of my reverie and listening to his perfect voice.

“Ryn? Ryn… Kathryn, are you okay?”

I blinked a few times, then smiled. “Um, yeah, what’s going on?”

“It’s your turn.” He gestured to a strict looking woman sitting at the desk.

“Oh,” I blushed, stepping forwards. I noticed that as I passed Brendon’s jaw became tight, and he seemed to be straining away. I thought that was odd.

I walked up to the desk, and after a few snappy comments from who I assumed was Miss McCombe, I had my schedule and a map of the school in my hands. I turned and looked for a seat in the huge classroom. Brendon was sitting in the back, in the farthest corner. There was an empty seat next to him, so I smiled and walked down the isle, sitting in the seat next to him. He smiled at me, and I think my heart just melted a tiny bit. I blushed and looked down at my desk.

After an hour and a half of hearing Miss McCombe screaming at us about how we are all just idiot children who have no idea how much work goes into making sure we have a good school experience, and learning that, YAY, I have her for math, the bell rang and I gathered my purse and few papers. I walked out of the classroom, and I was surprised to see Brendon leaning against the wall, apparently waiting for me.

“Hey,” he greeted me with a smile.
“Hi,” I responded weakly.

“I was thinking, since you’re new here, do you wanna come sit with me at lunch?”

Yes, there is nothing I wanted more in that moment than to sit with him at lunch.

“Sure,” I smiled.
“Cool. The lunchroom’s not that hard to find. Just look for me and a bunch of other weird kids wearing either black or really really super bright neon colors. That’s us.” He smiled, then walked away.

The bell rang, and I walked quickly out of my fourth period photography class. As I walked down the hall, I noticed a pattern. Kids that were decked out in Hollister, A&F, and American Eagle stared at me like I was a freak, while kids that had skateboards leaned against their lockers or tattoos on their arms smiled reassuringly at me. Hah, I guess dad was wrong. He always warned me about skater dudes, or guys with tattoos, and here they were being the nice group and accepting me into their school. Ryn 1, Dad 0.

I reached the lunch room, and Brendon was right, it wasn’t that hard to find, and pushed the doors open. It was a huge lunch room, but I immediately spotted the table that Brendon had talked about. In a sea of honey and bleach blondes, and pastel colored clothing, his was the only table where anyone had dark hair, or clothes that stood out. I smiled and walked the 7987343895748 miles across the lunch room. I sat next to Brendon on the bench.

“Um, hey,” I greeted him.

“Hey,” he smiled back. Then he turned to the table. “This is Ryn, everybody. She is going to sit with us now, and if you have a problem with that, I will personally evict you from the table.”

“Hey,” they said collectively.

“This is Caro and William,” Brendon said, gesturing to a couple directly opposite me. Caro had long, layered black-blue hair, the color hair I’d kill to have. She had on a pair of black skinnies with a black and white flannel shirt. One hand had an apple in it, which she was eating absentmindedly, while the other hand was sitting on the table, twined with William’s long fingers. William looked like he was anorexic, but obviously wasn’t, since he was scarfing down a doughnut. His hair was light brown, wavy, and shoulder length. He looked like the guy that everyone would want to date; he was pretty gorgeous.

“That’s Chelsea and Pete,” Brendon said, pointing to the pair next to me. Chelsea had on a pair of black skinnies as well, with rips on the knees. Her top was bright blue, with the words Bring Me The Horizon plastered across the chest. Her hair was super straight and shoulder length, and was brown, but looked black. Her gaze was trained on a professional looking camera, where she was pointing something out to the guy sitting next to her, Pete, I assumed. His hair was dark brown as well, with a red streak dyed into his bangs. He was dressed pretty typically- black skinnies, converse, black t-shirt with a red hoodie over it. I liked his hoodie, it had a bat thing on it with a heart in the middle.

“Then there’s Natalie and Gabe,” he said. “In the purple.” Natalie’s hair, I decided, looked like Chelsea’s a bit. It was lighter though, and longer. Her ears were covered by huge Skullcandy earphones, which were connected to a shimmery silver ipod on the tabletop. Her dark denim skinny jeans covered just the tops of her black and grey checkerboard vans. She had on a black tank top beneath a cute purple hoodie, which was the replica of Gabe’s, just smaller. Gabe had short dark brown hair, and a stunningly beautiful tan. He had small white earphones plugged into his ears, and his fingers were tapping an unknown rhythm on the table, his lips subtly mouthing the words.

“And then Maddi and Ryan,” Brendon said, not really needing to point them out since they were the only ones I hadn’t been introduced to. Maddi’s hair hung just above her shoulders, but I assumed it was longer, since most of it was poofed up on top of her head. The color was a beautiful shimmery dark purple, and it looked almost black. She had thick black eyeliner around her literally black eyes, which contrasted to her pale skin. She had on tight red skinny jeans, with all black converse. Her shirt was a huge black Avenged Sevenfold shirt that was tied up in the back. She was gazing up into Ryan’s honey-colored eyes. His hair was chocolaty brown, and was gelled up into a faux-hawk. (No, actually it’s a Ryhawk. But she doesn’t know that. X3) He was skinnier than William, if that was possible, and his clothes that must have been women’s due to the cut hung subtly off his thin frame.

I only nodded, not really having anything of interest to say.

“So Ryn, what were you planning on doing after school today?”

“I was gonna sit in my room and mope about how horrible my first day was, but it wasn’t all that bad, so I can’t really do that now…”

“Well, since your plans have apparently been foiled, do you maybe wanna go to the movies tonight?”

Did Brendon just ask me on a date?

I looked up, to see everyone staring at Brendon with their mouths open, utter shock painted on their faces. An earphone had fallen from Gabe’s ear and was swinging slightly, and Caro had dropped her apple.

“Already?” Caro asked him. “After what happened to Allie? What if...”

“What, what happened?” I asked in confusion.

Brendon looked me straight in the eye, bit his lip, hesitating, then spoke softly.

“I killed her.”


ooooohhhh! what now?! How does she react?
You shall just have to read and find out, loves. ^_^
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