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The Patient

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a/n-Last chapter folks! tear what do you think? Anyway, I’ve taken some lines from Sylvia Plath’s Poem Daddy, it’s so fantastic, read it! oh, and for clarification, Jackson didn’t die, sorry! I just wanted him alive to show the utter futility of revenge.
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Thanks to all my readers.

They sat on opposite sides of the glass, holding the black telephone to their ears
The black telephone’s off at the root
Gerard’s long fingers were stained yellow, his hair transferring grease to the earpiece already. His other hand picked at his already bleeding lips. He hadn’t shaven in awhile and his face was streaked in grime and tears. His knee twitched and a pink tongue darted out of his mouth to lick the blood from his lips.

Aimee on the other hand, was perfectly motionless. Her skin had lost its glow; the scars were healing, but her complexion was whiter than a sheet now, her dark hair cropped in a pixie cut that emphasised her gaunt cheeks. She looked thinner than ever, having given up on a recovery attempt. The only indication that she was still alive was her brown doe eyes that glittered as they drank in the sight of her dishevelled best friend.

“I will fight for you Aimee, I’ll finish Jackson off this time, I swear to you, I will get rev…” Gerard croaked, voice hoarse from too many cigarettes, too much screaming and not enough talking.

“Gerard, NO!” Aimee’s features flashed with emotion briefly before returning to their detached stillness.

The voices just can’t worm through

Aimee took a deep, shuddering breath and let go of her pent up emotion. This past year had been indescribable with its trials, and Aimee had perfected a mask of apathy and placidity to cope with it. This alabaster mask cracked and crumbled, revealing a young girl who was so beaten down and battered that she was raw emotion hidden in a prison jumpsuit.

“I didn’t do all this, just to start the cycle again. Look at us. Look at where the endless cycle of revenge has led us! I’m behind bars, you’ve fallen so far into the bottle you don’t know what way is up. They pulled me out of the sack, and they stuck me together with glue Revenge has killed me, and now, it’s killing you too If I’ve killed one man, I’ve killed two Please Gerard, if this is the last thing you do for me, please, please, don’t seek revenge. Just live your life and forget about me. You can’t save me, you never could, no one could. Gerard, Look at me. If you loved me as you said in your poem, forget me. Yes, I remember, I remember everything. But now, you have to forget me.
The Patient has died. I love you.”

I’m through.

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