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Chapter 4 Prt. 3

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"what are you doing?" i asked
"I told you I was going to walk you to your bench, remember?"
"so what happened, exactly?"
"i went up to his room, sat on his bed and said 'did you have fun tonight'next thing i know he's galring at me and told me to stop being a bitch. I shouldnt have taken it to heart, i should have just made a joke back, but i didnt. i said excuse me and he said 'you heard me, you were being a bitch and i told you to stop. i just couldn't take take it anymore, so i ran, and thats where you come in."
"well i brought you a sanwich and a soda, courtesy of my mom"i laughed
"why tank you"
"you know we didnt finish the movie" he said slowing down
"and?" then we dead on stoped
"well you could come back and we could watch the rest of the movie and maybe start a new one" he started blushing
"i dont know, i think ive had enough for tonight"i said
"okay, well do you want my sweat shirt for a pillow?"
"that would be nice, strait up fancy living" i said laughing at my own joke, he just looked at me as if i were crazy
"wow" was all he said
Finally we reached the park. i showed him my bench and we sat under the stars for a while. It felt nice, i had felt like i did on my way to their house. I wish I could keep it forever. Mike said he had to go because he was getting hungry. And i was left to contend with myself. "what's become of you Jackie old pal?" i whispered to myself as i laid down and fell asleep.


"Mikey?" his mom asked
"Yeah its me" he answered walking into the kitchen
"here let me get your dinner. is she going to be alright?" she asked as she set his plate down
"i dont know"
He finished his dinner and went upstairs to talk to Gerard. he didnt kniw what to say, oh but when he said it, it was going to be good. Mikey's fist slammed againdt his door.
"GO AWAY" cam Gerards voice muffled by the door
"what?" Gerard asked opening the door
"how could you say that? You know you really hurt her, and because of you shes sleeping in the park tonight, instead of with us"
"oh fuck" was his response
"your damn right oh fuck. And you know an other thing, i dont really think its right for you to rub sophie in her face"
"Mikey, we've been over this, you know the only reasson im with Sophie is to make Jackie jealous"
"and you knew then that i didnt think that it was right, using one girl to get to another. and you know what, i dont think it made her want you mare than she ALREADY DID..." he was cut off by his brother
"what are you saying?"
"she likes you, more like liked you. you know no girl likes an ass hole, well most girls anyway, especially JACKIE!"
"fuck, what have i done?" gerard asked retorically
"here let me tell you" Mikey said ready to answer the question that wasnt suppose to be "you used a girl to get to another one, but insted you pushed the one you really wanted away, and your going to hurt the other one"
"Mikey!" Gerard said "sternly"
"what?" he asked playing dumb
"where is she?"
"why shuold i tell you?"
"MIKEY" Gerard yelled
"she's in the park, but thats all im telling you"
"okay" Gerard said throwing on a shirt then a sweat shirt and ran out the door. in search for Jackie
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