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A Sacrifice

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"I know it was wrong, but I'm not sorry."

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a.n- I don't even know if anyone is reading or cares about this story, so I figure I'm so close to finishing it, I'll just post the last few chapters and get it over and done with :P

When the cops came for Gerard, he allowed himself to be handcuffed without resistance, ignoring the screams of protest from his mother and father. Poor things, they had just got back from a holiday to be told that their son was to be charged with attempted murder.

Mikey sat huddled in the corner, swamped in his brother’s sweatshirt, watching the police officers with hooded eyes as they explained what had happened. One of them was a tall constable with bushy grey eyebrows that turned upwards, making him look vaguely like an owl. The second was a rotund man, whose flabby cheeks wobbled when he spoke. Gerard stood silently sandwiched between them, handcuffs already chaffing his wrists, every now and again his lips twitching in a tucked away smile.

Aimee ran up to the Way house, startled by the police cars outside, and banged on the door

“Gerard? Mikey?” she yelled.
Mikey’s head snapped up, and he let her in before anyone could protest. Aimee took one look around the grim gathering and demanded to know what was going on. She listened without a sound, her face betraying none of her emotion. When the police had finished detailing Gerard’s crimes, she spoke

“No. You can’t arrest him” the Constable’s eyebrows shot up.

“You can’t arrest him because he’s not guilty. I did it. I confess. I stole Gerard’s car and knife. It was I. I did it as revenge for what Jackson had done. I know it was wrong, but I’m not sorry.”
Aimee’s voice was flat and impassive, her eyes trained on the table, refusing to look at Gerard.

The short, fat cop hesitantly released the handcuffs on Gerard’s wrists, looking to his Constable for instructions. The owl man’s eyebrows had risen so high they disappeared into his greying hair. His features could have been carved in stone.

“No! No! Aimee, don’t do this, I…” Aimee cut Gerard’s protestations off with a kiss. She held him close and breathed all her love for him into the connection between their lips

“Let me do this” she breathed, so quietly that no one else heard it.

When the officers pulled her away and handcuffed her with the same ones that had left marks in Gerard’s wrists, she complied composedly. She glanced at Mikey and offered him a smile; an apology. She turned to Gerard

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