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Chapter 6 Prt. 4

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"as I was saying, the only reason I kissed her was because, I don't know, but im really sorry"
"you say that a lot don't you"
"Jackie, your making things difficult"
"Gerard, things are suppose to be difficult you just made out with your X-girlfriend on our first date non the less"
"Im sorry, I didn't mean too"
"really because it seems to me like you did"
"Jackie please" he said looking down
"please what?" I asked starting to yell
"I don't know, is there anything, anything at all I can do to make it up to you?"
"you can start off by leaving right now" I said putting my face in the pillow. I felt him get off the bed but he wasn't leaving "what, do you have something else to say to me?" I asked frustrated
"yeah, I love you, and I know I don't show it very well but I do, I just wanted you to know that." he opened the door and vanished. I had a lot to think about. Like why he could have done something like that, I doubt it was because he liked her I mean he just told me he LOVED me so, what else could there be. Then Mikey came to mind, I wasn't mad at him for yelling at me, I felt really sorry for him though. I decided to go talk to Gerard. I knocked on his door and I could hear him shuffling over.
"yeah" he asked opening the door. A smile slightly appeared on his face "Jackie, im surprised you'd even want to see my face...well anyway what is it?"
"im worried about Mikey"
"why?" he asked the smiled fell from his face
"the whole incident, he saw it too, and it was his date. Oh and just because im in here doesn't mean I forgive you its just he wont listen to me"
"uh yeah, I'll go talk to him" he got up and left. So I decided to go through his desk. I found some of his drawings, one was of a girl and there was some hair in her face, and she had a big cut with stitches across her forehead though she was very pretty. There was another one of the moon and a shadow of something it was really cool. I stopped after a while and just laid on his bed.


"hey what's going on" Gerard asked shutting the door
"shouldn't you know?" mikey asked coldly
"Mikey, what the hell?"
"No Gerard What the hell to you. You cant just be satisfied with stealing one girl from me you have to take the other one while im on a date with her"
"what are you talking about, I never stole a girl from you before tonight"
"oh really?"
"uh yeah, wouldn't I know?"
"apparently not, or maybe she doesn't mean that much to you all considering"
"okay what the fuck are you talking about?"
"JACKIE" he screamed in frustration
"how did I steal her from you?"
"Oh My FUCKIN God Gerard! You knew I liked her and yet you...Ahh never mind"
"Mikey you need to fucking open up to someone"
"Gerard" his voice was filled with pain and he turned to his older brother "I told you that I like Jackie, then I told you, you could go out with her, then when you do you ironically start making out with the girl I've moved onto. Now I know that may mean nothing to you but it means the world to me."
"Mikey im sorry"
"you know what just save it. But next time decide who you like more before you ask me to give up the person I care most about" he went and opened the door for Gerard so he could leave. He felt horrible. He walked back into the room and I sat up.
"hey, I really do love you but, I don't think its going to work out right now, theres just so much shit going on, I'm really sorry. And I can understand if you hate me. But Mikey really does like you and I think he would be a better boyfriend than me. Well for now at least." I could see the tears welling up in his gorgeous hazel eyes and I ran out crying, leaving him to be by himself to do what ever. I didn't really care, all I cared about was the incredible pain I was feeling.
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