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F is for...

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F is for...

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F is
(No Serenity..?)

“It's a fool don't know that his family's his crew” – Mal’s song by Michelle Dockrey

They are a family. Maybe not in the most traditional sense, none of them were related by any biological means….and that was probably a good thing by the way Kaylee and Simon were going at it. If they had been biologically related it would be a whole new cup of strange. Nah, but they were a family in all the ways that counted. They could rely on each other and that was what was important.

In the wide ‘verse when you are floating along like they were, going wherever they can get a job you don’t see you mama or papa or any siblings often. Unless you stick them in a cooled storage bin and dragged them along with you, that is.

So your family is your crew and your crew is your family. In a way Book is the grandfather, guiding with his wisdom and knowledge. Mal is a bit like the father, he looked out for his family rescuing them from crazy back woods folk before they got burned at he stake and such. Then Inara is the mother, a patient ear and a comforting hand. And always a good place to turn to when you needed advice on matters of the bed.

Jayne is like the insane older brother. No one is completely sure what he is going to do next, but at the end of the day you know he’ll regret trying to turn you over to the feds. Zoe is the next child on the list, a tomboy, followed by Wash who is the goofy brother. Then comes Simon, the nerdy child, good at saying the wrong thing and embarrassing himself. Then there is River, the kid who is smarter than the nerd, the child prodigy. Following close behind, Kaylee, the innocent little sister of the family. The one everyone loved to look after and cared for, everybody’s favorite.

Mal was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of arguing in the corridor. Yup, they were a family, but he almost wished they weren’t. They always had to come to him to complain about each other.
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