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Chapter 4 Prt. 2

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again theres more

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"um okay, did you do something?"
"then what, don't tell, you like him" he said joking, I just blushed fire engine red. "Oh my fuck, you like him don't you!"
"maybe, okay...yes I do like your brother, maybe, probley even more than that"
"wow, I never woulda guessed it"
"wow, I just don't know if I should tell him, I mean he does have a prostitute in his room as we speak, and I don't want to freak him out"
"good point, I'd wait for things to calm down between him and her. But I don't know when that'll be considering she's ALWAYS here."
"really" I just wanted to cry. And he could see that, at a loss of words he just hugged me. I felt so safe, soo alone, yet surrounded. It felt okay to cry, so I did. I cried and I cried, but wrapped in Mikey's arms I didn't care. I cant tell you how long we stayed like that, me wrapped in his arms I mean. It was getting dark and Mikey asked if I wanted him to take me home. Then I remembered, I didn't have a home.
"uh...well you could'd be the equivalence to sleeping in the park, except in the park, I wouldn't get beaten' I was really just thinking aloud
"what do you mean"
"I got kicked out, for ditching yesterday"
"but all seniors got to go home early"
"you know that and I know that, but my step dad didn't, and he was drunk so he kicked me out, long story short version"
"why didn't you go back? Where did you sleep last night?" He sounded so worried it was nice to have some one care
"I did go back and all my clothes were on the front lawn. And I slept in the park, on MY bench"
"well I can walk you to your bench, after dinner then."
"thank you" Mikey always knew what to say. And I didn't mind him not offering for me to stay because A. I didn't want to impose and B. I didn't want to feel like a charity.
Mikey and I went down stairs and their mom was making pasta.
"oh hi Jackie, are you going to be staying with us for dinner?"
"if it's alright"
"you know your welcome to some for dinner when ever you want"
"thank you" I said looking away, I don't know why though. I think it was because I usually was seen bye their mother with Gerard and not Mikey, it was actually quite awkward.
"hey Mikey have you seen Gerard, its almost time for dinner"
"he's up in his room...I'll uh go get him" Mikey said slipping out of the room, I wanted to follow him, but my feet would not allow.
"so" I said trying to break the ice " what are you making?" I asked pretending to be interested. Personally I didn't care, as long as it was eddible, I was soo hungry. We heard shuffles coming down the stairs then Gerard's voice rang through the house "mom im going out side, for some fresh air, I'll be in in a few minutes"
"Okay, but if your not in by the time its done, we're starting with out you."
"k mom" I just glared at the ground, 'oh fresh air fresh air' please he just wanted to sneak 'Soph' out with no problems. Finally Mikey came back with a small grin on his face
"what I whispered?"
"you don't want to know" he whispered back
"tell me" I said getting louder
"she's such a whore" was the short reply
"I know that details, details"
"I walked in on them, she was startled on his lap un doing his belt. and her bra was un hooked in the back"
"oh my gosh" I said cupping my hand over my mouth
"what?" his mom asked
"oh nothing, just that it smells delicious" we heard the door close and some one run up stairs.
"I bet that's Gerard, im gonna go get him" I said walking out of the room. I climbed the stairs with a quick pace, but tried not to make any noise. When at his door I just stood there listening. He was shifting around fast doing god only knows what for now. I walk in and just sit on his bed
"did you have fun tonight?" I asked staring at his bare back
"stop being a bitch"
"excuse me?" I asked wanting to cry again and yearning for Mikey' arms
"you heard me, your being a bitch and I told you to stop"
I could say nothing I just flew from his room, down the stairs, and out the door. I stopped on their front porch for a moment, when I heard Mikey yell "what the hell did you do?" and Gerard's even louder response "I told her to stop being a bitch" the their mom yell "Gerard that's no way to talk to a girl" then his reply back "what ever". I started down the street when I heard foot steps behind me. It was Mikey.
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