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C is for Cactus

(No pairing—no particular time period)

-- -- --

Jayne had been sittin’ at the table, mindin’ his own business when the crazy girl walked right up to him. He glanced at her hands, to reassure himself that she wasn’t holding a knife this time.

“Watcha want, girl?” He asked in a gruff tone. Even when she wasn’t armed, Jayne still found the girl’s presence alarmin’ a fact he’d never admit to

“Cactus.” She said, with a tilt of her head, and then flipped him the bird. She pranced outta the room before he had a chance to recover from his shock. He certainly hadn’t expected that.

Later that day, Jayne made a point to hunt down the doctor.

“Your sist’a did something very strange today.”

“She didn’t manage to hurt you again, did she?” Simon asked, and Jayne couldn’t help but think he heard a little hope in the doctor’s voice.

“No.” He said with a glare. The doctor seemed to deflate a bit.

“Oh, so what did she do?”

Jayne flipped him off, “What’s that mean?”

Simon smothered a chocking laugh, but was unable to hide the grin on his face, “If you don’t know what that means, you’re stupider than what I thought.”

“I Gorram know that. What I don’t know is why your sister said ‘Cactus’ when she did it.”

This time Simon couldn’t hold back the laugh. Which, of course, made Jayne mad.

“Look Doc—“ Simon interrupted him.

“Do you know what sign language is?”

“Of course I do, I ain’t stupid.”

“Well, in sign language-“ he made the motion with his finger”-means ‘cactus’”

“This?” he asked, flipping Simon off.

“No, you have to keep your thumb out,” he demonstrated. Jayne nodded, and wondered out of the room.

Simon shook his head with a chuckle. Moments like these reminded him of when they were young children and River would always stir up trouble to see how everyone would react to it.

“Doctor?” Book poked his head around the corner, “Earlier you sister came up to me and did the most alarming thing—“

Simon also remembered how his sister’s mess always seemed to land on his shoulders.

(sign for cactus in American sign language is, well, flipping someone off but if your thumb out.)
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