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Chpater 8

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The three of us walked to school in silence, on till finally I broke the ice by saying something.
"uh so Mikey where do you want to go on our date?"
"I don't know, where do you want to go?"
"I don't know, that's why I asked you" I giggle
"maybe we could uh go to the movies"
"sure why not" the movies, how un-romantic. But he didn't know any better he was young.
"what movie are you two love birds going to see" Gerard asked sarcastically
"I don't even know what's playing" I laughed
"neither do I" Mikey laughed along, and Gerard gagged.
"what" I asked
"you guys are making me sick"
"how?" I said demandingly
"I don't know, you just are" he rolled his eyes
"oh, because were not making out in front of every one, like you do?" I was upset at how hypocritical he was
"shut up Jackie"
"what, its true. I didn't mean anything by it I was just saying I think your one to talk"
"fine, go ahead flirt with each other. I'm leaving if you do though"
"no Gerard, we'll stop. Why does it bother you so much though?"
"well considering its my little brother and you were..." he stopped and a look of pain came over his face
"I was what?"
"never mind"
"Gerard come on, please tell me"
"you were my best friend" he said and walked away. I understand how It can be weird but come on. Mikey and I walked into the school together and I left him by his locker, I told him I really needed to talk to Gerard and that I'd see him later. When I got to my locker Sophie was there waiting for Gerard I assume. I was in a good mood so I decided to talk to her
"hi Sophie, how's it going?"
"uh, good" she said blankly
"waiting for Gerard?" I asked trying to make small talk
"uh, no, I came here to get a pencil"
"what?" I asked confused
"this is my locker right here" she said pointing to the bottom right locker
"oh, okay"
"so have you talked to Gerard at all today?"
"no why should I?" she asked, in a snotty tone. I mean I could see not really liking me much before because he had broken up with her for me, but she stole him back, so what's there to be mad about.
"uh, cause you guys got back together" I said plainly
"no we didn't"
"he told me you did"
"uh, no he's with you"
"not anymore, he broke up with me because he said he got back together with you"
"well he lied" she said her tone was so nasty it made me feel worse than I already did
"why would he do that?" I wasn't asking he but she seemed to think I was
"because he didn't like you that much" she said walking away, what a bitch
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