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Chapter 7

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I ran back to my room, thrust myself onto the bed and cried, Loud. I heard a knock on the door but paid no attention to it. The door creaked open and in walked Mikey.
"are you okay?"
"yeah sure I mean your brother only just broke up with me for no reason"
"I'm sorry, what can I do?" he asked I could tell he was sincere it was in his eyes.
"I don't know but I think he was right"
"right about what?" questioned the skinny little thing
"that you would make a better boyfriend" on his face grew a large grin
"he said that?" man he was full of questions
"yeah" I didn't think it was possible but his grin got bigger
"okay then, well good night" he said turned around and shut the door. "oh good night, yeah good night, he didn't even help me" I said to myself getting up and turning off the lights. As I laid on the bed I thought about every thing, like what Gerard had on his mind, why he did that, if he was right about Mikey and if he was what did that mean? Then it hit me, what was I going to do tomorrow. I mean Gerard WAS my only friend, and I don't think I could go through a day of school all by myself. I finally fell asleep after about an hour, hour and a half.
In the morning I woke to Mikey opening the shades and yelling at me to get up.
"What the hell?" I asked annoyed, I shouldn't be up this early!
"GET UP" he yelled
"why what time is it?" I asked sitting up
"it's 6:30" he said plainly
"what, I shouldn't be up this early, Mikey what the hell?" I whined burring my head in the pillows
"hey excuse me for wanting you to be able to eat breakfast"
"what are you talking about" my voice was muffled by the pillow but he understood
"well the food monster is down stairs, and if you don't grab something now there'll be nothing left"
"are you talking about Gerard?" I asked getting up again
"no, Elmo. Ah Duh"
"what about you?" I asked smiling, he was cute when he was sarcastic!
"oh I have a hidden stash of pop-tarts" he smirked
"eww you eat them un toasted?"
"uh yeah, im not really good with electronic things" he laughed to him self
"I see" I laughed too, it was just so stupid, but really funny.
"hurry!" he made a motion and I assumed he meant hurry but it looked like he was almost slightly retarded. I giggle to my self and he gave me a look.
"sorry, now get out I need to change" I demanded and he left. I grabbed a blue shirt and put it on, and a skirt, I kind of felt like going all out today. No particular reason why (LIE, LIE, LIE). I brushed my hair, threw on some eyeliner, eye shadow and ran down stairs.
When I got down sure enough there was Mikey eating a RAW pop-tart, and Gerard with three egos on his plate a piece of toast in his mouth orange juice and milk. I gagged at the site of it.
"what's wrong? Are you feeling okay?" Mikey asked a little concerned
"yeah, uh I just cant stand milk its kind of repulsive..."
"what" Gerard cut me off and looked away immediately I guess he forgot...well he forgot
"I uh am lactose-intolerant so yeah"
"I see" Mikey answered back. Here we go again that stupid little cool guy act. "so yah hungry?"
"uh kind of, umm..." Gerard wasn't moving, if I didn't know any better I'd think he was dead. But sure enough he sighed.
"Jackie, I don't want things to be like this" he said not looking at me
"like what?" I asked grabbing my arm nervously
"like that" he turned around and looked me straight in the eye
"Gerard" I whispered "it's kind of hard for it not to be" my eye's were welling up
"look I'm sorry, and I cant go through my days without you. I want to be friends again"
"why friends Gerard, why nothing more?"
"...because..." there was a pause, I bet he thought I was just going to let him off the hook with a stupid 'because', I don't think so
"because why Gerard, will you please just answer me" I begged
"because Sophie and I got back together" he said weakly, I could just slap him. Then I remembered Mikey. He's always been there for me, well recently and he cares, I could tell he would never pull a stunt like this. I'm completely fine with every thing, now. Of coarse I was still in love with Gerard but not this one. I'll just wait for the right Gerard and the right time to ask him if he's ready to try again.
"that's great for you. I hope you have fun. So what should we talk about during study hall?"
"what?" he asked a little confused
"well I've realized that your ready to start seeing other, or the same people, then I guess I am too"
"what's that suppose to mean" he was getting angry
"well I think I'm going to take your advise" Mikey smiled he knew where this was going
"oh and what would that be?" Gerard crossed his arms, Mr. hypocritical I see
"well, I was wondering Mikey would you like to go out some time?" he nodded rapidly. And Gerard's Jaw just dropped.
"what?" I asked, I wasn't looking to get revenge on him, I just was ready to move on.
"nothing Jackie, I just think it's great that your using MY little brother the get back at me" he said pulling me into the living room
"oh Gerard, don't think so highly of yourself" what the hell was I doing, this was just cruel
"Jackie" he whispered loudly
"what Gerard? Hmm? What does it matter to you anyway? You got back together with Sophie remember. I just feel I shouldn't have to wait, and I do truly like Mikey" I whispered back
"Jackie please,..."
"please what Gerard? I cant believe your upset about me asking your brother out, when you broke up with me to go back out with her, AGAIN."
"Jackie, I just don't want you hurting him"
"hurting him how" I asked crossing my arms
"hurting him like I..." he stopped
"continue, or are you not man enough?" man I can be a bitch sometimes
"Hurting him like I hurt you"
"Trust me I wont" I said turning back to the kitchen.
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