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B is for...

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B is for...

Category: Firefly - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Inara,Mal - Published: 2009-06-18 - Updated: 2009-06-18 - 269 words

B is for… Beauty
(Mal/Inara. Any time period)


“Cap’tn,” Kaylee said, entering the control room of Serenity and settling herself in the seat across from Mal. “wouldn’t you say ‘Nara is pretty?”

“I’d say she’s a very refined woman…” Mal said cautiously, the look in Kaylee’s eyes didn’t bode well for him.

“You would say she is pretty though, right?”

“She’s a very elegant woman.”

“No, no! That’s not what I mean” Kaylee sighed in frustration, “Do you find her attractive?”

He narrowed his eyes, “Why?”

“Why what?” Kaylee’s eyes widened and she looked perfectly innocent. One thing Mal’d learned early—when Kaylee tried to look innocent, she surely wasn’t.

“Why are you sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong?”

Recognizing Mal’s attempts to turn the tables on her, she decided the prudent action was retreat. She stood up, sending him a ferocious glare, “Gorram it! I was just curious!” She did her best fake-anger stomp out. Mal shook his head at her strange reaction. At least she left.

He stared out into the empty space that was…space, thinking about his and Kaylee’s conversation.

“Inara isn’t pretty.” He said quietly, to himself, “She is a piece of beauty.”

“YES!!!” Mal whirled around in his seat to see Kaylee standing just outside the door with a video capturer. Upon meeting his eyes, she launched herself in a run down the corridor…towards Inara’s shuttle

“Shit!” And Mal was off, in a vain attempt to prevent Inara from EVER seeing that recording.
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