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E is for...

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E is for...

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E is for…Etiquette

(post Serenity Kaylee/Simon established.)

Simon Tam grew up in a very old fashioned home. His father was a business man, while his mother stayed home and cooked, cleaned and looked after the children. They went to fancy parties and learned proper etiquette, something that even the ‘verse hadn’t completely cured him of. This etiquette led him to firmly believe, if you were stupid enough to get a girl pregnant before marriage, you have to marry her.

…And that was what got him into this particular problem.

Maybe it had been a bad idea to break the news of his sweetheart that she was pregnant by telling her that they had to marry.

…another mistake may have been that when said sweetheart asked if he actually wanted to marry her or if he was doing it out of responsibility he said, “Either way we have to get married, right?”

One thing the ‘verse did manage to teach him though was, if a crazy pregnant lady comes at you with a random metal thing, it is always a good idea to run and hide. This running and hiding led to his current predicament, hiding in an empty storage container in the cargo bay.

“Simon?” He could hear Kaylee’s voice outside of the storage container, “Where are you? I just want to talk.” He thought about coming out, hearing an almost reasonable note in Kaylee’s voice until he heard even father off in the distances Jayne’s voice.

“Gorram it! Who took my Vera!?!”

He blamed etiquette.
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